Stephanie Writes: NaBloPoMo Day 2


Day 2: If you had a personal assistant who would do your most dreaded tasks, which items from your to-do list would you assign out?

Go to work for me? Haha, just kidding! Sort of…

#1: Clean the litter box. Please. Forever.

#2: Take the garbage out. The bins are in the creepy, dark garage of my building through a door that is extremely hard to unlock once it closes. So, I spend half the time trying to find something to prop the door open so I don’t get locked in my building’s garage forever. An assistant could honestly just hold the door open for me while I throw everything out. That’s all I need.

#3: Carry groceries and cat litter. I like going to the grocery store and picking things out; what I hate is struggling to carry everything home several blocks. This limits the amount I can get in one trip, thus making multiple trips necessary. So, an assistant can just carry some bags and bonus: the heavy ass cat litter.

To be honest, I don’t have many dreaded tasks. Even without a dishwasher, I’ve come to enjoy doing the dishes. I don’t mind vacuuming or cleaning my apartment. Running errands allows me to walk around a bunch, which I like doing. I only ever struggle with carrying things. Damn these weak, weak arms — and the fact that there are only two of them.

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