Stephanie Watches Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (Part 2)


Part 2: Laura Palmer 

Thursday – Seven Days Before

We get our first glimpse of the girl that started it all: Laura Palmer. She’s alive. Wrapped in 90s plaid and sweaters. She meets Donna – who is played by the adorable Moira Kelly since LFB thought this version was a little too scandalous for her tastes – and they walk to school together.

Missing Piece (MP): Bobby and Mike discuss the coke they got and all the money they owe Leo. They have a little argument, calling each other Sonny and Snake. I would have skipped this one but Sonny and Snake! I love it.

Laura gets to school and does some coke in the bathroom. As you do. She meets James in the locker room at school. I do not understand what all these chicks see in James. But I guess James is in love with her, and she’s using him for some sort of emotional fulfillment since he’s the only person not really using her for sex, I guess. But they end up boinking, anyway. This is clearly not the Twin Peaks you know because there is *gasp* NUDITY!

“Quit trying to hold on to me. I’m gone. Long gone, like a turkey in the corn.”
“You’re not a turkey. A turkey is of the dumbest birds in the world.”
“Gobble… gobble.”


When she’s done with James, Bobby confronts Laura outside the school, demanding to know where she’s been. “Standing right behind you but you’re too dumb to turn around.” After Laura tells him to get lost, Bobby warns her that he might not be around for her anymore. That terrifies Laura because he’s her coke supplier and boyfriend. She just smiles at him and puts him back in a good mood. And then he dances away. I love love love his stupid dance with the song, “A Real Indication” playing in the background. How is Bobby the popular cool guy? He’s SUCH a dork. If Laura was prom queen, does that mean Bobby was prom king?

Faster and faster. For a long time, you wouldn’t feel anything. And then you’d burst into fire. Forever… And the angels wouldn’t help you… Because they’ve all gone away.”

Laura goes home to write in her secret diary. But she discovers – much to her horror – that many of the pages she’s written about BOB have been ripped out. I love the overpowering ripping sound effect here.

MP: Sarah Palmer comes home with groceries, and Laura helps her by taking her cigarette. Laura says she has to go out and get some books from school. As Laura’s on her way out, Sarah reminds her she still has her cigarette. “You will never be a smoker if you don’t start. I mean it.” Whoops!

Laura speeds over to Harold’s and tells him about her discovery. She knows BOB did it, and she asks Harold to hide her diary for her in case he wants to steal more information from her. No one knows about Harold. He’s safe. And then she smooches him a bit. This is sadly the last time Harold saw Laura. And well, we know what happened to him. What a sad, sad life for that horticulturist.

BOB is real. He’s been having me since I was 12. And the diary was hidden too well. There is no other person who could have known where it was. He comes in through my window at night. He’s real. He’s getting to know me now. He speaks to me. He says he wants to be me or he’ll kill me…. Fire walk with me.”

MP: When Laura gets home, Sarah confronts her about where she really went. Laura lies more and says she had to see Bobby. “Oh, honey, you don’t have to lie to me ever. You can tell me anything. I will understand.” If only she could tell her mom the abuse she’s been suffering for years.

MP: Leland stomps into the dining room, pretending to be a lumberjack and shouts out silly things. Sarah and Laura are rolling their eyes about his ridiculousness, especially as he starts speaking Norwegian. He wants them to learn how to say hello, how are you, my name is Leland Palmer. “But my name isn’t Leland Palmer.” They all hold hands and speak the Norwegian phrases together and laugh a bunch. It’s incredibly cute and upsetting to see them acting as a normal family. I love seeing more interactions between them but it’s tragic when we know what’s coming in just a few days.

Friday – Six Days Before

Lately, I’ve been filled with the knowledge the killer will strike again. But because it is just a feeling, I am powerless to stop it. One more thing, Albert. When the next murder happens, you will help me solve it… She’s in high school. She is sexually active. She is using drugs. She’s crying out for help… She’s preparing a great abundance of food.”

At the Double R Diner, Norma asks Shelly to give Laura a hand with Meals on Wheels. Heidi (from the pilot and the finale) has a bloody nose so she can’t do it. While loading the meals into the car, Laura sees Mrs. Tremond and her grandson. They beckon her forward. She hands her a creepy photo of a doorway.

“This would look nice on your wall.”
“The man behind the mask is looking for the book with the pages torn out. He is going towards the hiding place. He is under the fan now.”

MP: Ed and Nadine come into the diner but Nadine runs out the moment she sees Norma. Ed, of course, leaves to chase after her. Shelly tells Norma what happened with Laura in the parking lot, and Norma suggests she do the Meals on Wheels run instead. She holds Norma’s hand for a moment, sensing her unease after the Ed and Nadine encounter. She’s worried about Leo stopping by and not believing she’s doing Meals on Wheels. Norma promises to take care of it. After Shelly leaves, Norma sits in a booth and cries. Ed comes in and apologizes for what happened. Norma smiles instantly upon seeing them, and they hold hands over the table. They promise to meet later, which gives her an ounce of hope. But it is fleeting as he leaves again and her tears resume. These two break my heart.


Laura runs home, strange photo in hand. She goes up to her room, the ominous ceiling fan spinning loudly in the background. As she slowly opens her door, she sees BOB sneaking around her hiding place. She runs out of the house in a panic and collapses by a nearby bush. And who should walk out of the front door? Her father, Leland Palmer. This is the FIRST TIME she’s ever known BOB’s true identity. Judging by her reaction, this may be the thing that really did her in. She was already on a terrible path using drugs and sex to dull the pain of her secret life, but I firmly believe this really seals it for her.

MP: Laura runs to Donna’s house and they have a really nice heart to heart. “I’m your friend no matter what you are.” Donna then confesses she’s thinking about doing it with Mike. Laura’s like, Uh, why? You don’t even like Mike! But Donna is trying to prove her coolness factor and claim it’s just about sex. And then we get a bunch of cute shit that I can’t believe was left out of the final cut.

“Do you want a muffin?”
“Donna, you are a muffin.”
Doc comes in and does a failed magic for the girls but shows his disappointment at Laura’s smoking. She shrugs it off. “I do love you, ya little smoking whippersnapper.”

Eileen brings the girls some huckleberry muffins. Doc has a piece of paper and he says it’s a message for Laura: “The angels will return and when you see the one that is meant to help you, you will weep with joy.” He kisses her hand. It’s a nice little moment.

Donna walks her out, “Goodbye, muffin.”
“No, you’re the muffin.”

As she walks away, she pauses and shouts, “Donna, you’re right! I’m the muffin!”

Laura gets home to confront her dad for the first time after knowing the truth. She very much does not want to talk to him and would prefer to hide in her room. But Leland gets real weird. First about Laura washing her hands, then about the best friend necklace she’s wearing. “Is it from a lover?” he asks. “They don’t call them lovers in high school, Leland,” Sarah says, attempting to defend her daughter.

Leland is especially concerned with the ring finger of her left hand. We know why, but it’s terrifying to see these signs so early. Sarah is stressed about what’s happening as he pinches Laura’s cheek almost violently, trying to make him stop harassing her. “Don’t do that, Leland. She doesn’t like that.” Sarah screams and Laura starts to cry. It’s such a contrast from the missing piece scene where they were a happy, laughing family. Laura gets up to wash her hands and sobs in the bathroom.

Later that night, Leland is still in a strange state but then he seems to come back to himself. He starts crying, realizing how strangely violent he was acting towards Laura. And he doesn’t even seem to know why. He goes to her room, back to being the regular dad she knows and loves, and apologizes for his strange behavior. “Laura, honey? I love you. I love you so much,” Leland tells her tearfully.

Laura looks at her angel painting as if for help but then she hangs the strange doorway painting from Mrs. Tremond. That night, she dreams that she goes through the door. Mrs. Tremond is waving her through to another door. She finds the grandson, who snaps his fingers and soon we see the familiar Black Lodge imagery. The Man From Another Place (MFAP) walks to the green ring on display. Dale comes out of the red curtains.

“This is the ring. Is it future or is it past? Do you know who I am? I am the Arm. And I sound like this.” Woowowowoo. He holds the ring up to Laura.

Cooper looks at Laura. He’s terrified. “Don’t take the ring, Laura.”

Laura’s in her bed. Her left arm is completely numb, which is interesting since Leland/BOB was favoring her left arm when he was harassing her that night. She turns over in her bed to see bloody Annie beside her, wearing Caroline’s flowery dress.


My name is Annie. I’ve been with Dale and Laura. The good Dale is in the Lodge and he can’t leave. Write it in your diary.”

She looks back, and Annie is gone but the ring is in her hand. Annie’s absence seems to terrify her more than her presence. Laura gets out of bed and opens her bedroom door. But then she sees herself in the painting, standing in the doorway. Suddenly, she wakes up in her bed again without the ring in her hand. She takes the picture down.

Saturday – Five Days Before

MP: As Laura climbs the stairs, she becomes hypnotized by the fan. BOB begins talking to her, perhaps in her head. He’s getting so close to her. She collapses against the wall, looking dazed. The corners of her mouth start very slowly pulling upward into a Cheshire-cat like smile. It’s extremely unsettling. BOB is trying to get inside during her weaker moments. But then Sarah calls to her, and she snaps out of it. She asks if Laura took her blue sweater. “Mom, what are you wearing?” She’s wearing the blue sweater. Sarah freaks out. “It’s happening again.” Well, isn’t that a familiar line!

Leo is cleaning the floor and yelling at Shelly. What else is new? She looks extremely unamused. “You’re gonna learn how to clean. It takes scrubbing, Shelly. There is no easy way. THIS IS WHERE WE LIVE, SHELLY.” God, he is the worst. (I do, however, love saying, “THIS IS WHERE WE LIVE, SOOKIE!” at my cat when she vomits on the carpet and I’m cleaning it up.) Shelly talks back to him and he grabs her arm hard, pulling her down and pushing her against the floor. “Don’t even think about going anywhere, I’m not finished with you.” Ugh, so glad you got tortured by Windom Earle and you’re tied to some weird tarantula trap in the middle of the woods for 25+ years.

Night falls. Laura is all dressed up, smoking and drinking her parents’ booze when Donna comes over. “If I had a nickel for every cigarette your mom smoked, I’d be dead.” I love this completely nonsensical line. Anyway, Laura heads to the Roadhouse without Donna and runs into the Log Lady. She puts her hand on Laura’s forehead.


When this kind of fire starts, it is very hard to put out. The tender boughs of innocence burn first, and the wind rises, and then all goodness is in jeopardy.”

Julee Cruise is singing at the Roadhouse in front of red curtains because of course she is. As Laura watches her, she grows more and more emotional. She cries at her booth and only cries harder when she sees Donna there, watching her. Two men approach her and offer her some money in exchange for sex. One of these dudes looks exactly like the lead singer of Nickelback, and I cannot unsee. Sorry not sorry, join me in that unseeing-ness now. She challenges Donna, who wants to party with her and makes out with Nickelback. “Okay, Donna. Let’s go.”

MP: Ed and Norma snuggle in the backseat of his truck. They giggle for a bit and listen to music before growing sadder about their bizarre lot in life, stuck in not-so-great relationships when they love each other.
“Do you think we’re lucky or just a terrible accident?”
“Sweetheart, I think we’re so lucky.”
“I think we’re one great big giant smashup.”

MP: Donna, Laura, and the two dudes drive to meet Jacques. This scene reminds me so much of Blue Velvet where poor bb Kyle MacLachlan was forced to deal with a bunch of rowdy people drinking and driving too fast. Donna is the same position, looking frightened and unsure as Nickelback speeds through winding roads. Donna also refuses to do coke, so Laura calls her a downer. Come on, Laura, don’t be a jerk.

Now, we’ve come to one of my FAVORITE scenes from the movie and songs from the series, “The Pink Room,” as we enter this strobe light party full of naked ladies that’s filmed so loud that everyone’s dialogue is subtitled. It’s all very hypnotizing. They all drink and do more drugs.


I’m not Jacques. I am the Great Went.”
“I am the Muffin.”
“I’m as blank as a fart.”
“Chug-a-lug, Donna.”

Hey, that muffin line sure makes a whole lot more sense with that whole muffin conversation from the MP.

Everyone’s dancing and removing articles of clothing. Donna finally lets loose although at first she’s shocked to see Laura, breasts out, getting felt up by a strange guy for money. It’s a bit too much at first. We go into Donna-vision as she swoops around the room, the image becoming blurrier and more erratic as the drugs take effect. (This is a nice filming touch.) Unfortunately, Nickelback uses this to his advantage. Donna even picks up Laura’s fallen shrug and ties it around her waist.

Ronette Pulaski shows up and Laura is happy to see her partner in crime.
“Ronette Pulaski. I have seen you since I was thrown out of One Eyed Jack’s.”
“What else did we do together? I remember.”
“Hey, the party twins. My high school sandwich. Let’s put some meat inside.” Ugh, Jacques. Stop.

Ronette gives us some plot-related info about Teresa Banks, who’s been dead for a year at this point. Apparently, she was planning to blackmail the person she was sleeping with. Jacques says, “She even asked me what your fathers looked like.” Laura is alarmed, given the new information about her father. Jacques suggests Laura and Ronette come to his cabin that Thursday. (NO, DON’T DO IT! DON’T GO THERE, LAURA!)

Soon, Ronette and Laura are getting pleasured under the table. Get it, girls. “Here we go again. Just like One Eyed Jack’s,” Ronette laughs. “Holy shit, is that Donna Hayward?” Donna’s shirt is off and now she’s fully exposed as Nickelback takes FULL advantage. This sobers up Laura immediately. She screams and screams, running over to her, trying to cover Donna up and push the guy away. She sees Donna wearing her shrug and it freaks her out even more. “Don’t wear my stuff. Don’t ever wear my things!”

Jacques carries Donna out as Laura follows after them sobbing and screaming. The party is over.

MP: The One-Armed Man meditates over a circle of candles. “Fire… walk… with…me.”

Stay tuned for the final part: Laura’s last four days…

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