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Since I watch so many shows, I can’t really dedicate detailed reviews to all of them or you would really get sick of me! But since I will definitely be watching The Crazy Ones every week due to my undying devotion to Sarah Michelle Gellar, I think I will do a longer review for her show and maybe a weekly round-up for all the other shows I watch. Maybe on Saturday or Sunday. So I’ll do a big Sunday through Saturday TV show round-up every week. (Trying to formulate a schedule here for my own sanity and so you know when to check back.) Sound good? Okay! Onto the actual post!

This episode, entitled “The Spectacular,” was a huge increase in quality for me from the pilot. Like I said, pilots are usually shaky and I had already seen most of the footage from it, so I knew what to expect. The second episode, however, increased the comedy value and all the characters stepped up their game.

Zach is clearly the loveable, but arrogant ladies man with some daddy issues, while Andrew is the shy, unsure of himself guy (also loveable!) with some daddy issues. Both ripe for great scenes with Robin Williams. It all starts with Andrew’s jealousy over Zach receiving a leather jacket from a photoshoot, even though Andrew had been there too. But Zach “looks better in it” and he just can’t help it! Feeling some sort of emotion similar to compassion, however, Zach wants to help Andrew feel more included. Simon, having taken on some ducklings because they’ve lost their mother, much to Sydney’s annoyance, tasks Andrew with their care, which includes using a brush to wipe their teeny tiny bums. Simon is so impressed with Andrew’s care that he ditches lunch with Zach to spend time with Andrew and the ducklings. Zach begins to feel a strange emotion. Is it jealousy? Yes, Zach, it’s just jealousy!

The main problem in the episode lies with Sydney. A Chicago coffee shop known as Windy City Coffee (which does not actually exist here in Chicago, FYI) wants her to come up with a more interesting pitch than the standard, reliable one. But Syd is more of a safe Peggy, while Simon is always the Don with his exciting ideas. (I swear the Mad Men references will eventually stop, but it’s hard with Bob Benson there!) She and Simon have a lot of penis pun riff exchanges, which not only cracked me up, but seemed to inspire her to try something “spectacular!” Sydney stays up working all night on an idea–complete with adorably disheveled and frazzled hair and giant, comfy boots I would like to steal–that there will be a giant coffee pot in the middle of Daley Plaza that pours coffee into a giant coffee cup, all with the Windy City Coffee logo.

What they didn’t count on was the actual Windy City being true to its name and her idea turns into a catastrophe when coffee starts raining and splashing on the spectators. People scream bloody murder and trip over each other as they run, similar to a scene from any zombie outbreak. Sydney is devastated that her idea fails. Simon cheers her up with a flashback of how he destroyed a pond back in the 80s with a candy disaster and more silly candy puns. They end up turning the news footage of the disastrous coffee rain to their advantage, pitching a new idea to the coffee owners, with the phrase “Dangerously Good.” All has been saved!

The ducklings are ready to be released back into the wild as Simon has cleaned up the once destroyed pond. Andrew cuts the red tape, literally, on the ducklings enclosure, but they’ve grown so attached to him that he has to get into the pond himself for them to go back to the wild. The last scene is too adorable as he swims in the pond with the ducklings, helping them acclimate to their natural habitat.

As I said earlier, this episode was MUCH better. My only annoyance was that, being a Chicago resident and living in the city, they were clearly not filming their scene in the Daley Plaza. I appreciate the exterior shots of the city, but the background, aside from their super-imposed red sculpture, took me out of the scene because I knew they weren’t really in the plaza. I know SMG needs to film in the same city as her children and that’s fine and dandy, but if they’re doing a scene in such a well known location, I wish they would do it here. Maybe if their budget increases?

Anyway, I’m already looking forward to next week’s episode “Bad Dad.”

In other news that is related to The Crazy Ones, Sarah Michelle Gellar FINALLY got a twitter account to help promote the show. Go follow her: @RealSMG! If you do, you’ll get to see amazing tweets that make you want to cry, like this:


I’ve had some great luck with either exchanging a few words with or being retweeted by a few of my favorite celebs, but having her respond to me or retweet me would be my greatest achievement. I would probably cry. Or at least scream. Are you sensing a pattern of my insanity here? Good.

‘Til next time!


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