Stephanie Watches The X-Files: “My Struggle II”


This episode is a direct continuation of My Struggle. For this opening, we get a Scully summary that fills me with…well, feels. Scully has had quite the tragic nine years in the X-Files with losing two biological children (one dying, the other adopted for his protection), being abducted who knows how many times, and battling cancer that nearly killed her. And although her faith and long-held belief system had been tested, she is finally a believer in the overarching government conspiracy. Granted, I believe she has been for quite some time, given her testimony in the season 9 finale. But this episode is her struggle to find the truth, while the first episode was Mulder’s. She is finishing what he started.

Mulder is nowhere to be found, but Tad O’Malley is back with his conspiracy-mongering show, saying he has evidence of alien DNA present in every person. He calls Scully and tells her to get to Mulder’s apartment, which is completely disheveled, as though a fight broke out.

Back at the office, Scully presents her and Tad’s findings to Skinner and wannabe Scully Agent Einstein, who thinks she’s craycray. Skinner is like, girl, you don’t question Scully. (Sad for the lack of Skinner in the revival. More Skinner next time, please!)

Sidebar: I’m not a huge fan of these new agents. Einstein grew on me a bit throughout this episode since she wasn’t quite so manic, but Miller is pretty boring. I appreciate him caring about Mulder and Scully, but that’s about it. I would have preferred we just get Reyes and Doggett back to help Mulder and Scully out, especially since they really grew on me in the latter seasons. These two agents might grow on me if/when we get more episodes, but so far, I’m a bit meh on them.

Anyway, since Scully had tested her own DNA in the first episode, she knows it’s possible that alien DNA could very well be lurking in other people. But how did it get there? She reasons that it could have been put there… Perhaps through a standard vaccine that every child gets or passed down hereditarily. She explains to Einstein – while taking her blood to see if she has alien DNA – that after sequencing her genome, she found an anomaly of the alien DNA being present.

At the hospital, Scully and Einstein encounter a man that has developed anthrax. She learns he’s military and explains that soldiers are given anthrax vaccines, but now, with everyone suddenly having compromised immune systems, the vaccines are attacking their systems.

Meanwhile, Mulder is all beat up and driving to who knows where and ignoring Skinner’s and Scully’s calls. Rude. But Miller is looking up Tad O’Malley footage on Mulder’s computer (where he explains that soldiers everywhere are breaking out in anthrax) and finds a handy-dandy phone locator program for Mulder.

Scully gets a phone call that is very obviously Monica Reyes. Dont’cha recognize her voice, Sculls?


The two meet up and Monica tells Scully what she’s been up to the last several years. (Yo, what about Doggett!?) She left the FBI due to forces outside of her control. After being badly burned in the explosion at the end of season 9, Cigarette Smoking Man has an offer for Monica — one that left her little choice otherwise, being that he’s basically the most powerful dude in the world. He threatened that he could kill everyone on the planet, except a few select chosen people, by tampering with their DNA through science acquired in the 1950s and given to them by an alien race. “They won’t know what hit them, their fates have been sealed since birth,” CSM says.

Scully is appalled that she’s spending her life with CSM, but Monica came to tell her that Scully is one of the chosen, as she is. And there’s nothing either of them can do to stop what’s been in motion by CSM since 2012. But all Scully can think is: what about Mulder? As we all are.

I saw Monica getting a lot of hate for supposedly being on the CSM’s side, but she’s not on his side! He was going to kill her if she didn’t help him. And at least this way, she had the inside information and was able to give it to Scully, even if it might have been a tad too late. But I imagine she’s living her life more as a captive under CSM’s thumb rather than a completely free woman. I mean, he’s making her stick a cigarette in his throat hole. No free person wants to do that, not even for someone they like.

Mulder finally shows up at CSM’s home. “You sent for me. Now I’m here,” he says. But CSM just wants to save Mulder’s life while he depopulates the earth. What a nice dad! He’s offering him the cure, but Mulder is as stubborn as ever and refuses to accept help from the man that changed/ruined all the good things in his life. Also, to prove he is basically immortal at this point to Mulder, CSM takes off half of his face to show he has no nose. PUT IT BACK. Yikes.

Immunity to common germs is breaking down throughout the country, hospitals are filling up, and the government is shooting things into the air and using radiation in specific cities to trigger contagions in the air. CSM is calling it the Spartan virus, which basically just encapsulates all the terrible viruses in the world.

“Alien DNA is what I have and alien DNA is all that can save us,” Scully tells Einstein, hoping to use her own DNA to create a vaccine to start saving people. Everyone is succumbing to the Spartan virus: Tad O’Malley, Einstein, the cute doctor that is always helping Scully at the hospital, Miller, Mulder.

Miller finds Mulder at CSM’s house. “Before he dies, tell him goodbye for me,” CSM tells Miller before they drive back towards Washington D.C. Scully gives Einstein the vaccine and rushes out to meet Miller so she can give it to Mulder.

He saved your life. Old Smokey. I guess I should thank him…”

But apparently Mulder is too sick for just the vaccine? And now suddenly he needs William’s stem cells to heal??? I wish I could find out what the heck is happening but an alien spaceship appears over Scully, Mulder, and Miller and the episode ends before we can find out.

Wouldn’t it be funny if the show returns and the spaceship just blows them all up? That would be rude, but kind of hilarious. David Duchovny says “The Truth is on Hiatus,” so I’m going to take that to mean that this will not be the end. There is always more to come. More truth out there. 😉

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