Stephanie’s Weekly Recommendation: Legion


*I was doing this on my Instagram @stephplusverb, but I feel like I can be a little more elaborate here with my recommendations. And hey, a guaranteed weekly post! I’ll still do this on Instagram, but it’s nice to house these here.

Weekly Recommendation: Legion (FX)

I went into this show with little to no knowledge of the character of Legion. I watched maybe one trailer. But knowing that it was created by Noah Hawley, the same guy who does the near-perfect Fargo television series, I was super duper on board. And it did NOT disappoint. It’s like Fargo and X-Men had a gorgeous, creepy baby that satisfied all my wildest show desires with its 70s-era style and gorgeous, vibrant coloring. I honestly don’t know how to express how much I love this show. I put my phone somewhere else while it’s on so I can be fully engrossed – and I am. If you look away for just a moment, you might miss a flash of something important or just horrifying. The coloring, the cinematography, the writing. It’s top-notch and there’s nothing else like it. Except maybe Fargo, ha!

I was accustomed to Dan Stevens as Matthew Crawley on Downton Abbey, so this was SUCH a diversion to that character. It really showed his range. And there’s no doubt that Audrey Plaza steals every scene she’s in. Legion utilizes quite a lot of montages but each one is so different and packed with so many amazing visual elements, they don’t become tiresome. Syd is my personal favorite character (and next cosplay). I love that Jemaine from Flight of the Concords is in it. Jean Smart rules. The Carys are so fascinating. Everything about this show is beautiful, stressful, terrifying, frustrating. All in good ways.

Hawley described Legion as: “A show about one man coming to terms with his abilities and trying to battle the internal demons — both literal and figurative — he’s faced with.”

I cannot recommend this show enough. If you like Fargo and a few mutants in your life, you’ll thoroughly enjoy Legion. You can find all the episodes on Hulu.

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