Stephanie Watches Twin Peaks: Season 3 Part 9


This is the chair.

A very bloody BobCooper is alive and well after his soot men helpers brought him back to life. He makes it to the farm to the meet up with his comrades, Hutch (Tim Roth) and Chantal (Jennifer Jason Leigh). Isn’t that a nice Hateful Eight reunion? All we need is some Kurt Russel. BobCooper is kind of Kurt Russel-ey anyway, so it works. He uses a bedazzled flip phone to call Duncan (Patrick Fischler) in Las Vegas to check in on Dougie’s demise, as well as text “around the dinner table, the conversation is lively” to an unknown recipient. BobCooper tells Hutch and Chantal to kill Warden Murphy and prepare for a doubleheader in Las Vegas. So, I assume he’s ordering them to kill Dougie and Janey-E. Ha! Good luck going after Janey-E. She will destroy you all before you can even blink.

Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, Cooper and Janey-E are at the police station, as well as Dougie’s boss. He’s being interrogated about Dougie’s personality and explains that he’s always been a little off because he was in a car accident several years ago. Sometimes he just has some bad days, which explains how everyone has been conveniently excusing his super bizarre behavior. He’s also squeezing his hand similarly to Lil in FWWM. Not sure if that’s intentional or if it could just be a hand gesture leftover from his boxing days. The goofy Three Stooges-esque cops find out Dougie’s existence only goes back to 1997. So, I guess that’s when BOB manufactured him.

It’s like talkin’ to a dog.”
“And she does all the barking.”

The cops get Cooper’s fingerprints from his coffee mug while he fixates on various objects in the waiting room: the American flag, the wall outlet, and a woman walking by in red high heels. Could this be a latent Audrey-related memory? Will Audrey be his final trigger into regular Cooper? Maybe, but I don’t think anything is that simple in this world. And I still believe he’ll be in his Dougie state until BOB is back where he belongs in the Black Lodge.

The cops track down Ike the Spike, who’s planning to take some medical leave after his failed assassination attempt. Poor dude. Before he can make his getaway, all the cops show up. I enjoy his sad, defeated sigh as he holds up his comically bandaged hand.

Buckhorn, SD

Gordon hears about Briggs body from Ernie Hudson (so that’s who he was calling!) and, with Diane’s reluctant acceptance, (“Fuck you, Gordon, I wanna go home.”) makes a pit stop to Buckhorn, SD to check it out. She relents only because it’s a Blue Rose case. He also gets the news that Cooper has flown the coop.


While waiting around at the morgue and smoking against their permission (“It’s a fucking morgue!”), Diane receives a text: AROUND THE DINNER TABLE, THE CONVERSATION IS LIVELY. While this is obviously a message from BobCooper, I don’t think he is the one that sent it. If you want to get real insane about it like me, his text message was lowercase while this one was in all caps. But still, why is he contacting Diane? What happened the last time they met!? I have so many Diane questions. But I don’t think she has any nefarious intent. I think she just wants to find Cooper. The real Cooper. And perhaps she has her own way of doing it.

As they look at the body of what could be Briggs, the age discrepancy is also confusing to Gordon and Albert. Briggs should have died 25 years ago in a fire at the age of this dead body but if this is Briggs, he should be in his 70s. Gordon reasons that he had contact with Cooper 25 years ago, and now, “Cooper” is showing up in this neck of the woods. The woman performing the autopsy (and who seems to have taken a liking to Albert and vice versa with their twisted humor) also reports that they found a ring inside Briggs’s body: “To Dougie, Love Janey-E.” Yes! Let’s connect these pieces! We’re getting so close to everyone meeting up! For those who doubted, I am surprised these pieces are connecting already and we still have nine more parts to go.

Tammy interrogates poor, distraught Bill Hastings (Matthew Lillard) because he created a conspiracy blog about what we know as the Lodge but he calls the “Zone.” And before Ruth was murdered, his last entry said: “Today, we finally entered what we call the Zone. And we met the Major.” That is obviously very intriguing.

Bill has even more pieces of the puzzle but they need to find out if he really did have contact with Major Briggs. If he does, that lends credence to the Lodges being real. And to the fact that Cooper might not be Cooper. Bill says the Major was hiding in the Zone and asked him and Ruth to get him some coordinates. Ruth and Bill brought him the coordinates but they were attacked by a bunch of people who killed Ruth. Tammy asks Bill to identify the Major in a lineup of six photos and he correctly points out Major Briggs.


We gave them the numbers. He started to float up, and he said some words – Cooper, Cooper – right before his head disappeared. It was something like no one has ever seen before. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve never read anything like it. You don’t know. You weren’t there. It was beautiful. And then Ruth was dead, and it was so terrible. I had to hold her. And then I woke up, and I was in my home. I was in my home. There was so many people there. You have to believe me. Please, I didn’t kill Ruth, I loved her. I loved her. I don’t know what is happening to me. Why can’t you help me?”

Sooooo, remember when we saw Briggs’s head float by Cooper in the Purple Room? I definitely think this is exactly why. Perhaps some part of him is still alive out there. And maybe the soot men killed Ruth or perhaps Ray did since he has the coordinates that BobCooper wants. I thought Ray was working with Jeffries against BOB though, so killing Ruth and framing Bill doesn’t seem like part of the plan. Who knows, though.

You can check out Bill Hastings’ blog here: Be sure to click around and find the secrets hidden within.

Fruitcake, anyone?”

Twin Peaks

Jerry Horne is still lost in the woods. He’s so high that he does not even recognize his own foot. “I am not your foot.” The voice of his foot was so cute and reminded me of Jenny Slate’s Marcel the Shell. Someone go save him, maybe? He’s going to accidentally stumble into the Black Lodge. Can you imagine being high AND in the Black Lodge? That sounds terrifying.

Johnny Horne has been let out of his room and runs through his home until he crashes his head into a wall. Similar to Cooper bashing his head into the mirror. Similar to Ben Horne crashing into the fireplace at the Hayward’s. Johnny and Audrey’s mom comes screeching to his side with worry. We don’t yet know if he is alive or dead. But perhaps this will bring Audrey out of wherever she’s been hiding.

Andy and Lucy have an adorable fight about buying a beige chair or a red chair. Andy wants red, Lucy wants beige. They go back and forth, and then Lucy orders the red chair for him. I love how Lucy is terrified of cell phones but has easily mastered online shopping.

Ben Horne and Beverly are still trying to find the source of the otherworldly noise in the Great Northern. She even tries to make a move on him but he very surprisingly turns her down. Wow, sleazy Ben has come so far. “You’re a good man, Ben,” said no one until now.

At the Roadhouse, a very gross and meth-head-lookin’ Sky Ferreira meets up with her friend. She has a nasty rash on her armpit that she repeatedly scratches and we get to view very close up. Thanks! That grosses me out more than BOB puking up garmonbozia, tbh. “That zebra’s out again.” Does that mean Cooper is out of jail? “Have you seen that penguin? You know, the penguin.” I have no idea what this one means, ya’ll. Perhaps just drunken nonsense.


Bobby, Hawk, and Sheriff Truman go see Betty Briggs to discuss Major Briggs’ and Cooper’s meeting right before his untimely death. Or what we think was his death.

Alright, listen to me. Right after Agent Cooper left that day, Garland pulled me aside and he said that one day, our son Bobby and Hawk and Sheriff Truman – I didn’t know it would be this Sheriff Truman – he said that they would come and ask me about Special Agent Dale Cooper. He squeezed my shoulders when he told me this. I tried asking him what it was about but he wouldn’t say anymore. He just said, ‘When they come to ask you about Agent Cooper, you give them this.’ And now you’re here… Bobby, when your father told me this, you were a very long way from where you are today. Somehow he knew that it would all turn out well. He saw this life for you. Your father never lost faith in you.”

Betty opens a latch in a chair and pulls out a metal rod inside. Hawk and Truman have no idea how to open it, but Bobby is excited because he actually knows something for once. They go outside and he throws the rod onto the ground since he’s seen his dad open it before. (Someone make a music video of Bobby throwing the rod on the ground to the Lonely Island’s “Threw It on the Ground.” You’re welcome.)

They listen to the reverberating sound inside — and it sure sounds a lot like the noise coming from the Great Northern, eh? Bobby gets it to open, and Truman pulls out a rolled up piece of paper with many clues.


As soon as I saw “Jack Rabbit’s Palace,” I immediately shouted: IT IS ABOUT THE BUNNY! Ha. Anyway, Bobby knows exactly where this place is. Briggs used to take Bobby there when he was a little kid. It was their make believe world. Bobby named it Jack Rabbit’s Palace. He’s near tears when he recalls these memories. God, I love Bobby so much. I love the Briggs family. There’s also a scrap of paper from the printout that Briggs showed Cooper 25 years ago in his hotel room at the Great Northern. This piece reads: COOPER, COOPER. “Two Coopers,” Hawk says.

We’ll go there two days from now and you can lead the way. Just as your dad wanted.”

This entire episode just reminded me of one of my all-time favorite scenes from Twin Peaks. Briggs discussing a dream he had about Bobby’s future. Bobby is moved to tears by his father’s vision. And it proves true with what we know now about Bobby. Briggs never lost faith in his son. I think this is one of those scenes that made me love Bobby, despite his dumb teenage boy flaws and tendency to be a dick. Watch and enjoy one of the best scenes.

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