Stephanie Watches Twin Peaks: Season 3 Part 5


Back in the Rancho Rosa development (where the double RR is circled, hmm…), the assassins are still waiting for Dougie to come out of that house and blow up in his car. A woman is waiting for confirmation. And she types “ARGENT 2” into a message on her old Blackberry. Argentina? I’m going to say yes since a gross light bulb flickers and we see a strange black box – and then we see those things again later on when we’re told we’re in Buenos Aires.

Later the next day, another car drives by blaring some music to look at the unattended car but continue on. The little boy watching across the street with the junkie mom (who repeatedly said “One-one-nine” a couple parts ago) goes to investigate the car. He has a red “1” on his shirt, which I’m sure means something. It’s too prominent not to mean anything. As he peeks at the bomb under Dougie’s car, the non-assassin guys chase him off and try to steal the car. But, of course, it explodes the moment they trigger the ignition. The little boy gasps and runs back to his home.

So, with at least one burned body visible in the wreckage, people will likely assume Dougie was killed. The music swells when the junkie mom wakes up and sits up to see the explosion. Hmm. This was an interesting sound choice that I honestly have no idea what it means. Some things just make no sense, y’all. And we’re only on part 5 here so we don’t have all the information. But I did think that music swelling could not have been random.

In South Dakota, the female pathologist is investigating the headless body found in Ruth’s apartment. They had a match for prints a couple episodes ago, but it was locked for military clearance, so they couldn’t identify him. Regardless, she found a ring inside his body. Inscribed on the inside of the ring: To Dougie With Love Janey-E

In Arlington, Ernie Hudson appears playing a character named Colonel Davis. He gets word from one of his offers that they have a print hit for Major Garland Briggs from Buckhorn, South Dakota. It’s the sixteenth hit in 25 years. The colonel is not hopeful that he’ll have answers. But… could the headless body be Major Briggs!? It doesn’t get any bluer, folks.

We resume our morning with poor clueless Cooper. Janey-E somehow got the tie off of his head and ties it, despite complaining she could never figure it out before. As she speaks, Cooper watches Sonny Jim in the car. A very powerful emotion comes over him as he stares at him and a few tears slip from his eyes. And if you watch Sonny Jim very carefully – he blinks backwards!

Janey-E drops Cooper off at work. He still doesn’t know how to do most things, like unbuckle his seatbelt or close the door behind him. “You’re having one of your episodes,” she says. Perhaps this is just par for the course with Dougie.

Random note: I keep spotting red balloons or balls in the background of shots. For example, there are red balloons in the courtyard of Dougie’s office, as well as a big red ball in the junkie mom’s house. I have no idea what it means, just something I noticed, ha!


As Cooper wanders aimless, he fixates on a statue of a cowboy holding a gun out. He mimics the pose, staring in awe at it. Is he reminded of Harry or himself? Or Both? (My extreme love for Cooper and Harry’s friendship hope it’s the former.) Luckily for Cooper, one of Dougie’s coworkers comes by, his arms piled high with coffee. His coworker sees the gleam in his eyes as Cooper spots the coffee and relents, allowing. Cooper to drink Frank’s coffee (Frank never drinks his, anyway). Cooper practically guzzles it down, grinning all the while. He’s clinging so desperately to these things that are familiar to him, that are part of his old life. It’s super sad to think of it that way but I enjoy it immensely all the same. Dougie/Cooper scenes bring a grin to my face the entire time.

Another note about the coffee. I just spotted that the sleeve of the cup reads: SZYMON’S FAMOUS COFFEE. And the “Z” of the word is darkened on each of them. If you remember in part 1, Tracey’s latte cups had a big “Z” on them. Plus, there’s a creepy eye or sunburst symbol in the middle. Szymon is the Polish version of the name Simon.

When they reach the conference room (assistant guy directing him there by the arm), Frank is sad that Dougie is drinking his coffee so the assistant guy gives him a green tea latte instead. This is so random and cute but Frank takes one sip and really loves that green tea latte. He’s smiling all shyly but sipping it very happily. I had the same reaction, buddy. But Cooper is fixated intently on that donut in front of Frank.

Soon, the meeting begins and assistant guy helps Cooper sit down. He and Jade are the saints of Las Vegas. As Dougie’s buddy Tony reports his insurance bullshit, Cooper sees a green light flicker over his face. “He’s lying,” he says with complete certainty. Everyone (including me) is shocked and confused by this allegation, even Cooper for a moment. But he just knows it to be true. I still say Laura Palmer is helping Cooper. Just like the Black Lodge sprites in the casino, she did this as well. She wants him to know who and what he can trust in the real world.

Dougie’s boss is not happy with his work. But during his conversation, he says some very important, familiar words to Cooper. “Agent…” His boss even gives him some insurance case files to go over. “Case files…”

After Cooper has a few awkward work incidents (can he please learn how to get to the bathroom already? Many people have photoshopped him with a Sims red diamond over his head because he’s just as helpless as one), he leaves the building. Unfortunately, Cooper has no idea where to go from there so he hangs out and admires the gun-toting cowboy statue some more as he holds his stack of case files

Back at the Silver Mustang casino where Cooper won all his money, the manager gets him comeuppance. Jim Belushi and Robert Knepper believe the manager is in cahoots with Cooper and let him take away that much money. Robert Knepper fires him after kicking him in the ribs very hard many times. Lots of icky crunching sounds happened. Also, three random blond burlesque ladies stood back and watched. These outfits reminded me of the Mulholland Drive audition scene, as well as One-Eyed Jacks.

While Jade (!!!!!) gets her jeep cleaned, the cleaner finds the Great Northern hotel key that Cooper accidentally dropped and never found again. She drops it in the mailbox so it’ll get back to the hotel. I can’t wait for Ben Horne to get THAT in the mail!

Back in Twin Peaks, Mike seems to have put his life together, same as Bobby. He denies a job to a rumpled, jittery, boy with red-rimmed eyes named Steven. I recognized his name instantly from where Shelly mentioned the boy who is dating her daughter, Becky. Steven seems like a real winner. You also might recognize him from Get Out, where he was also a real winner.

We get to go to the Double R diner finally! Norma is doing some paperwork (IN THE BOOTH RIGHT BEHIND WHERE I SAT WHEN I WAS THERE!) and waves to Becky (Amanda Seyfried) when she comes into the diner. Becky has an earnest discussion with her mother Shelly, who’s working behind the counter. Gosh, it’s just so nice to see the diner, the uniforms, and Shelly and Norma.

Anyway, Becky gets some cash from Shelly and trots out to jump into Steven’s car. Someone noticed that this is the same model car as Bobby’s, only white instead of black. According to the credits, Beck and Steven share the last name “Bennett,” so she’s really going all in on repeating her mother’s mistakes if they are, in fact, married. Steven is looking for a job to support the two of them, but really seems more interested in supporting their coke addiction.


They drive around to the back of the diner (where we parked when we were there!!!) so they can smooch out of Shelly and Norma’s sight. Steven gets his coke out. Becky is appalled that he took most of it in one day, but she takes it off his hand and enjoys the ride. Hmm, a blond girl doing a bunch of coke and dating a garbage person? Where have we seen that before?

The parallels between Becky and Laura are pretty striking, even visually. Even though Becky is following in her mother’s footsteps as well, it seems like she’s on a dark, downward path. Perhaps Cooper can save her since he couldn’t save Laura. That may be reaching, but you never know.

Despite how upsetting this potential parallel is, I really love this shot of Becky blissed out as Steven drives through Twin Peaks with the cheery, dreamy music playing in the background.

At the Sheriff station, Frank is on the phone with Harry, who is in the hospital. I’m glad Harry’s not completely forgotten, despite not being able to be on the show. It’s a nice nod to a very important character. However, I also really love Robert Forester, so I’d love to see the two of them together someday. Frank’s wife Doris comes to see him and rants and raves about household issues. BLACK MOLD, FRANK! I thought this was hilarious and stuck me right back into that over-the-top soap opera drama that Twin Peaks does so well. Meanwhile, Hawk and Andy are still searching the Laura Palmer case files for signs of his heritage. They’re still coming up empty.


Dr. Amp doing the vamp for liberty, climbing the ramp of justice, and lighting the lamp of freedom!”

Dr. Jacobi looks like the pirate from the Spongebob Squarepants opening, right? That seems apt since he’s doing a pirate radio/video show. He’s spouting a bunch of crazy conspiracies and anti-vax insanity. All for the sake of selling those stupid golden shovels. How hilarious is it that everyone had these deep, meaningful theories (including myself) of what the golden shovels’ purpose was, but he’s literally just selling gold shit-digging shovels. Dig yourself out of the shit to get to the truth, y’all!

Jerry watches Dr. Jacboi’s show on his iPad in the woods, smoking weed. “I know what I’ll be cooking up.” Nadine watches the show with some lovely admiration. You know she’ll be buying a golden shovel.

At the Roadhouse, some garbage dude is trying to be a badass and smoke under the ‘No Smoking’ sign. WOW, SO COOL, MAN. A guy in charge tries to kick him out and fuckin’ Chad comes over to “help.” God, I hate Chad. Instead of kicking him out, he just completes a drug deal with the kid, who hands him a Morley cigarette pack filled with cash.

Fun note: this is the same type of cigarettes favored by Smoking Man on The X-Files. (And probably many other shows, but only X-Files is relevant in this world, thanks!)

A cute girl asks this guy to light her cigarette, clearly feeling empowered by how badass this guy is. She sits down next to him at his behest… and then everything goes to shit. He grabs her real tight around the waist and neck, very reminiscent to how BOB likes to hold girls. (I mentioned this when BobCooper was killing that one girl in part 1. It’s this weird tight squeeze around the middle BOB likes to do. It’s very unsettling.) But he has to top it off by saying some obscene shit too. Maybe BOB or a Lodge spirit is reaching and he’s just a normal garbage person, but the lights on the stage start strobing right after this guy got super violent.

According to the credits, this guy’s name is Richard Horne. Yep. That means he’s either Audrey’s son or Ben or Jerry’s. Considering we haven’t seen Audrey yet, I think she is the most likely candidate. Perhaps she and BobCooper got together and produced this hellspawn. Perhaps Cooper will make it back to Twin Peaks and help Audrey save her son and Shelly save her daughter.

Also, remember: “Richard and Linda. 430.” Could this be the Richard?

Agent Tammy Preston does some sleuthing with Cooper’s photos and compares his fingerprints. One of the prints doesn’t match nor does anything add up.

BobCooper is still in jail. He takes a moment to look into his mirror. And as he smiles, we see a hint of BOB coming through his face.

18838945_10213349758035710_7610401111470295224_n“You’re still with me. That’s good.”

BobCooper gets to make his private phone call. The warden goes up to watch him and record it all. BobCooper is obviously not fooled. “Now that everyone’s here, I will make my phone call. Now, who should I call? Should I call Mr. Strawberry? No, I don’t think I’ll call Mr. Strawberry. I don’t think he’s taking calls. I know. I know who to call.”

This clearly upsets the warden, and I don’t know if it has any other deeper purpose except to upset him. BobCooper types a bazillion numbers on the phone and suddenly all the alarms start going off and lights flicker everywhere. At first, I thought he was trying to escape. But BobCooper just wanted to mask his voice. Through the chaos, no one can hear anything he’s saying.

The cow jumped over the moon.”

He hangs up and everything goes back to normal. The warden is none the wiser. “What did this guy just do?” But BobCooper just stares back at them.

In Buenos Aires, we see the same lightbulb and black box we panned to in the beginning. This time, the box’s lights simultaneously flicker twice and beep twice. Then the box shrinks, like something slurped it right up.

And then we end on Cooper still at the statue as night falls, petting the shoes. My poor lost agent.

Before I finish, I wanted to make a note of a theory I keep seeing. Because of Dougie’s license plate stickers and use of old technology by other people like the Blackberry, some think Cooper is actually in 2003 – and because he went through the “3” door in the Purple Room, rather than “15,” where BobCooper is.

This is a fun theory, but it also stresses me out to think that Cooper is so far removed from everything happening in Twin Peaks. But maybe if he makes it back to Twin Peaks and it really is 2003, he can somehow prevent things from happening. I have no idea. I guess we’ll see what happens next week!

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