Stephanie Watches Twin Peaks: Season 3 Part 3


The absurd mystery of the strange forces of existence. How about a truckload full of Valium?”

Let’s take a trip through a purple world with Special Agent Dale Cooper. I like to think of this sequence as the audience looking through Cooper’s eyes. He’s just as confused as we are, but he’s just sort of along for the ride. That’s what I tell confused viewers: just enjoy the ride for what it is. Don’t force yourself to understand. That being said, I’m interpreting this as best I can with the limited knowledge we have.

As Cooper watches the purple waves and enters this building, he meets a woman whose eyes are covered by her own flesh. And all throughout, some creature is knocking wildly on the door. The woman is anxious and Cooper can’t understand her because when she speaks, no words come out. She’s just making insect-like hisses and noises. It looks as though she’s asking for help while warning Cooper all at the same time. He notices a door labeled “15.” As he moves to it, the woman blocks his way and wildly waves her arm in an attempt to prevent him from entering it. The noise her arms make as they move sound like the slicing and dicing noise made by the creature that emerged from the Glass Box. And it continues knocking and pounding from another door.


The woman takes Cooper up a ladder to the roof of this purple world, which is surrounded by stars and space. I’m not even going to begin to guess what this means. She touches the weird bell thing, gets electrocuted and falls off the small platform into space. Cooper is alarmed and as he looks around, Major Briggs’s head floats by and says (backwards), “Blue Rose.”

Cooper goes back into the purple room and finds another woman seated in front of the fireplace. While she is credited as “American Girl,” this is the same actress who played Ronette Pulaski. She tells Cooper:

When you get there, you will already be there. You’d better hurry, my mother’s coming.”

The pounding on the door resumes and Cooper walks toward a door labeled “3” this time. He gets shocked by the electrical current of it. But slowly he lets himself be absorbed into what looks like an electrical socket. He disappears through it– all but his shoes.

A fun note: The ‘doors’ are “15” and “3.” Cooper’s room at the Great Northern is 315. There’s also a blue rose on the table.

It’s nearly 2:53, the time BobCooper is supposed to return to the Black Lodge and Cooper is supposed to return in his place. BobCooper can feel it coming. He’s getting sick, his car is veering every which way. After crashing, he sees the red curtains manifesting in front of him. But then we suddenly flash to another version of Cooper with a woman named Jade, who is potentially both a sex worker and a real estate agent. She calls him Dougie. He’s pudgier with wavy brown hair and has a certain green ring on. As the time nears 2:53 and Jade showers in the other room, Dougie starts to feel ill. He vomits up a really gross looking blob of something or another. But before he can even analyze it, he disappears from the room with a loud POP. “What the fuck was that?” Jade shouts from the shower. BobCooper sees Dougie sitting in the red curtains and then the image disappears. BobCooper proceeds to vomit up a LOT of garmonbozia – creamed corn, blood, sludge, who knows.

Fun fact: Hours before I watched this episode I had creamed corn for the very first time in Austin, Texas. Yum!

Poor confused Dougie sits in the Black Lodge and the One-Armed Man is equally confused yet also annoyed. He was expecting BOB, obviously. “Someone manufactured you for a purpose… but that purpose has been fulfilled.” And then Dougie’s hand shrinks, the green ring falls off, and his head goes POP! And he turns into a little gold marble. The One-Armed Man is like, Goddammit, BOB. He seems to be super over this shit.

Meanwhile, in Twin Peaks, Dr. Jacobi is spray painting all of his shovels gold, and Hawk is trying to figure out the Log Lady’s message with Andy and Lucy’s help. They’re trying to find something that’s missing. Lucy spots the box of chocolate bunnies and has a breakdown, admitting that she ate one of the bunnies because she had gas. And maybe eating chocolate is a remedy from indigenous people, so since the missing piece has something to do with Hawk’s heritage, it’s the missing chocolate bunny.


It’s not about the bunny! … Is it about the bunny? No, it’s not about the bunny.”

Let me count how many times I’ve said this Hawk line in the last few days… No, too many times to count. I love it so much.

After Cooper fizzled through the “3” plug, he was supposed to come out of BobCooper’s car to take his rightful place. Which is why the camera kept zooming in on that one aspect of the car and crackling electrically. But because BOB foiled the Black Lodge by creating Dougie and shielding himself by keeping his gamonbozia in and having the Black Lodge target the green ring, Cooper comes out of the electrical outlet in Las Vegas and takes Dougie’s place instead.

Cooper lies on the ground until Jade emerges and ushers him up and out the door. Cooper is walking funny and doesn’t say much. He seems to have reverted to a child-like or even baby state. It’s as though he’s learning how to do, well, everything. He follows Jade around, repeats her words. But there are things he recognizes. He has his room key to the Great Northern in his pocket. He sees a sign that reads “Sycamore.” These are familiar but either he can’t place it or he can’t verbalize what’s going on.


You mean Jade has to give you two rides?”
“Jade give two rides.”

On their way out, we see a few hitmen placed at the Rancho Rosa (a Double R subdivision, if you will), ready to take out Dougie. But Cooper drops his keychain at the last minute so they think Dougie is still inside the house. They put a bomb on his car instead.

My theory for this: Jeffries had been working with BobCooper originally, assuming that it was Cooper. But after he realized it was BOB, he started working against him. He wants BOB to go back. So, he likely found out that BOB created Dougie and wanted to take out Dougie so BOB couldn’t use him as a decoy for the Black Lodge. Maybe? Maybe not. Either way, Jade gives him $5, drops him at a casino, and tells him to call for help.

Call for help.”

After exchanging his $5 bill for a cup of quarters, Cooper wanders through the casino and starts seeing little Black Lodge sprites over some of the slot machines. They’re these strange little flame with the red curtain and the chevron floor. I think Laura Palmer is helping him or even protecting him as he attempts to re-learn the real world.


As he watches a man shout “Hello-o-o!” after winning a slot machine, he sits at one of the machines indicated by the sprite. He mimics the man and wins a mega jackpot. He does the same thing several more times, angering an old lady (Fran from Gilmore Girls) and stressing out the staff. Every time Cooper says “Hello-o-o-o-o!” it makes me happier and happier.


Back in Philadelphia, Gordon Cole, Albert, and new agent Tammy Preston are discussing the Glass Box incident. We see what happened to Tracey and Sam. Their heads have all but been clawed off by whatever creature was recorded in the box. Before they can analyze it further, Gordon and Albert get a call about Cooper. The moment Gordon touches Albert’s shoulder and says, “Albert!” in alarm and distress, my chest gets all tight. It’s been 25+ years since they’ve heard from him. Can you imagine their feeling in this moment? But they learn that Cooper has been arrested and he’s in South Dakota.

Albert, we’re headed for the Black Hills of South Dakota.”
“The Black Hills? Seriously?”
“As happy as this news makes us, we can’t put this on the radio.”
“Perfect. I’ve been dying to see Mount Rushmore.”
“It’s good you want to hurry. We’ll fly at dawn. And, Tammy, you’re coming with us.”


*Photos: Twin Peaks on Showtime

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