Stephanie Watches Twin Peaks: Season 3 Part 17


The past dictates the future.

SO MUCH IS GOING ON IN THIS EPISODE AND I EXPERIENCED EVERY EMOTION POSSIBLE. I was so stressed, excited, confused, concerned, elated, distraught, etc.

Gordon, Albert, and Tammy are shaken from their encounter with Tulpa Diane. But Gordon’s not too shaken to make a dick joke: “You’ve gone soft in your old age.” “Not where it counts, buddy.”

Anyway, on to the plot…

For 25 years I’ve kept something from you, Albert. Before he disappeared, Major Briggs shared with me and Cooper his discovery of an entity. An extreme negative force called in olden times Jowday. Over time, it’s become Judy. Major Briggs, Cooper, and I put together a plan that could lead us to Judy. And then something happened to Major Briggs and something happened to Cooper. Phillip Jeffries, who doesn’t really exist anymore, at least not in the normal sense, told me a long time ago that he was onto this entity and then he disappeared. Now, the last thing Cooper told me was, ‘If I disappear like the others, do everything you can to find me. I’m trying to kill two birds with one stone.’ And now this thing of two Coopers. And recently, a paid informant named Ray Monroe sent a cryptic message indicating that the Cooper we met in prison is looking for coordinates. Coordinates from a certain Major Briggs. This plan, Albert, I couldn’t tell you about. And I’m sorry… I know you understand, Albert, yet I’m still sorry. And I don’t know if this plan is unfolding properly ’cause we should have heard by now from our dear Dale Cooper.”

And just like that, the Vegas FBI calls — and Bushnell intervenes with his message from Cooper: “I am headed for Sheriff Truman’s. It is 2:53 and that adds up to a ten, the number of completion.”

They realize now that Dougie is Cooper, getting all the information that Cooper has been through the last few days? weeks? month? Who knows. Either way: “Pack it up! I know where he’s going!”

And just as a silly sidenote: Ben Horne gets a phone call from the Jackson Hole police in Wyoming. Jerry somehow made it all the way there. Just how much did he smoke!? “Says his binoculars killed somebody.” And the kicker: he’s naked for some reason. Oh, Jerry.

BobCooper is following the real coordinates. He’s getting closer and closer to his destination  — and Naido in prison seems to sense this. The closer he gets, the more agitated she becomes. He heads to the woods where Bobby led Hawk, Andy, and Frank before. He enters the swirly portal and we see the familiar black and white theater room from part 8.


Major Briggs’s head is floating there, guarding the space. He alerts the Fireman when BOB shows up. BOB’s intended location was clearly Laura Palmer’s house. We know Sarah is there — and we know something fishy is happening there. We can assume now that Sarah Palmer has been harboring the entity Judy (since the beginning or only recently — perhaps she escaped from the Glass Box and found Sarah that way, who knows) and BOB was likely trying to get to her. That’s what Jeffries meant when he told BobCooper that he already knows Judy.

But the Fireman, with Freddie and his powerful green glove at the Sheriff’s station, lays a trap for BOB. He changes the destination and transports him right in front of the station where Andy is waiting. Although not his intended destination since he likely wanted to team up with Judy for who-knows-what (something not good, I reckon), BOB sees the opportunity to wreak some havoc on Cooper’s oldest and dearest Twin Peaks friends. Andy brings him inside and everyone is overjoyed to see him. Giddy, even. But Andy has a strange feeling suddenly… He remembers part of his vision from the White Lodge. He even asks BobCooper if he wants a cup of coffee and he refuses — THE BIGGEST RED FLAG. Come on, guys!

In the basement, Chad has built a cell key into the heel of his boot, so he unlocks his cell and arms himself. Andy, while trying to find Hawk to share the good news about Cooper returning, runs into Chad, who aims his gun at him. (I was flipping my shit at this point. Don’t you dare hurt my precious Andy!) Chad walks forward, unknowingly into Freddie’s perfect aim. He punches his cell open and knocks Chad out. Andy handcuffs Chad to a cell and brings James, Freddie, and Naido upstairs.

While BobCooper and Frank have a tense face-off, Lucy receives a call — from Special Agent Dale Cooper. While on the phone, BobCooper senses what’s happening — but Lucy beats him to it. LUCY SHOOTS AND KILLS BOB. “Andy! I understand cellular phones now.” The biggest character development of the season, am I right? Ha. It’s extremely hilarious that a bunch of tough guys couldn’t take BobCooper out but Lucy does.

While BobCooper lies dead on the floor of Frank’s office, the woodsmen come and start their revival ritual. They’re rubbing blood all over his face — just as the REAL Cooper arrives to witness it. The BOB ball/orb emerges from his stomach and floats around the office. Initially, I thought BOB was trying to find a new host and was going to take over Cooper’s body again. But instead, Freddie stands up to BOB to fulfill his destiny with his glove. He and the BOB orb face off in shaky, underwater-feeling, echoey scene. He smashes it through the ground and fire erupts in the middle of the room. (I was like, “Great, now you made a lava BOB!”) But BOB isn’t done yet. He grows angrier and retaliates against Freddie. Cooper cheers him on and finally, Freddie smashes BOB into a bunch of pieces after one final “Catch you with my death bag.” And just like that, BOB is dead. For real.

“You did it, Freddie!” (I just want to hear Cooper tell me I did something good with that much approval…) He puts the ring on his doppelganger body and it disappears, the ring clanging to the floor of the Black Lodge.

At this point, the Mitchum Brothers and Candie, Sandie, and Mandie have arrived, as well as Bobby. Cooper notices Naido with a strange recognition. And it’s this point when Cooper’s face is superimposed over the scene for the next several minutes…


Many years ago, information your father gathered brought him together with Director Gordon Cole, who is here right on time! Gordon! And that’s what’s brought us to where we are today. Now, there are some things that will change. The past dictates the future… Frank, give my regards to Harry.”

Naido comes forward and presses her palm against Cooper’s. Her head turns into black smoke and fizzles out until we see the Black Lodge. It peels open and floats away, revealing Diane to us. The real Diane. She has red hair, not white. And Cooper’s bright smile is a testament to how glad he is to see her. (I know I called bullshit on the Naido is Diane theory but people were guessing she was Diane for reasons that had nothing to do with what really happened in the episode, so there! No one could have guessed this is how she would be revealed.) Cooper and Diane share a passionate kiss. It’s clear they haven’t seen each other for a long, long time. 25 years, most likely. It’s 2:53 on the clock…


We live inside a dream… I hope I see all of you again. Every one of you.”

Everything goes black until we see Cooper, Diane, and Gordon walking together. They’re following the faint twinkling/ringing noise that was plaguing Ben Horne all season. And now that they’ve found the source, the superimposed Cooper face disappears. Cooper has the Great Northern key that he got back from Frank Truman and unlocks the door that James found near the boiler room of the Great Northern.

Listen, I’m going through this door. Don’t try to follow me. Either of you. See you at the curtain call.”

Cooper closes the door and finds the One-Armed Man. “Through the darkness of future past, the magician longs to see. One chants out between two worlds, ‘Fire Walk With Me.'” Electricity crackles and the two of them are transported to one of the Black Lodge portals. They go up the flower-patterned stairs and to the room that houses the Jeffries’ teapot. Cooper requests a specific date: February 23, 1989.

I’ll find it for you… It’s slippery in here. It’s good to see you again, Cooper. Say hello to Gordon if you see him. He’ll remember the unofficial version… This is where you’ll find Judy. There may be someone… Did you ask me this?… There it is. You can go in now. Cooper, remember.”

Out of his spout, the smoke forms into the Black Lodge symbol and then transforms into an 8 or the infinity symbol. Electricity crackles, and Cooper is transported once more — to the past. It’s black and white now. We see the ceiling fan whirring at the Palmer house, Laura sneaking out on James’s motorcycle, BOB inside Leland ready to strike. So many things familiar to us — only this time Cooper is there. He’s watching. He’s waiting.

I’ve always wondered why Laura screams randomly at something in the distance. I always figured it was BOB or an owl or something else in her coke-addled brain. But I can’t help but hope this was something planned all along — that Lynch intended for Laura to see Cooper in the trees. That he wanted Cooper to try and save her. Even if that’s not true, I want to believe it. Just like Mulder. Wait, wrong show. I’m distracting myself from becoming super emotional when I think about everything Cooper went through to try to get to this point to save Laura. And everything Laura suffered at BOB’s hands. Cooper can’t erase her years of suffering but he could possibly save her from one final night of torment. He could save her from this nightmare.

Laura runs into the woods to meet Leo, Ronette, and Jacques — the beginning of the end for her. But instead, on her way, she meets Cooper. He holds his hand out to her. And she recognizes him because, as we all know, they’ve seen each other in their dreams for months. Maybe years? Time is nonlinear in this world.


Who are you? Do I know you? Wait… I’ve seen you in a dream. In a dream. Where are we going?”

Cooper takes Laura’s hand. And the moment he does, the body wrapped in plastic by the rock… the most iconic image that started this entire mystery… disappears.

We’re going home.”

It’s no longer black and white. It’s no longer a memory. Cooper has rewritten everything by taking Laura’s hand. Josie is doing her make-up. Pete gives Catherine a peck on the cheek and goes fishing. He doesn’t find Laura’s body. He just has a normal, pleasant day.

At the Palmer house, however, we hear the anguished cries and moans of pain — of Sarah Palmer. Or perhaps Judy inside Sarah Palmer. She wails and runs into the living room, grabbing the portrait of Laura. The repeating record scratch noise happens over and over again. Sarah takes a glass bottle and repeatedly stabs the portrait but it keeps trying to mend itself.


Cooper continues leading Laura through the woods. To safety. Perhaps this was his destiny, all along. Why else would they share so many dreams? Why else would he go through all that he did? But then… we hear a familiar chirping sound, and she’s no longer holding his hand. The feral screams of Laura sound out through the woods. She’s gone.

We see the red curtains of the Black Lodge and Julee Cruise playing one of her songs at the Roadhouse. This is all the confirmation I need that all the Roadhouse scenes, except the ones with Shelly and James took place in the Black Lodge. And to me, this confirms Audrey is stuck there as well.

Did Cooper fail? Did Laura die regardless of his efforts? Or was she taken from him? Is she still alive somewhere? Did she get transported to the Black Lodge? Is he doomed to repeat this over and over again until he succeeds?Will he always fail? Is that what the infinity symbol represents? So many questions…

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