Stephanie Watches Twin Peaks: 1×07 “Realization Time”


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yet there are those who open many eyes. Eyes are the mirror of the soul, someone has said. So we look closely at the eyes to see the nature of the soul. Sometimes when we see the eyes – those horrible times when we see the eyes, eyes that … that have no soul – then we know a darkness, then we wonder: where is the beauty? There is none if the eyes are soulless.”

I love the fancy “FBI” lettering on Coop’s jacket. Anyway. The show always picks up right where we left off, which is pretty helpful. Although with an added ominous moon and smoky waterfalls in the moonlight. Poor Audrey is just beside herself with trying to figure out how to get close to Coop. I think Laura’s death is affecting her deeper than she realizes, even if they weren’t that close. So she’s being just as reckless as Laura. Well, maybe not AS reckless as her, but she is definitely taking drastic steps to get close to Coop, thinking that if she can’t convince him she wants to help him with words, then being naked and crying in his bed might work best. But Coop is too good a guy to take advantage of someone, especially Audrey who he’s grown quite fond of. He obviously finds her very attractive, but he can’t get close to her like that. She’s too young, naive, vulnerable.

“When a man joins the bureau, he takes an oath to uphold certain values. Values that he’s sworn to live by. This is wrong, Audrey, we both know it….I like you very much. You’re beautiful, intelligent, desirable. You’re everything a man wants in his life. But what you need right now, more than anything else, is a friend. Someone who will listen.”

“Friends, huh?”

“Now I’m going to go down and get us two malts and some fries downstairs. Then, I want you to tell me all your troubles.”

“That could take all night.”

But, of course, Coop doesn’t mind. At the station the next morning, Andy and Lucy still having relationship troubles. She keeps shutting him out and he just doesn’t understand why. Sure, he’s a simpleton, but Lucy is giving him no explanation. But then she receives a call from what sounds like a doctor–and that’s confirmed when Coop asks her if she’s feeling better since she was out the day before. One could surmise that pushing Andy away and also having news from the doctor could mean an unexpected pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Doc Hayward and Harry are trying to get the Myna bird to speak up. But it’s too traumatized from its lack of care. They desperately need it to start squawking soon since it could give them some hints about Laura’s murder. And Coop has a new photo of evidence from the film reel found in Jacques’s cabin. It’s of Waldo on a blond’s –obviously Laura’s– shoulder. Coop then leaves his recorder with Waldo to see if he might say anything when he’s left alone since the device is voice activated.

“That’s our Waldo!”

“Now we know who and when, but we don’t know why.”

Although Shelly stood up for herself and shot Leo, she only got him in the arm. Now he’s staking out his own house and sees Bobby visiting Shelly and getting mighty friendly with her in the doorway. He has a sniper rifle trained on the door, ready for when he comes back out. Shelly is obviously not handing shooting Leo very well, rightfully assuming he will kill her for what she did. And Leo seems ready to, until Leo hears Lucy talking over his police scanning about how they now have a talking bird in their possession.

Audrey seems to be feeling better after ice cream and chats with Coop, working the perfume counter at her father’s store and pissing off old ladies with supremely unhelpful advice. Her confidence has been restored and she now gives zero fucks, returning to her sassy and naive nature. When she overhears her boss asking her coworker Jenny to come by for a chat, she gets to the office before they do and hides in the closet. He gives Jenny a crystal unicorn and starts talking about “the club” and how she needs to continue working there because not many girls qualify…and, you know, it’s totally up to her what she wants to do. She could be a hospitality girl (aka prostitute!)…a lucrative opportunity, naturally. Blechhh. He likely gave the same speech to both Laura and Ronette. He then gives Jenny a card that has the contact information for a “Black Rose.”

Back at the perfume counter, Audrey pretends like she also got a crystal unicorn (after swiping the one Jenny left in the office–she should really be an undercover cop, this one) and also works as hostess at this same “club.” She bamboozles innocent Jenny into giving her the number for Black Rose and her ploy continues.


Coop and Harry visit the Double R diner. Harry gives Hank a nice talking to about how he better watch himself since he’s just on parole. He’s not a free man yet. Hank is unperturbed by the warning since he’s scammin’ on Harry’s lady on the side. What a douche. Just leave these nice folks be, man. Coop can see that Harry is a little annoyed, so he suggests they take a load off and have a cup of coffee.

Harry, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it, don’t wait for it, just let it happen….It could be a new shirt at the men store, a catnap in your office chair or … two cups of good hot black coffee. Like this.”

That is one of my favorite quotes. I have it hanging in my kitchen, actually. Anyway…

The other three sleuths, Donna, James, and Maddy listen to the tape Maddy found in Laura’s bedpost of her recording for Dr. Jacobi.

“What’s up, doc? Just a few words before I go to sleep. I feel like I’m going to dream tonight. Big bad ones, you know? The kind you like. It’s easier talking into the recorder. I guess I feel I can say anything. All my secrets. The naked ones. I know you like those, doc. I know you like me, too. That’ll be my little secret, okay? Just like your coconut. Why is it so easy to make men like me? And I don’t even have to try very hard. Maybe … if it was harder…”

Among the other tapes, they find an empty cassette case from the night Laura died, figuring Jacobi must have it. And a pretty ridiculous plan develops.

Maddy sneaks out of the house to meet James and Donna that night. Leland is sitting on the couch in the dark and sees her leave. Maddy approaches James wearing a blond wig and it really seems as though Laura has come back to life. (Weird since she’s the same actress, herp derp! Ha.) Even her theme music plays. Maddy calls Jacobi pretending to be Laura, even using her “What’s up, Doc?” phrase.

He’s not buying it, but then she tells him to go to the door. He finds a video tape and upon playing it, he sees (who he thinks is) Laura holding today’s newspaper. Bobbi, however, is passing by and sees the detective trio with Maddy disguised as Laura. But then there’s someone even behind Bobbi, watching Bobbi watching “Laura.” And breathing very heavily. Jacobi rushes out to meet “Laura” and James/Donna sneak into his apartment to search for the missing cassette tape. Bobbi thinks he’s super cool and clever and put some sand in James’s gas tank. Good one, bro.

Harry is concerned about Josie and goes to the home she shares with the Martells. Pete Martell is being his usual doofus self and showing his fish off to Harry, who is clearly there to see Josie. He asks her why she was at the hotel the other day. She confesses that she took pictures of Ben Horne and Catherine Martell together to find proof that they are trying to take the Mill away from her. Harry relays this information to Coop and he agrees to look into it, even if he might be suspicious of Josie. But if Harry loves her, that’s good enough reason for him! They are just such best buds at this point. *heart eyes*

But now the Bookhouse Boys + Coop are readying for their mission to One Eyed Jacks. Coop is dressed in a tuxedo with his hair slicked back to perfection, making me swoon a whole heck of a lot. He’s also pretty stoked that he’s got $10,000 from the bureau ready to burn on the Black Jack table. But they’re all pretty recognizable in the small town of Twin Peaks, so Coop offers up his briefcase full of mustaches and wigs so they can disguise themselves for the trip. I’m extremely amused that he just has one of these on hand.

“Oral surgeons, Harry. Big spenders vacationing among the firs!”

Audrey comes looking for him, but he’s already left. So, she slips a note under his door.

Before the boys can head out, Waldo starts saying, “Laura? Laura?” But a shot rings out through the station. By none other than Leo, of course. The cops rush into the room to see Waldo dead. “Poor Waldo.” They play the full recording:

Laura? Laura? Don’t go there. Hurting me, hurting me. Stop it! Stop it! Leo, no! Leo, no!”

There’s not much they can do at this point, except have confirmation that Leo was definitely there that night. Now to track down Jacques… They arrive at One Eyed Jacks and Big Ed looks frickin’ ridiculous with his giant wig and porn ‘stache. Coop’s disguise is simply a pair of glasses. SO INCOGNITO. Blackie, Ben Horne’s brothel buddy, approaches them. Big Ed gets his flirtin’ on to a hilarious degree and they head out to gamble and get a lay of the land.

coopbigeddisguiseLook at these dorks. I love it.

Audrey goes to One Eyed Jacks to apply for a position, so she can find out even more about Laura. She is so determined to help Coop that she’s now going into some pretty dangerous territory. During the interview, where Audrey is using a fake name and resume, Blackie isn’t having any of her lies. But then… Audrey ties a cherry stem with her tongue. SOLD. It’s kind of painful that she’s looking so hard for Coop and he’s RIGHT THERE. Argh!

Coop is killin’ it at the Black Jack table and then the dealer changes. BAM! It’s Jacques Renault.

Other things:

  • Nadine is super depressed that her drape runner patent was rejected. Big Ed tries and fails to comfort her, again and again. But she’s got her bon-bons and “Invitation to Love” to keep her company.
  • Ben Horne weirdly eating ice cream and conducting the singing Icelanders.
  • Josie tries to take a life insurance policy out on Catherine. But her lawyer ruins the surprise.
  • Ben is annoyed that his cousin hasn’t gotten the Icelanders to sign. Then he calls Josie, clearly double-crossing Catherine. He wants Catherine at the Mill when he sends Leo to burn it down, hence the sudden life insurance policy.
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