Stephanie Watches Twin Peaks: Season 3 Part 6


Cooper is still lost, staring at the statue as night falls. The security guard gives him a ride home. He is very attracted to the guard’s shiny badge. Another Cooper memory coming through? “He’s got this thing for my badge.” Janey-E feels bad that she forgot to pick him up and fixes him a sandwich. She promises to take him to the doctor the next morning. Finally! Someone is going to take this poor, lost creature to the doctor.

Cooper goes to say goodnight to Sonny Jim. Sonny Jim pats the bed so he’ll sit down. But Cooper just pats the bed like him. Once more, and he gets it, sitting down. Until this moment, I was completely convinced Sonny Jim didn’t talk. But voila! He does! He puts his Hardy Boys book down and claps his cowboy light on so he can go to sleep. Cooper claps and the light goes off. They do this several times. Sonny Jim giggling, Cooper amazed and smiling. Their amusement is short-lived when Janey-E calls him back downstairs. “You are in the doghouse, mister!” She shows him a photograph of him and Jade. Cooper is so happy to see her because Jade is the best.

Jade give two rides!”
“I’ll bet she did.”

She gets a phone call from the people Dougie owes money to. And promises to meet them at NOON THIRTY tomorrow. Now, she can’t take him to the doctor. He just keeps repeating “big day,” and she seems to soften up again, giving him a little kiss on the head.

Finally, ominous stoplight has returned. My favorite character!!!! I missed it so much.

Cooper gets to work on his case files and sees the One-Armed Man in the Black Lodge fade into the room.

You have to wake up. Wake up. Don’t die. Don’t die. Don’t die.”

Cooper doesn’t really understand yet. But he sees these little lights on the case files and starts crudely drawing blobs and lines and ladders all over them. They look like nonsense scribbles and doodles. This scene left me wondering: Is it about the doodles? It’s not about the doodles! …Is it about the doodles?

Cooper returns to work and has a bit of fun with the elevator doors opening and closing. His coffee-carrying coworker helps him to the boss’s office, where he gives him the case files. At first, his boss doesn’t understand the scribbles. “Make… sense of it.” But as he looks more closely at them, he discovers that Cooper has inadvertently uncovered insurance fraud. Hahahahahaha.


Cooper doesn’t even understand what he did and happily sips on his coffee. As his boss reaches out to shake his hand, instead of returning the shake, Cooper spins around and mimics his pose instead. “Dougie? You’re an interesting fellow.” God, I love him. I know some of y’all are impatient and need Cooper to recover his memories but I watch these Dougie-Coop scenes with the biggest smile on my face. They are delightful.

Janey-E goes to meet the men who are trying to blackmail Dougie into paying them back. But Janey-E is too hardcore and exasperated to deal with these dumbos. She tells them what’s what. I love that she initially seemed like simply a nagging wife character and turned into a badass. “Tough dame.”

Nutz for Utz/Mulholland Drive guy gets an envelope with a black dot on it. And then a little person named Ike “The Spike” (with a very sharp implement that’s true to his name) receives the envelope slipped under his door. He appears to be a hit man since the envelope contains photographs of Dougie and the woman who texted the box in Argentina. He finds the woman, murdering her brutally with his weapon of choice (to a very good hip hop beat, I might add) and anyone else who witnessed his presence. It’s very, very bloody and violent.

Albert is on his way to find the person who could figure out what’s wrong with Cooper in jail. It’s pouring rain and Albert utters the best line of the series so far:


I love Albert. At the bar, he approaches a woman in a white blond wig seated at the bar. She turns around and it’s…



Richard Horne is getting his drug supply (and a sample) from the guy who was making eyes at Shelly at the Roadhouse in Part 2. That guy’s name is Red. (Nooooooo, Shelly. Have better taste in dudes, please!) Red calls Richard a kid a bunch of times, which infuriates him, and basically threatens to kill Richard if he messes up his drug deals at all. Richard leaves in near-tears. He’s hopped up on the drugs, driving furiously, erratically, and melodramatically away. “Magic motherfucker! Kid? I’ll show you a fuckin’ kid!”

Harry Dean Stanton returns to us as Carl Rodd. I love him so. He’s the owner of the *New* Fat Trout Trailer Park, which appears to be a bit closer to Twin Peaks. A man joins him on his ride into town. Carl asks the man how Linda is. Boom. Now we have Richard and Linda.

And then to bring even more joy to this episode are the lovely, familiar sounds of Heidi’s giggles. Shelly manages not to make a sexual innuendo at Heidi about her husband, ha.

Carl enjoys his Double R coffee on a bench in the park but has a weary look about him. He seems to sense something bad is coming. A mother playing tag with her son run by. Carl smiles as he watches them. But this is all intersected with stupid Richard speeding down the street. There’s a line of cars at an intersection… An intersection that might look familiar. It’s the same one where the One-Armed Man yelled at Laura and Leland in Fire Walk With Me.


Before Richard speeds around the cars, another driver had waved the little boy and mother through. The boy runs out into the street, and Richard runs him right over. Carl hears the mother’s shriek and comes to find her clutching his bloody body in the middle of the street as people look on. Carl watches as what appears to be the boy’s soul leaving his body and flying up into the power lines. The sad onlookers are so soap opera dramatic that it makes me laugh a little bit. SORRY. But we get a shot of the power line from FWWM. Same number and everything that we saw after Chet disappeared, as well as that same electrical crackling we’ve been hearing throughout the series.

While in the bathroom at the police station, Hawk accidentally drops a dime. He follows the trail of his heritage (kind of a silly trail but whatever works, man) to discover a stall door is bent. He gets a crowbar and pulls it open. Chad tries to interrupt and is as annoying and useless as ever. He threatens to tell on Hawk for breaking the door. “You do that, Chad.” How did this guy get this job? Everyone hates him. Chad continues to be terrible in the station, even making fun of Doris (Sheriff’ Truman’s wife) and her son who committed suicide. Really, Chad? Hey Richard, I need you to run someone over, please!


Hawk pulls out several pages of something from the stall door. Laura’s missing diary pages, perhaps? The pages on which she wrote: “The good Dale is in the Lodge and can’t leave.” That would definitely be something that was missing. The pages, the ring, and Cooper. The One-Armed man spent some time in the bathroom at the station in the previous seasons. It’s possible he left them there for someone to find.

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