Stephanie Watches Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (Part 3)


Sunday – Four Days Before

Donna is SUPER DUPER hungover and barely remembers the previous night. “Life is full of mysteries, Donna…” Laura then very vaguely explains why she freaked out about Donna wearing her shrug. “I don’t want you to wear my stuff… I don’t want you to be like me.” In her warped sense of reality, if Donna wears her things, she might slowly become her or maybe be a target for BOB? Leland comes to pick her up and as he sees Donna and Laura hugging, he suddenly sees Ronette and Laura in their underwear on a bed in what looks like a hotel room. Bwuhhhh?

As Leland and Laura drive through the tree-lined roads of Washington, an RV is honking and swerving around behind them. As they pull up to a light, an elderly man is crossing the street at an excruciatingly slow pace. The RV is still driving erratically. “Dad, is the engine on fire? It smells like something’s burning.” Do you perhaps smell engine oil? Hmmm…

The One-Armed Man comes up and starts screaming at them. “It’s him! It’s your father!” Leland is pressing on the gas. Laura is screaming. Everything is VERY LOUD and disorienting. David Lynch loves using deafening sound to stress the viewers out as much as the characters. Leland drives off to a gas station, clearly troubled but he can’t put it into words.

Then, we have a flashback to Leland with a copy of Fleshworld calling Teresa Banks. He makes a plan with her and then sleeps with her. “Teresa Banks, you look just like my Laura.” First of all, gross. Second of all, I don’t really see the resemblance except the blond hair and red lips. Anyway, he asks Teresa to arrange a meeting with her girlfriends.

Dad? Who was that? He looked familiar! Have I met him?”
“No, you haven’t, have you met him? … A man comes out of the blue like that? What’s the world coming to?”

Leland goes to meet Teresa and her girlfriends but has to leave when he realizes Laura is one of them. He pays Teresa anyway and, as he’s walking away, the grandson comes out and starts jumping around the parking lot.


MP: “The guy split but I got the money,” Teresa tells Ronette and Laura. The three girls cuddle on the bed, which is pretty cute actually. Teresa moves her hair out of her face. She’s wearing the green ring. Laura is strangely hypnotized by it.

Teresa calls Jacques to ask what Ronette and Laura’s fathers look like, as Jacques told them during the party scene. She realizes that’s why Leland ran away, so I believe she plans to blackmail him for what she knows to get even more out of him. But Leland’s demeanor changes as he heads to see her. He smashes her TV (the opening scene of the film) and then beats her death, wraps her in plastic, and dumps her body.

Tuesday – Two Days Before

MP: “Don’t forget! It’s Johnny’s Horne’s birthday today,” Leland tells Sarah and Laura. Sarah kind of rolls her eyes and mocks him, “Don’t forget.” At the sheriff station, Hawk and Andy see Harry to report about the drugs coming in from Canada. It’s a cute little scene showing Andy’s silly incompetence.

Uh oh, Laura’s out of coke! The true tragedy of this film. She and Bobby go out into the woods for Bobby’s big score. They’re both super drunk and super high, which is a great condition to be in for a drug deal. But it is nice to see Laura all silly and giggly. The guy that meets them is the same deputy that Chet beat up to get to Sheriff Cable. He has a big bag of “coke” for them and gets a gun out. Bobby shoots the guy a good three times before he can shoot him. They’re both in shock and Bobby attempt to bury him by tossing bits of dirt onto his body. This scene is hilarious. And Laura can’t stop laughing, which is infuriating Bobby, but only making Laura laugh harder. Pro-tip: you don’t want these two helping you in a crisis.

Bobby, you killed Mike!
“This isn’t fuckin’ Mike! …Is this Mike?”

For the record, no, Bobby did not kill Mike. But also good riddance to that dude since he was mean to my boy Chet.

Wednesday – One Day Before

MP: Pete is surveying the mill. Josie arrives with the elderly banker. There’s a mix-up with all the wood pieces not being what he ordered. He wants a 2×4 but all the pieces are trimmed. They go back and forth about how the wood is cut, trying to figure out a way to appease him. It’s a pretty pointless scene for the overall story, but I’ll take any extra Pete time I can get.

“Down at your bank, is a dollar still worth what it used to be?”
“Ohhhh, I see what you mean. I’m so sorry.”

MP: Bobby gives Laura $10K to put into her safety deposit box. She’s still giggling about the night before. “Bobby, did you kill Mike?” Bobby goes out to the woods to divvy up the coke and discovers it’s not coke at all but laxatives. Womp womp.

MP: Dr. Jacobi calls Laura and asks her to make more tapes about what’s she’s going through. “I’m dealing with it,” she tells him but promises to make another tape the next night. (The one Maddy, Donna, and James end up listening to.)

Laura does some coke to relax before bed????? Maybe smoke a joint or something, girlfriend? That’s no way to chill out. No wonder you have freaky Black Lodge dreams. Anyway, Leland gives Sarah a glass of milk before bed. Is this familiar? Yeah, because he did this right before he murdered Maddy. This is how Leland/BOB drugs Sarah. He makes her drink it all up, then steps into the hallway to turn on the ceiling fan. Sarah lifts her head from her pillow and sees the white horse appear in her bedroom. Ugh.


What follows is probably the most horrific and uncomfortable scene to watch. BOB comes in through Laura’s bedroom. And well, things happen. He “has” her to use Laura’s terminology. It’s awful. She sees Leland during this too. Okay. BYE.

It’s tough to know if Sarah knows what the milk means but she seems resigned to her fate just like Laura. But if BOB has been “having” Laura since she was 12, this must be such a frequent occurrence that maybe Leland has trained her to drink it without complaint. She must know, on some level, what’s happening just across the hall. Maybe she does know; she sees things, after all. But she’s powerless to stop it. Few can really fight BOB.

The next morning, Laura has reached her limits. She can barely eat or even look at her parents. She’s just in tears and runs away. Leland follows her to her room, but she backs away from him. “Stay away from me.” She goes to school but she can barely concentrate. She’s just sitting in her school desk, crying as the day passes. No one seems to notice her struggle. And then she leaves her desk for the final time.

Last Night

MP: “I hate asparagus.” Laura has dinner with her mom. Sarah says Leland had to stay late at the Great Northern to plan for the Norwegians. She says she’s going to go to Bobby’s and do her homework.

MP: Major Briggs is reading to Betty Briggs as she does needlepoint. It’s adorable. Laura says hi to them and heads down to the basement to see Bobby.

In the basement, Bobby tells Laura the bad news about the coke. She’s even more distressed that she can’t get her drugs. “What is the world coming to when you kill a guy for baby laxatives?” Bobby wants to be close to her but she doesn’t want to be with him like that (especially considering the events of the previous night). She just wants something to hold her over. “You don’t want me. You just want the blow. It’s okay, Bobby’s got it.” Bobby, you have Shelly anyway so don’t be too upset that Laura doesn’t really want you. Laura cries tears of joy now that she has her coke.

MP: Briggs continues to read as Bobby says goodbye to Laura. Bobby lights a cigarette and Briggs scolds him.

MP: Lucy calls to Harry that Catherine Martell reported a prowler outside her house. Lucy keeps on talking on the intercom about raccoons and Andy listens. She squeals in surprise when Harry walks by and the intercom goes off. Andy runs upstairs and Lucy goes to find him. They bump into each other and scream. So random and cute.

Laura drinks some little bottles of booze and does more coke in bed. She’s wearing this cute white corset outfit. She answers the phone and it’s James. He wants to see her. As they talk on the phone, she tries to put her stockings on and it’s a big struggle as the phone keeps falling upside.


I’ll meet you in 15 minutes. God, why did I say that? 15 minutes?”

I love this simple scene. It’s cute, I love the way it’s shot, we’ve all struggled with the phone like this before, and Laura’s butt looks very nice.

She pauses to look at her angel painting but the angel vanishes from it. Laura truly believes the angels have left her now. Maybe she can’t be saved.

MP: Leland/BOB gets home from work, and Laura hides in the bushes watching and waiting. But then James’ motorcycle engine sounds nearby. Leland/BOB seems to be looking right at her, even though she’s hiding. And then he goes into the house just in time for James to drive up and Laura to hop on and dash into the night. Leland/BOB watches her trough the window.

James and Laura have a heart-to-heart in the woods. Laura makes fun of James a lot. She slaps him, mocks him, flips him off. She even tells James that Bobby killed someone. (This may be why James was so scared of him when they were all in jail together, not just because Bobby liked to bark. But eh, I could be reading too much into it.) Laura claims to really love him; she’s ready to run away with him. But she knows she can’t escape BOB. He’ll find her. And then BOB would kill James or make her kill James. Or both, somehow.

“You don’t even know me. Donna doesn’t even know me. Your Laura disappeared. It’s just me now.”

She screams “I LOVE YOU, JAMES!” and runs off into the woods to meet Jacques, Ronette, and Leo. They all get drunk and high in the cabin. It drives me crazy how smeared their lipstick is the ENTIRE time. Laura’s even puts lipstick on at one point, just to smear it all with make-outs with these two creeps? Okay, sure. Jacques and Leo tie the girls up to have sex with them. Laura doesn’t like it. Ronette tries to help her but Leo overpowers her. Overall, this scene is gross, uncomfortable, and kind of horrific, which is basically the summary of Laura’s life now. But we always wondered what happened in the cabin and now we know.

Once he’s done with Laura, Jacques comes out and Leland/BOB knocks him out. Leo goes outside to see bloody Jacques and decides to skedaddle without untying Laura. Not before shouting at Ronette to SHUT UP first. Leo is garbage. Then, Leland/BOB ties up Laura and Ronette, leading them through the woods.

MP: The Log Lady is standing outside her home, hearing the screams in the distance and crying. She knows what’s happening but is powerless to stop it. Hey, everyone, this very tiny scene made me instantly cry when I watched it. I wish it had been included because it was extremely powerful mixed in with what is happening.

The One-Armed Man chases BOB, Laura, and Ronette through the woods, trying to catch up to help them. BOB takes them to the train car. Ronette cries and prays in the corner. BOB is prepping to take over Laura’s body. The MFAP is screaming and laughing with joy. But then the music and screams go away. An angel appears… but to Ronette. Laura knows that she’s been forsaken. Ronette is untied and opens the train car door. BOB knocks her out and throws her out of the door, shutting and locking it. The One-Armed Man is outside but can’t do anything more.


The ring appears on the floor of the train car. Laura sees it and is unbound. She puts it on, fully resigned to her fate. She will not let BOB inside her anymore. The ring will keep her safe, and she will force him to kill her instead. And he does, screaming in distress. It’s brutal and awful. Ugh. Bye again.

The One-Armed Man leaves. He has failed. BOB wraps Laura’s body in plastic and sets her into the water. He then returns to the clearing in the woods.

The red curtains part and Leland enters to see The One-Armed Man sitting with his Arm (MFAP) in the chair beside him. Leland floats in the air beside BOB.

“Bob, I want all my garmonbozia (pain and sorrow).” BOB sucks a bunch of blood out of Leland’s gut and splats it onto the floor of the Lodge. The MFAP eats garmonbozia up close. Gross. And then there’s a monkey because why not.

Similar to how the spirits of the Black Lodge thrive on fear, they also sustain themselves on pain and sorrow, which is what the garmonbozia represents. They literally feed on powerful negative feelings when they inhabit people or when they cause emotional turmoil on the people around them.

Finally, Pete opens the plastic and sees Laura’s face. And we’re back to where it all started.

Some Months Later

MP: Annie is wheeled into the ER. She’s in a daze. She has the ring on her finger. “My name is Annie. I’ve been with Laura and Dale. The good Dale is in the Lodge and he can’t leave.” As Annie doesn’t seem to be on this plane of existence, the nurse takes the ring from her finger and models with it in the mirror. And then she leaves. Where is the ring now?

MP: At the Black Lodge, Cooper comes out of the curtains and asks the MFAP:
“Where the ring?”
“Someone else has it now.”
“Annie? Annie. Where am I and how can I leave?”
“You are here. Now there is no place to go BUT HOME!”

MP: Harry and Doc hear the mirror break and go into the bathroom to help Cooper, who is in his How’s Annie freakout, the final scene from the finale. He lies on the ground, pretending like he fell in a daze.


I slipped and hit my head on the mirror. The glass broke when my head struck it. It struck me as funny, Harry. Do you understand me? It struck me as funny.”

This only makes me more terrified of what Dale/BOB will be.

In the final scene of the film, Laura is looking gorgeous as she sits in the Black Lodge. Cooper stands beside her with his hand on her shoulder. No words are spoken and everything is in a strange sort of slow motion. An angel appears. Laura is crying tears of joy because the angels have returned to her finally. She and Cooper are both so happy that she is finally free of her torment. She died to escape years of abuse, which was preparation for BOB to possess her and use her to do even more heinous things. But when she was ripe for the taking, she did not let BOB take her.

Laura is safe and happy with Cooper and her angel.

Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me

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