Stephanie Watches Twin Peaks: 2.20 “The Path to the Black Lodge”


There are clues everywhere – all around us. But the puzzle maker is clever. The clues, although surrounding us, are somehow mistaken for something else. And the something else – the wrong interpretation of the clues – we call our world. Our world is a magical smoke screen. How should we interpret the happy song of the meadowlark, or the robust flavor of a wild strawberry?”

Poor stoner kid’s friend describes how he came to be trapped and killed inside a chess piece. Windom Earle tricked him, blahdy blah. But I wanted to point out that you might recognize this guy as Stanford from Sex and the City. I just thought that was funny since Cooper was interviewing him and Kyle MacLachlan went on to be Charlotte’s husband for a while. Anyway, Andy cries right along with this guy’s story, just like he did after they found Laura’s body. Cooper says, “He’s taken another pawn but he didn’t tell us his move. Windom Earle’s playing off the board.” Dun dun dun!

John Justice “Jack” Wheeler is stressed about not seeing Audrey before he takes off. His friend has been murdered so he has to rush off to Brazil right away. Unfortunately, Hawk intercepts Audrey before she sees him. Hawk also brings Donna and Shelly to the station. Cooper is worried that their lives are in danger. They all discuss the strange men they’ve encountered (the guy in the library, the trucker who gave Shelly a huge tip, the man with a present for Donna’s dad) – all who happen to be Windom Earle. Cooper wants them all to check in with Sheriff twice a day and be aware that they’re in danger. Eeek!


Major Briggs has been doing research about Project Bluebook, which is an alien investigation that turned to the Pacific Northwest forests. (MUCH more about this in the Secret History of Twin Peaks book if you’re so inclined.) Briggs has footage of Windom Earle ranting and raving about finding the Black Lodge. This rings a bell with Cooper.

Gentlemen, when Windom Earle arrived in Twin Peaks I assumed he had come for vengeance, for me. But I miscalculated. He has insinuated himself into the lives of people I care for. He has murdered innocents. He has engaged us in subterfuge and red herring. A fish I don’t particularly care for. But all of these acts are merely camouflage. He’s been after something else all along: the Black Lodge.”

Bobby finally admits that he’d been a jerk to Shelly. “You were pretty crummy,” she tells him. That’s putting it lightly. But seeing Shelly kissing Gordon sparked his jealousy brain but also made him realize he loves Shelly. I’m not convinced although I do love Bobby and think he is truly well meaning. But I’m watching you, Bobby! You were still treading dangerously close to Leo territory.

Lucy has decided to choose who she wants to be with in 24 hours. And she’s going to enter the Miss Twin Peaks contest so she can get some extra money for her baby.

Catherine and her brother get the box open… to reveal ANOTHER tiny box. Good grief.

Doc Hayward gives Ben Horne a checkup. There’s some extra tension, considering Doc knows he’s been trying to talk to Eileen a lot more. Ben claims that he just wants to do the right thing and give up the lies. But Doc just wants him to get over it. “There’s nothing good about ruining lives.” Donna finds her birth certificate with the name of her father blank. I WONDER WHAT THIS MYSTERY COULD BE!?!? I’ll never guess! I would complain about this “mystery” but it really is such a stereotypical soapy melodrama and it fits in so well with this world. 

Some old lady’s hand starts twitching. Cooper’s does the same. And so does Pete’s.

Back at the Great Northern, John Justice “Jack” Wheeler misses Audrey again when she gets back from the Sheriff’s office. Ben convinces her to enter the Miss Twin Peaks contest but she’s too distracted by Jack leaving. She rushes after him and finds Pete in the lobby talking to the wall, “Josie, I see your face.” (More evidence that Josie is part of the wood in the Great Northern perhaps? Or just crazy Pete?) Pete agrees to drive Audrey to the airport, and she makes it just in time! They confess their love ad smooch it up. She also confesses that she’s a virgin and wants him to make love to her. They do it in the jet. Get it, Audrey.


…And then Pete stands by. Maybe he offers a condom? Some refreshments? A snack? Either way, night has fallen and Audrey is finally done. Again, get it, girl. Audrey is sad that she and Jack never went fishing since they’d made plans to. “Love stinks,” she pouts. But Pete offers to take her fishing right then because PETE IS THE BEST CHARACTER. That is all. “Audrey, there are many cures for a broken heart. But nothing quite like a trout’s leap in the moonlight.”

While wandering the woods (as you do in Twin Peaks), Major Briggs gets shot with a dart by Windom Earle who is in a horse costume with Leo. I just… can’t with this dude.

Briggs is taken back to Windom’s cabin and is tortured for information about Owl Cave and the symbols. Windom injects Briggs with some truth serum. Briggs recalls the fishing trip with Cooper from many episodes ago and how he was taken away. He tells Windom that “There’s a time when Jupiter and Saturn meets.” Perhaps that is the key to getting to the Black Lodge? Windom discovers that the cave painting is an invitation and a map to the Black Lodge. Windom has found it! I’m not a huge fan of the Windom plot, but I do love Windom Earle’s joyful, maniacal laughter. And his many costumes.

Cooper invites Annie out dancing and the two share a cute little smooch at the diner, but it has an ominous air to it. While dancing together at the Great Northern, Annie tells him that she’s decided to enter the Miss Twin Peaks pageant. But everything goes dark except for the stage. Cooper has a vision of the Giant waving his arms and mouthing, “Nooooo!” The last time he saw the Giant, Maddy died. So, this is obviously troubling.

Then, we see a lot of empty spaces – the Sheriff’s station, the Great Northern, the parking lot at the Diner. And then a strange spot in the middle of the forest that lights up. A hand comes out as it from a black curtain. It’s BOB. He’s back. And then we see red curtains reflecting in a pool of oil.


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