Stephanie Watches Twin Peaks: Season 3 Part 14


We are like the dreamer.

Gordon calls the Twin Peaks sheriff station and has a cute conversation with Lucy but he’s calling to talk to Sheriff Truman — who he thinks is still Harry. But Frank tells Gordon that Harry’s in the doctor’s care, as well as what Hawk found: Laura’s missing diary pages. They indicate two Coopers. “Although I can’t comment on this information, I want you to know I really appreciate it… And all the best to you. And all the best to Harry.”

Tammy and Albert discuss the case that began this whole thing with two field agents in Olympia, WA.

“They arrived at a hotel to arrest a suspect named Lois Duffy. They hear a gunshot outside her room and kick the door in. They find two women inside. One on the floor dying from a bullet wound to the abdomen, the other holds a gun, which she drops as she backs away when they enter. They recognize the wounded woman as Lois Duffy. She speaks her last words to them: I’m like the blue rose. She smiles, then dies, then disappears before their eyes. The other woman screaming in the corner they now notice is also Lois Duffy. By the way, Lois Duffy did not have a twin sister. Then while awaiting trial for a murder she swore she didn’t commit, this Lois hangs herself. Those two arresting offers were Gordon Cole and Phillip Jeffries. Now, what’s the one question you should ask me?”

Tammy figures it’s about the blue rose because a blue rose does not occur in nature and is not natural, nor was the dying woman natural. She was conjured. She was a tulpa. Albert is very impressed by her analysis. So, what’s a tulpa? It’s a Tibetan word for manifestation or emanation in which a being or object is created through spiritual or mystical means. (Cooper loves Tibet if you remember from season 1.) I think this falls in very nicely with the Black Lodge lore, considering Dougie is basically a tulpa that BOB created.

Gordon and Diane join them for COFFEE TIME! Not before we have to hear the more excruciating noise of a window washer sucking real bad at his job. Thanks, David.

They finally ask Diane more about Cooper. She doesn’t want to talk about the last night she saw Cooper. She confirms that he mentioned Major Briggs that night. Albert goes over the facts about how they thought Briggs died in a fire 25 years ago but that they actually found his decapitated body just a few days ago, along with the ring in his stomach. As a reminder, the ring is inscribed with the following: “To Dougie with love, Janey-E.”

And then Diane throws us a real fun twisty curveball: her half-sister is named Jane — and she goes by Janey-E (Jane Evans — boom!). And she’s married to a man named Douglas Jones, who everyone calls Dougie. They live in Las Vegas. Boom! Diane hates Janey-E so they haven’t spoken in years. That seems to track with both of their personalities. But oh my god, now I desperately need a scene with them together. Not just because it’s Diane & Janey-E but Laura Dern & Naomi Watts. I wonder if Gordon & Co. will be heading to Vegas or to Twin Peaks. The FBI in Las Vegas is now on the hunt for Douglas Jones. (When that dude screamed at his assistant, I laughed so hard.)

This reminds Gordon of another one of his Monica Belluci dreams. To which Albert sighs, “Oh boy.” I can’t blame Albert for being a crotchety old man. Dealing with Gordon, Cooper, and Jeffries’ dreams and premonitions and other shit for the last 40+ years must be taxing.

In Gordon’s dream, he was in Paris on a case and meets Monica at a cafe. Cooper was also there but Gordon couldn’t see his face. Monica brought friends with her and everyone enjoyed some coffee until Monica said the ‘ancient phrase:’

We’re like the dreamer, who dreams and then lives inside the dream… But who is the dreamer?”

Gordon felt uneasy as Monica looked past Gordon. When he turned to look, he saw himself (from FWWM) in the Philadelphia office listening to Cooper who was worried about a dream he had. And then Jeffries appeared (and didn’t appear). He points at Cooper and says: Who do you think that is there?

Albert remembers that day too. They all look a little uneasy now. This fits nicely with the theory that the Lodges transcend time and space. And that Jeffries may have already known that Cooper was trapped in the Black Lodge when he came back in that timeline to meet with everyone. 

Twin Peaks

At the sheriff station, Bobby brings lunch for Hawk, Frank, and Andy. “Who ordered just cheese?” Andy did! So simple, so pure. When Chad comes into the conference room, they bombard him and arrest him for colluding with Richard to intercept the mail. Frank says they’ve been watching him for months but I do hope Lucy had a hand in this when she spotted him looking through the mail.

Bobby leads Hawk, Andy, and Frank through the woods to Jack Rabbit’s Place. Bobby reminisces time spent with his dad as they all collect soil and put it in their pockets. They make the trek 253 yards east and see electricity crackling, smoke billowing, and the body of a naked woman. We should all recognize her as the woman in the purple place that met Cooper back in part 3. Her eyes are still covered over and she can’t seem to speak actual words — she makes those same strange chattering sounds she made to Cooper — but she’s alive. Andy holds Naido’s hand to try to comfort her.

At 2:53 PM the sky starts circling and crackling like it did above Gordon when they found Ruth’s body. Andy is clutching Naido until he stands up and a bright white light flashes around all of them — and Andy disappears and is soon seated in front of who we know is the Giant but who the Giant says is the Fireman. I believe Andy was taken to the White Lodge because he is the purest of soul of anyone in Twin Peaks. He raises his hand and a small box appears in Andy’s hand.

Smoke billows and whooshes out of the box. Andy looks up and gets to watch the clip-show version of part 8 and some other Twin Peaks scenes. He sees: The Mother, BOB’s creation, the convenience store, the woodsman asking for a light, powerlines crackling, the girl running through the school grounds crying after Laura’s body was discovered, the Black Lodge curtains, Laura Palmer’s prom photo surrounded by angels, Naido’s body, Cooper splitting into two Coopers, the sheriff’s department phone ringing, Andy holding onto Lucy and steering her somewhere, Andy holding Naido’s hand, and the powerlines from Fat Trout Trailer Park.

The smoke returns to the little box and Andy pops back to the real world. Bobby, Frank, and Hawk are waiting at Jack Rabbit’s Place and Andy returns to them carrying Naido’s body wrapped in his coat. None of them seem to know what happened nor do they remember it. But dayum, Andy is a BADASS. Can you talk about character development? He began the series crying beside Laura Palmer’s dead body and now he’s stepped up to the plate to protect this woma who may hold the key to solving a huge mystery.


We need to get her down the mountain. She’s very important and there are people who want her dead.”

Lucy dresses Naido in her pajamas and pink robe. They keep her in a cell where she’ll be safe. Meanwhile, Chad tries to insult Andy but he won’t have it. “You’re a very bad person, Chad. Give policeman a bad name.” There’s also a bloody drunk guy in the cell across from Chad, who is mimicking Chad as well as Naido’s strange monkey chirping noises. (I’m just going to make the jump that Naido is Judy and we’re not gonna talk about Judy!) This is clearly Chad’s worst nightmare, and I think it’s hilarious that he’s trapped there with them. He deserves much worse. There is yet another comment about being stuck in a nut house.

James is working security at the Great Northern with his very cockney British friend. He’s eager to get to get to the Roadhouse so he can see his boo Renee — the one who cried during his VERY MOVING AND BEAUTIFUL performance of “Just You and I.” But she’s married, so James continues to be kind of shitty when it comes to girls. Or at least have shitty taste. (Not that Renee isn’t in the wrong, but I don’t know her track record.) I’ll give him a pass since it’s his birthday.

His friend, Freddie, tells him a story about the green glove he wears on his right hand that he can’t take off. A doctor even tried taking it off but he started bleeding. He says he was sucked up into a vortex with a man that called himself the Fireman. The Fireman commanded him to go to the hardware store to find a package of gardening gloves that were already opened and contained only the right hand. If he put the glove on, he would have the power of an enormous pile-driver.

So, he wakes up at home and does as he’s told. Sure enough, he finds exactly what he’s looking for. But the clerk won’t sell him the glove even though he’s insistent about it. He and the clerk go back and forth when finally Freddie sets the money down and bolts out of the door with his glove. He puts the glove on and the clerk tackles him. He punches the clerk in the face with his glove and “snaps his Gregory.” He also remembers that Fireman told him: Go to Twin Peaks, Washington in the United States of America. And there, you will find your destiny.”

When Freddie went to buy his ticket to come to America, turns out he already had one, so he fully believes Twin Peaks is his destiny. Will he and BobCooper face off? We saw BobCooper’s intense, face-smushing punch after the arm wrestling match. Maybe this green glove punch will immobilize him or actually hurt him? Who knows. But it seems like everything is culminating to happen in Twin Peaks. (I mean, as it should.)

James goes to investigate the furnace of the Great Northern and hears the same strange ringing that Ben has been trying to track down. Could the source of the ringing be in the basement through the door that the camera panned to?

David Lynch’s wife and another young girl chat the Roadhouse. They talk about “the nuthouse, the nut place.” Everyone in Twin Peaks is going insane basically. Either from the spiritual influence or the Chinese designer drugs or because that’s just the way of the world. They talk about Billy. The younger girl is Tina’s daughter, who also had a thing with Billy, and she says Billy’s face was covered in blood and then he bolted out the back door. So, I think Billy is the bleeding drunk guy at the sheriff station. And also sounds like he’s  scumbag since he’s carrying on with Tina and Audrey. Why you gotta do my girl Audrey dirty like that?

Sarah Palmer is sick of drinking at home — or maybe she just ran out of booze and it was too late to get more — so she heads to a dive bar. So, there are places besides the Roadhouse to drink! Who would’a thunk?

She’s minding her own business drinking a Bloody Mary when Truck You comes to hit on her. She asks him to leave her be. And as is typical with most men who are rejected, acts as though he wasn’t interested in her at all anyway and starts calling her names and insinuating she’s a lesbian. She warns him to step off: “I’ll eat you.” But Truck You continues to harass her and says more and more horrible things.

Sarah opens her face — just like Laura did in the Black Lodge and we see: Powerlines crackling in the black space. Something slashing out. A woman’s hand with the ring finger blacked out. (The spirit finger, as Gordon explained.) And then a bright smile. This is Laura’s smile from her infamous prom photo.


Do you really want to fuck with this?”

Sarah puts her face back on and attacks the man, biting him in the neck. This is likely every woman’s dream to do to some shitbag that hits on you at a bar and won’t take no for an answer. Sarah Palmer is an inspiration! Truck You’s got a big ol hole in his neck, and he falls down dead in a pool of blood. Sarah shrieks and claims she has no idea what happened.

So, I think that Sarah Palmer, being the grieving, angry mother that she is, may be possessed by The Mother. The one who birthed BOB and attacked the two people watching the glass box. I don’t think she’s BOB because he’s chilling in Cooper’s body. Or perhaps she’s possessed by Laura since we saw her teeth and what looked like her hand when she held it up in FWWM right after she put the ring on. Laura did say: I am dead, yet I live. Perhaps she lives within her mother.  Through her mother.

Sure is a mystery, huh?”

That about sums up the whole show.

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