Stephanie Writes: NaBloPoMo Day 11

Day 11: A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?

As the snow comes down outside on this lazy Sunday afternoon, I am currently sitting in the space where I write the most: my couch with my laptop on my lap. Writing and reading are what I do most in life (aside from consuming media), so it would be nice to have the ability to make my current space even better. But honestly, not much would change.

I’ve always wanted a big bay window that lets in lots of natural light with a big cushy armchair so I can curl up by the window with whatever I’m reading. I’d also want the ledge of the bay window to be big enough to sit on with lots of comfy pillows and a giant blanket, so I could literally just sit in the window. I was watching Lost in Translation last night, and ScarJo sitting in that giant window looking out on the city is the mental montage I have for myself when I think about how I’d like to read. But, you know, comfier.

There would have to be a bed since reading before bed is the best way for me to chill out. And sometimes when I write, I like to lie on my stomach across my bed and type. My chiropractor would find that horrifying but you gotta mix it up sometimes.

While I would keep my couch since I get the most writing done here, there would also be a desk and a supportive chair to match it for those long hours of more serious writing. My Double R Diner mug would be always filled with some damn fine coffee. But if it’s later a night, a glass of wine or a beer might get the creative juices flowing better. Some white noise would help me concentrate if I was reading, while my speakers would be playing an instrumental track from movie soundtracks to classical music if I’m writing.

And not to be forgotten, Sookie would have a spot somewhere to sit on my lap or lay on my chest, as she does in an attempt to distract me. Or she would be sleeping on her perch by this giant window I now have.

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