Stephanie Watches Twin Peaks: 2.12 “The Black Widow”


Is a dog man’s best friend? I had a dog. The dog was large. It ate my garden, all the plants, and much earth. The dog ate so much earth it died. Its body went back to the earth. I have a memory of this dog. The memory is all that I have left of my dog. He was black – and white.”

Cooper has ditched his sharp FBI suit for plaid and flannel. A lot of people complain that this is where the show starts to veer off course. And it does a little bit. But I’m a sucker for that look. Cooper works it well. Yes, he does… Ahem. Anyway, Cooper is looking for a house in Twin Peaks. Given his suspension and new friends, he isn’t sure about leaving town anymore. He flips a coin and the coin ends up falling on a location: Dead Dog Farm. He and his realtor go look at the property, but it appears as though it’s been recently used for a meeting. A cocaine meeting! Or a drug deal, I guess is the more accepted term.

Holy shit, I forgot Molly Shannon was in this! She’s Little Nicky’s case manager. (I take notes as I watch the episode, and this note made me laugh, so I left it in.) Dick wants to know more about Little Nicky. The boy is already very attached to him since his parents were murdered. He’s even purchased them matching coats, which is pretty cute. Because now Dick is convinced that Little Nicky is the devil since he almost got crushed by a car when he was changing a tire.

Dougie Milford died on his wedding night. It seems that boning his young bride Lana killed him. What a way to go out! Lana is convinced that she’s cursed. Apparently, every man that’s she’s kissed or slept with since high school suffers terrible trauma from injury to death. (Hence the Black Widow title of this episode) Despite this danger, all the men of Twin Peaks are obsessed with her. Poor adorable Lucy is feeling rather put out.

A colonel looking for Major Briggs comes to see Cooper about his disappearance. The message Briggs showed Cooper several episodes ago was not sent from space where they usually track but transmitted from deep in the woods. Cooper mentions the White Lodge. The man bristles. That’s classified, of course.

Pete and Catherine pop champagne and celebrate their new success. Josie serves them dinner, which makes Pete uncomfortable since he loves Josie and she was always kind to him. But Catherine refuses to go easy on her since she had a hand in Andrew’s death (who is still alive, as we know), along with everything else she did to destroy and double-cross her. Honestly, she and Josie should be teaming up to take down Ben who double-crossed BOTH of them and used them against each other. Sigh.

Speaking of Ben, Bobby resumes his attempt to blackmail him with the drug deal tape. But Ben is moving beyond hot mess into volcanic craziness. But Ben gives Bobby a job: following Hank and taking photos of him. When he returns with his first set, Ben has set up a Civil War re-enactment table with mini action figures. He has also donned a Confederate jacket. Audrey listens in from her secret room next to his office.

Armed with her new information – and the photos – Audrey visits Cooper in his room. Cooper takes a look at the photos that show Hank, Jean Renault, Ernie, the Mountie making the coke deal. “You’ve done better than good. You may have saved my life.” Audrey is pleased as punch!

Denise visits Cooper, and Audrey is completely enamored with her. Not for the reasons everyone else is so fascinated by her:

tpep19_164“They have women agents?”
“More or less.”

She is so excited about this fact that she kisses Cooper on her way out of the room. She seems to have developed a new purpose. Perhaps becoming an FBI agent is her true calling.

Denise finds Ernie and gets him to confess to the coke deal, as well as name the others involved.

And finally, while Bobby and his mother are having a heart-to-heart, Major Briggs returns, clad in pilot gear. Where has he been?

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