Stephanie Writes: NaBloPoMo Day 7


Day 7: What is the first thing you do every single day (I mean, after you hit the snooze button)? When did that step in your routine begin?

On weekdays, I never hit the snooze button. My alarm is set for the exact time I need to get up to do everything I must do in order to be ready to leave for work by 7:30am. The snooze button is too dangerous. If I got used to doing that, I would never ever get up. Plus, once my brain hears the alarm and knows that I have to get up soon, it’s rare I can fall back asleep.

The time I get up depends on my hair, honestly. The days I have to wash and dry my hair, I get up at 6:30 and that’s the first thing I do — after I’ve pried Sookie off of me so I can roll out of bed, of course. I turn the water on to heat it up to my fire-cannot-kill-a-dragon temperature, then shuffle to Sookie’s bowl and shake it until some food falls out of the dispenser and thus, she thinks I’m actively feeding her.

After I shower, I check my weather app, try to figure out something to wear for the day, and get (mostly) dressed. Pants/jeans/leggings/tights are saved for the very last minute because pants are the worst. Anyway, then, I usually roll around on my bed and cuddle Sookie while checking email and other social media notifications until I decide to dry my hair and potentially put eyeliner on. I put a k-cup in my Keurig and make myself a sandwich while my mug fills up. And soon, I’m pressing play on a podcast while I do something to my hair, put my shoes on, brush my teeth, and put my coat on. As I head to the door, Sookie will fall at my feet and roll onto her back, attempting to foil my plans to leave her for the day. But I am then headed out the door to catch the bus.

On days I get up at 7am, it’s all pretty much the same, except I spend more time in bed cuddling Sookie before getting up to shower and do the rest of my routine. I wish I had a 9am start time (or didn’t have to leave at all!) so I could get up around the same time while also having enough time to make breakfast and enjoy my coffee at home. Maybe someday. I could just get up earlier, but… no. I’m good.

On weekends, I don’t set an alarm. My inner alarm clock is used to getting up around 6-7am, so I usually wake up naturally. Or Sookie wakes me up, forcing me to spoon her for a while before abruptly getting up. Since I’m then very awake, I usually get up and take care of things around the house — or putz around, as I like to describe it — such as doing dishes or filling up Sookie’s water. Then, I hop back in bed, scroll through social media, read for a while, and then put on a podcast to close my eyes to. I usually then fall back asleep for another hour or two and start my weekend day around 10am. It makes for a relaxing morning.

This was a riveting post, wasn’t it!? Ha. What are your morning routines?

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