Stephanie Watches Twin Peaks: 2.17 “Wounds and Scars”


“Sometimes – well, let’s say all times – things are changing. We are judged as human beings on how we treat our fellow human beings. How do you treat your fellow human beings? At night, just before sleep, as you lay by yourself in the dark, how do you feel about yourself? Are you proud of your behavior? Are you ashamed of your behavior? You know in your heart if you have hurt someone – you know. If you have hurt someone, don’t wait another day before making things right. The world could break apart with sadness in the meantime.”

Harry is very, very sad that his girlfriend turned into a nightstand drawer pull (and was also kind of a garbage human in general). He’s having a sad montage of memories and downing some whiskey at the Bookhouse. Hawk brings him some food courtesy of Norma.

Josie’s autopsy showed that she only weighed 65 pounds, which is super weird. Cooper chalks that up to the weird shit he saw when she was dying (BOB stealing her soul.). Cooper uncovers Josie’s felony past; that she was a criminal, a killer. I understand that he’s trying to make Harry feel better by telling him he was duped by a master duper, but Harry doesn’t want to hear anything. He yells at Cooper a lot. Please, please stop making Harry yell because I honestly can’t handle it. It’s too hilarious.

Catherine learns that Eckert and Josie will be buried next to one another. Eckert’s assistant has a gift for Catherine. It’s some sort of box.

John Justice “Jack” Wheeler serenades Audrey in a very shiny, sparkly scene while wearing a cowboy hat. I can’t deal with it. But at least it’s better than the James/Donna/Maddy “You and Me” song. But this leads to a very cute, flirty talk while they have a picnic by a lake. She even feeds him an apple! Shit’s getting real.

Norma’s nun sister Annie arrives. She starts working at the diner. Meanwhile, Norma encourages Shelly to enter the Miss Twin Peaks pageant. Windom is once again at the diner, this time dressed as a biker.

Cooper sits at the counter, reading a book about Tibet (of course), and Annie serves him a cup of coffee. Sparks fly! He notices that Annie has a scar on her wrist. Eep! Windom witnesses this exchange at the end of the counter. Ooh, someone Cooper cares about! He’s just gathering intel about the people closest to Cooper as a way to use it later.


Behind the scenes not-so-fun fact: It’s no coincidence that Billy Zane and Heather Graham show up as convenient new love interests for Audrey and Cooper. Behind the scenes, Kyle MacLachlan was dating Laura Flynn Boyle. Apparently, LFB was uncomfortable with the Cooper/Audrey romance due to the age difference, so she put the kibosh on it – and many assume this is because Sherilyn Fenn was getting more screen time than LFB. And then she might get intimate screen time with her boyfriend. It’s all very petty and silly. Especially since Heather Graham joined the show, and she is even younger than Sherilyn. So, these romances were more or less shoehorned in to appease LFB. It’s too bad because I really love Heather Graham’s character, so it sucks that this is her origin. But don’t worry, Donna doesn’t appear to be in Season 3 and many of the promo imagery features Audrey and Cooper together. So, we shall see if this long-awaited ship finally sails.

The Log Lady spots and touches the triangle scars on Major Briggs’s neck. She not only recognizes them, but she remembers them. The odd pair go see Cooper at the station. She has two mountain looking triangles on the back of her leg from when she was seven years old. Both discuss the call of the owl.

Windom spots Cooper’s next chess move in the paper and determines someone is helping Cooper with his chess plays. He is very angry and beats Leo with his flute. “Many people are going to regret this.”

Windom shows up to the Hayward house, and Donna lets him in thinking he’s a friend of her parents. He even gets a bit flirty with her. Blechhhh. Please stop. He even has a gift for Doc Hayward and leaves it with Donna. Donna reports the surprise visitor to her parents, but Doc Hayward explains that the man he knew by that name died. He knows it for certain since he’s the one who tried to save him.

Doc Hayward opens the gift box and it’s a chess piece. Wow, real original, Windom. WE GET IT, WINDOM, YOU LIKE CHESS.

The Haywards get another visitor that day: Ben Horne. He and Donna’s mom get very cozy, touchy-feely, and he whispers something in her ear. Alright, well, this is new!

Meanwhile, The Great Northern is hosting a fashion show to raise money for the pine weasel. Audrey organizes everything because she’s a boss ass biatch now. Lucy and Andy are even in the show. They bring out a real pine weasel and it attacks Dick, the host of the show. Well deserved, let’s be real. It escapes and causes mass hysteria throughout the Great northern. Everyone is screaming and flailing around. Someone knocks Audrey off the stage and John Justice “Jack” Wheeler catches her.


“Did you come for the fashion show?”
“No, I came for you.”

And then they SMOOOOOCH. That was smooth and cute. I appreciate it.

Drunk baby Harry eventually trashes the Bookhouse. He swings his gun around and doesn’t want anyone to help him. Dude, Josie wasn’t that great. She was kind of super lame and treated you like shit! Please, chill out. But I love Harry so much, so I’ll allow his ridiculous breakdown.

Cooper returns again to rescue Harry from himself. His anger soon turns to sadness, and Harry and Cooper hug it out. Harry cries on his shoulder. They put the drunk baby to sleep and he’ll be okay. Look at this beautiful look on Cooper’s face. True love.


“I’ve never seen him like this. It’s like taking a hike to your favorite spot and finding a hole where the lake used to be.”

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