Stephanie Writes: NaBloPoMo Day 9


Day 9: Pretending you have the expertise to make a product a reality, what do you wish you could invent?

Hands down, I would invent a teleportation device. So much of our time is spent commuting or traveling that could be saved in a flash. Granted, I sometimes like my time spent on the bus in the morning to close my eyes and listen to a podcast, but commuting in general always adds a level of stress to start the day (mainly the waiting for the bus part). Plus, I’d save a lot of money on the CTA or Uber Pooling everywhere.

But the main reason I would wish for teleportation is the fact that so many of my friends are scattered around the world. After going to conventions for more than a decade (oh jeez), I’ve met some amazing people and developed great friendships with a few of them. But the bummer is I really only get to see them at conventions. So, maybe once or twice a year? How much more amazing would it be if I could just message a friend in Austin, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Japan, Minneapolis, and just meet up after work?

If we were able to see each other so easily, perhaps that would make the time we do spend together less meaningful. Perhaps we would take certain friends for granted. I spend a lot of mental and emotional energy being excited for Indiana Comic Con, C2E2, and DragonCon every year because I know I get to see certain friends. Maybe it wouldn’t be as exciting, or I wouldn’t make as much effort to even go to those events if I was able to see those people more easily.

Nah, I don’t think I would feel that way, but it’s something to ponder. I have friends in Chicago who I rarely see because of our schedules, so maybe it’s not even about distance these days. It’s about our available time. I even have to schedule times to chat on the phone or Skype with certain friends.

All in all, teleportation would make life much easier, especially for holiday and convention traveling. The two-day trek to DragonCon is fun, but it takes a toll. I always feel exhausted when we arrive, and I don’t even drive. There are so many other benefits too. Just think: if you forgot a piece of your costume, you could just pop back home and get it! Or if you’re crammed in a hotel room and need to get ready, but three people are in the bathroom, you could just pop home and get ready in your own bathroom. Even better: I could pop back home and check on my cat any time! That would eliminate 90% of my traveling stress.

So, yeah, work on this technology, world! Make sure Jeff Goldblum steers clear.

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  • Reply Tim Fox

    I totes agree. I have always said the only invention that can truly revolutionize our economy and maybe save the planet–end of cars, end of planes–would be teleportation.

    December 9, 2016 at 11:15 AM
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