Stephanie Watches Twin Peaks: Season 3 Part 7

Laura Dern  in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Patrick Wymore/SHOWTIME

There’s a body, alright.”

Jerry Horne is lost in the woods. He calls Ben because he thinks someone stole his car. This is so silly but so hilarious: “I THINK I’M HIGH!” Too much of that choice Jerry weed got him all lost in the creepy forest. Ben is just like, welp, par for the course with Jer.

Hawk shows Sheriff Frank Truman what he found in the bathroom stall. And yes! It’s Laura Palmer’s missing pages. I love being right.

“This came to me in a dream last night… ‘My name is Annie. I’ve been with Dale and Laura (me??!!). The good Dale is in the lodge and he can’t leave. Write it in your diary.’ That’s what she said to me.”

There’s still no clear answer on who hid them here or what it really means but Hawk reckons Leland hid them during one of the several times he visited the station. Hawk is convinced that this is what the Log Lady wanted him to find. He knows Annie is Cooper’s girlfriend. And that this was three of the four pages that were missing from the diary found at Harold’s place. But he’s still confused since he knows Harry helped Annie and Cooper after they came out of the Lodge. So, who really came out of the Lodge with Annie?

Frank calls his brother Harry to get him up to speed. But it sounds like he’s too sick to help, so Frank chooses not to tell him about the new findings. I wish he would have told him. Maybe that would have put sick Harry’s mind at ease to know for sure that the Dale who came out of the Lodge wasn’t the Dale he knew (and loved). I’m sure he was acting weird and maybe Harry even felt abandoned if “Dale” left town soon after that day.


Frank skypes Doc Hayward (!!!!) to talk about the night Cooper came out of the Lodge and he checked him out at the Great Northern. “I can’t remember what I had for breakfast this morning, but I remember that.” Doc says he was acting mighty strange. Doc had Cooper checked out at the hospital and later saw him sneaking out of ICU fully dressed. “I saw that strange face again.” Doc reasons he was looking in on Audrey Horne since she was in a coma after the explosion at the bank. (More on this later…)

Lieutenant Knox from Washington comes to see the source of Major Garland Briggs’s prints. She is shocked to discover the source of the prints is actually from a body. The autopsy revealed the man is in his late 40s, dead within the last five or six days. Without his head, it’s hard to verify who the body belongs to. But it sure looks like could be Briggs. She calls Colonel Davis and reports her findings. She’s sure it’s him, even if he’s the wrong age. This lends credence to the theory of time passing differently in the Lodge worlds. I definitely believe this is Briggs. It seems both the Colonel and Lieutenant do as well.

While she has this conversation, the spooky sooty guy from the prison cell with Bill walks down the hall. Some people are theorizing that he’s the lumberjack guy from the Lodge meeting above the convenience store in FWWM. Mayhaps. But I think he’s something else entirely. Who knows what, though.

After visiting Diane, Albert reports to Gordon that Diane said: “No fucking way” before he could even explain what he needed her help with. So, it’s Gordon’s turn to give it a try.

But you’ll go with me?”
“Say please.”
“You heard me.”
“… Please.”

Albert is the best. The two of them visit Diane at her apartment. She’s wearing a luxurious silk kimono robe and bidding a young, hot suitor goodbye. Her nails are also amazing.

Fuck you, Gordon.”
“Now, you’re getting personal treatment.”
“You want personal? Fuck you, too, Albert.”

Oh goodness, I love Diane. Gordon tells her what’s going with Dale — that he’s in a federal prison in South Dakota.”Good,” she says. Yikes! Why would Diane be glad, I wonder? Despite her reservations, she gives them coffee and listens to more of what they have to say. (We get our first, “Damn good coffee” delivered by Gordon. I guess we got a damn good Joe from Dougie a few parts ago, but still. I don’t care if it’s fanservice, it fills me with unabashed glee.) They want her to see Cooper because she knows him better than anyone. She reluctantly agrees.

Tammy shows Gordon and Albert her fingerprint discovery. Cooper’s left ring fingerprint is backward. Gordon notes the backward word Cooper said in the prison (yrev), explaining that the left ring finger is the spiritual finger. “You think about that, Tammy.” Albert has a photo of Cooper in front of a fancy home in Rio — the only known photograph of him. Perhaps Philip Jeffries was also there since we know he was in South America.

At the prison, Tammy tries to express her appreciation to Diane, who is smoking like a chimney and clearly stressed about the entire matter. Diane doesn’t give a shit about her appreciation and delivers a very nice “Fuck you, Tammy.”

Inside the booth, she lifts the partition and turns on the microphone to speak to BobCooper.


“I knew it was going to be you. It’s good to see you again, Diane.”
“Oh yeah? When was that, Cooper? When did we see each other last?”
“Are you upset with me, Diane?”
“What do you think?”
“I think you’re upset with me.”
“When was the last time we saw each other, Cooper?”
“At your house.”
“That’s right. Do you remember that night?”
“I’ll always remember that night.”
“Same for me. I’ll never forget it. Who are you?”
“I don’t know what you mean, Diane.”
“Look at me. Look at me.”

It’s a lot to handle. Diane is shaken to her very core after that conversation. Gordon attempts to comfort her.

Listen to me, that is not the Dale Cooper that I knew… It isn’t time passing. Or how he’s changed. Or the way he looks. It’s something here. There’s something that definitely isn’t here.”

That’s good enough for Gordon to believe. Diane promises Gordon that they’ll have a talk sometime about “that night” she mentioned.

So, there are some very upsetting theories going around that BobCooper did some very bad things to Audrey and Diane. First, why was he coming out of the ICU? Some say it’s because he was raping Audrey while she slept and Richard Horne is the result. It’s a possible reason why Richard Horne is such a gross, awful person. However, another reason could be that Annie was also in the ICU. In one of the Missing Piece of FWWM, we see a nurse take the ring from Annie. Maybe BobCooper was just getting the ring back from the nurse so he could manufacture Dougie. For Audrey’s sake, I’m really hoping the second. But also, why is Richard such a garbage hole?

Diane’s conversation with Cooper was also upsetting. There are some implications that if he came to see her, could BobCooper have raped Diane? I think the conversation could go two ways as well. Diane was upset seeing him because her last encounter with him was awful and that’s why she’s glad he was in a federal prison. But it could also be that this is the first time she’s seeing him in this BOB state. Perhaps she and Dale shared a special night together (potentially before he went to Twin Peaks) but then he completely changed, so she’s upset by who he became. Maybe Diane was in love with Dale and feels slighted. Again, it’s possible to read this scene both ways. And again, for Diane’s sake, I hope it’s the latter. If Diane is true to her word and tells Gordon more in the future, I gather we’ll know the truth of the encounter soon enough. Lynch is good about delivering on those Chekov promises.

BobCooper threatens the Warden. Something about that Mr. Strawberry thing he referenced before, as well as some other words that shake the warden. I doubt we’ll ever know the details of this since he gives up pretty easily. “Remember the dog legs.” The warden agrees to demands. He lets BobCooper out, gives him a rental car with a gun in the glove department, and lets his friend Ray out. GREAT, so now BOB is on the loose again.

Meanwhile, Andy is chasing after the truck that hit the little kid. A man he’s questioning says he can’t talk to Andy there and agrees to meet him at another location in two hours. The man is practically shaking with fear. But the man never shows up. I assume he was killed for what he knew by Richard Horne or someone else.


My baby Cooper is still hard at work on his case files. Because Janey-E actually remembered to pick him up this time, she is there just in time for the cops to interrogate Dougie about his missing car. After a lot of back-and-forth, they explain it was in an explosion. Janey-E is a lot like Alison on Orphan Black. She may seem like a simple housewife, but she’s hardcore and GETS SHIT DONE. She takes no shit from anyone trying to mess with her or her family. She’s fantastic and fiery in every scene. Naomi Watts and Laura Dern have been fantastic additions to this new series. I love them.

Outside the office, Janey-E and Cooper are walking and talking (well, Janey-E is doing most of the talking) when Ike “The Spike” comes running up to attack Cooper with a gun. Sensing this, Cooper pushes Janey-E out of the way and takes Ike down. The gun goes off and people scream.  Cooper is trying to get the gun out of his hand while Janey-E strangles Ike. Then, The Arm pops out of a crack in the pavement.



The Arm looks kind of cute here. I don’t know, hahaha. Maybe I’m insane or too deep in Twin Peaks to even know anymore. Anyway, Cooper judo-chops (Austin Powers style) Ike and gets the gun but Ike runs off. Then, the scene turns into something out of Cops. Onlookers explain what happened. Janey-E gives her statement. A little girl says “he smelled funny.” Like engine oil, maybe? (Maybe I’m reading too much into that but maybe not.) The cops pull a piece of flesh off the gun. It reminds me of what the police found in Bill’s trunk. Is Ike doing BOB’s dirty work all over the country?

At the Great Northern, Ben and Ashley Judd (Beverly) try to follow a strange humming sound. But they can’t seem to pinpoint its origin. Ben somehow makes this whole thing kind of sexual. Beverly is totally into it. Guess ol’ Ben Horne’s still got it, eh? Thanks to Jade, Cooper’s hotel key arrived in the mail, as well. Ben remembers Cooper stayed in that room. Well, it’s the room where he got shot. Of course, the hotel owner would remember the more violent occurrences. Beverly has no idea who Cooper or even Laura Palmer are. “That, my dear, is a long story.” The camera pans to the light, which mirrors the Black Lodge symbol, and then zooms into the wood of the hotel. I’m assuming the source of the noise will be Cooper’s room. Or perhaps it’s Josie, who we all know is trapped in the wood of the Great Northern. Pete Martell saw her, after all.

Beverly returns home to her husband, who looks to be dying of cancer. He’s annoyed that she’s so late. She is clearly missing a deeper connection to someone and has found that in doing something as simple and silly as following a strange noise in Ben Horne’s office.


Well, because we got ALL that plot this episode, we will now enjoy two full minutes of a guy sweeping the floor of The Roadhouse to “Green Onions.” Only David Lynch can put me on the edge of my seat for this, staring intently at every nook and cranny I see in the shot for some kind of clue. But… Nope, just sweeping!

The phone rings and the other Renault answers (played by Jacques Renault. No, you’re not crazy, it’s the same guy.). Bite the bullet, baby. From this unsettling conversation, it sounds like One Eyed Jacks is still operational and they’re employing younger and younger girls to work there. Cool. Great.

At the end, we’re back at the Double R. A guy comes running in and shouts: “Hey! Anybody seen Bing?”

If you watch closely, the scene changes in the literal blink of an eye from before he said it to after. People are wearing different clothes and Shelly and Heidi are in different spots. I just love any scene at the diner since I was there twice and it was the most wonderful experience.

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