Stephanie Watches Twin Peaks: Season 3 Part 12


Let’s rock.

“Thank god Gordon stocks the plane from his own wine cellar.”
“No, you’ll be the one to tell her.”
“Ignore the strange man…”

Gordon and Albert officially welcome Tammy into the Blue Rose case after all her excellent work lately. She’s overjoyed and nervous all at once.

We FINALLY get an explanation for the origins of Blue Rose, as explained by Albert:

In 1970, the United States Air Force shut down Project Blue Book – their 20-year investigation into UFOs. They concluded that no credible evidence existed and therefore, they posed no threat to national security. In other words, a massive coverup. A few years later, the military and FBI formed a top-secret taskforce to explore the troubling abstractions raised by cases Blue Book failed to resolve. We called it the Blue Rose after a phrase uttered by a woman in one of these cases just before she died, which suggested these answers could not be reached except by an alternate path we’ve been traveling ever since. Gordon suggested an agent by the name of Phillip Jeffries to head the squad. He soon recruited three others: myself, Chet Desmond, and Dale Cooper. Perhaps you haven’t failed to notice that I’m the only one of that group who hasn’t disappeared without explanation, which has led to a certain reluctance on Gordon’s part to bring new blood into the fold until tonight.

Diane enters through red curtains, shuffling in similarly to how people walk in the Black Lodge (maybe I’m reaching here but her walk was a bit creepy…). They deputize her to continue working on the case. Because of their suspicions, I think this is a tactic to get Diane to trust they have no knowledge of her other connections. She agrees and utters a phrase we know all too well: Let’s rock. The Fire Walk With Me music makes this both exciting and creepy AF.

There’s a lot of speculation that this scene takes place earlier than what we’ve seen because of Tammy’s involvement and knowledge later, as well as Diane’s outfit from her initial appearance. But I think this is still chronological because *gasp* people can change clothes! Diane didn’t think she’d be gone for more than a couple days so it makes sense she’d be recycling two outfits. And she’s less hostile in this scene than she was initially, too. I also think that Tammy’s work up to this point was part of her proving that she could handle Blue Rose, so Gordon and Albert wanted her to officially be part of everything now. Who knows, I could be off base and the crazy Internet theorizers could be right.

Tim Roth and Jennifer Jason Leigh stake out the warden’s place. She wants to get it over with so she can get some Wendys. He sniper silencers the warden a couple times and kill him. His son comes outside and screams. They peel off and go get some Frosties. And then they’ll likely be off to find Dougie.

At the bar, Diane gets another text (which is why I think this is chronological): “Las Vegas?” She replies: THEY HAVEN’T ASKED YET.


Gordon is hosting a pretty French lady in his hotel room when Albert comes to discuss these texts. She takes her damn sweet time putting her jacket on, putting her pumps on, giggling, reapplying her lipstick, taking a few more sips of wine, and basically being ridiculous and adorable all at once. Albert is quietly exasperated (that slow blink had me ROLLING) but seems to expect this as a normal condition of working with Gordon.

She’s here visiting a friend of her mother whose daughter has gone missing. The mother owns a turnip farm. I told her to tell the mother, her daughter will turnip eventually… She didn’t get it either.”

Albert shares the new text he intercepted to and from Diane. “What do we know that we haven’t asked her about? We’ll figure it out.” Albert still looks tired and Gordon senses something within him. Maybe a deep exhaustion or worry that something might happen to Albert since he’s the only one left who hasn’t disappeared. It must weigh heavily on Albert. “Albert, sometimes I really worry about you.” Me too, Gordon.

At the bar again, Diane is recounting the coordinates she memorized from Ruth’s arm. She types them into her phone and is directed to — dun dun dun! — Twin Peaks!

Las Vegas

Cooper and Sonny Jim go outside to play catch. Sonny Jim throws him the ball and hits him in the face. That’s it. That’s all the Cooper you get this week. But it still made me laugh very hard.

Twin Peaks

Sarah Palmer shops for Bloody Mary ingredients. But mainly just vodka. While she’s checking out, she’s rattled by the beef jerky on display. I believe this is tied back to when we saw her watching the animals maul each other on the nature documentary. She seemed shaken by the images she saw and maybe she’s just unsettled by strips of meat? I have no idea. The Fire Walk With Me music starts playing again.

Your room seems different. And men are coming. I am trying to tell you that you have to watch out! Things can happen! Something happened to me. Something happened to me! I don’t feel good. I don’t feel good. I don’t feel good! Sarah. Sarah, stop doing this. Stop doing this. Stop doing this. Leave this place. Find the car key. Find the car key. Get the car key. Get the car key. Get the goddamn car key!”


I feel like Laura is going to be a big part of later episodes and couldn’t help but wonder if she was speaking to her daughter in these scenes. Or even Laura speaking through her

Hawk goes to check on Sarah at her home. And my other favorite character besides ominous traffic light has returned: ominous ceiling fan!!! I got chills when I saw that. There’s a weird clanging in the kitchen. “Is someone in the house?” “No, just something in the kitchen.” Okay, but what the hell is in the kitchen, Sarah??? Sarah is grinning very creepily like BOB. And it’s also reminiscent of the scene in FWWM when Laura was by the stairs and a creepy smile spread over her face.

Jerry Horne has finally emerged from the woods. What a journey he’s been on!

Carl Rodd is still the best. One of his tenants has been selling his blood to pay for rent. But he’s also been doing a lot of work around Fat Trout Trailer Park, such as mowing lawns and installing propane tanks. So, Carl tells him to stop selling his blood and come to him if he needs some money. He’s not going to charge him rent either. “I don’t like people selling their blood to eat… you’ve given enough already. Keep your blood.” I just enjoy these random wholesome scenes.

Sheriff Truman visits Ben Horne to tell him all the fun things his shitty grandson has done: running down the little boy and beating the ever-loving shit out of Miriam. Ben agrees to pay for whatever procedure Miriam needs. “Richard… that boy has never been right.” Ben tells Frank that even Harry has had some run-ins with his shitty grandson, who is now on the run.

Ben shows Frank the hotel room key he received in the mail, figuring Harry might want the key as a memento to his friend Dale Cooper. “Strange… this key shows up after all these years… I really think he would like it. It’d mean a lot to him.” I love Frank but damn, I miss Harry Truman so much. He and Dale’s friendship was one of my favorite things about the original series. But I know it would also hurt my heart to see Harry agonizing over what happened to his BFF. Is it too much to ask that they might be reunited in the end?

Dr. Jacobi performs another edition of his show, but most of it is recycled footage of his golden shovel commercial. Nadine still watches, his most devoted viewer. “It’s working for me, Dr. Amp,” she says with such intense pride and joy. (Where the hell is Big Ed!?!!?)


And then a wild Audrey suddenly appears!!!!! There’s no big lead up. Just BOOM. She’s there. I was eating an Oreo and started to put it in my mouth when the scene shifted. I shouted, “HOLY FUCK!” And then it fell out of my mouth. I was so shocked, haha.

Audrey is having a standoff with her very unexpected husband Charlie. She wants to find Billy, the man she’s having an affair with because she’s in love with him. Billy has been missing for two days. She saw him in her dreams bleeding from the nose and mouth. On top of that, she just wants her dumbass husband to sign the divorce papers. He’s just sooooo tired. And he’s got sooooooo much paperwork to do though!

What kind of shit are you? If you were missing, would you want people finishing their fucking homework before they went looking for you? You’re nothing but a spineless, no-balls loser. Do you know that? Do you? Because that’s what you really are.”

We get a whole bunch of names of people we’ve never heard of: Paul, Tina, Chuck. And this marriage does not seem to be one born out of love, but there’s talk of a contract. So, this dude must have something on Audrey that she’s now willing to give up for real love. Maybe something about Richard? Who knows because we certainly don’t find out.

We do find out that Chuck drove off with Billy’s truck, Billy called the sheriff, and then Billy got his truck back. So, remember in part 7 when Andy was interrogating a man who owned the truck Richard used to run the kid over? Yeah, I think that’s Billy. And he never showed up to meet Andy. And at the end, someone runs into the Double R shouting: Anybody seen Billy!? So, I’m definitely thinking Billy is dead. Sorry, Audrey.

Charlie finally agrees to call Tina and find out what happened to Billy. It sounds like bad news, and Audrey is so exasperated with this dude, just as we all feel because he won’t say what Tina told him. And the scene just ends with zero answers. “You’re not gonna tell me what she said!?” I’m just as frustrated, Aydrey.

I saw a lot of complaints about Audrey — that she’s not the Audrey Horne we all knew and loved. First of all, no. Second of all: “I’m Audrey Horne and I get what I want.” This is the same confident, argumentative, no-fucks-given Audrey, just with much more actual “fucks” peppered into her vocabulary. And I think she serves as a bit of an audience surrogate of just wanting answers but the show refusing to give us any.

At the Roadhouse, we get a bunch more characters we’ve never seen or heard of and likely won’t again: Angela, Clark, Mary, Nathalie, Abbie, Trick. Add those to Paul, Chuck, Tina, Billy. Who are you, people?



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