Stephanie Watches The Crazy Ones: 1×17 “Heavy Meddling”


Finally, Sydney is gettin’ some action. Unfortunately, it’s moving a little too quickly, considering the guy she made the hanky panky with got kicked out of the place he was crashing and is now crashing with her–after only knowing her for a night!

It’s now been a week and Sydney is still adjusting to Owen’s presence. She doesn’t want to give away that she is an actual human with bodily functions who enjoys ridiculously messy food. So, she’s been eating a lot of salad around this guy and sneaking off to the tobacco store to use the bathroom.

And despite work being the only place where she can be her messy self, Simon meddles and hires Owen to be a photographer. Now she has to be on guard 24/7. She resorts to being nice to crappy employees and eating giant cupcakes in a storage closet.

Unable to take it anymore, Sydney cracks under her lack of greasy food in her body and comes clean with Owen. He also admits to all of his crazy issues, like being terrified of babies.

And with Simon doing a campaign with babies, he figures this is the perfect opportunity to test Owen…and MEDDLE.

After a freakout, Sydney realizes he probably isn’t right for her and they break up. And she also kicks him out of her apartment. Simon and Sydney have a heart-to-heart and the camera drifts over to Andrew suggestively. We get it, they’re gonna hook up or maybe profress their love by the end of the season. (Five episodes left, by the way!)

Buuut….I still really want the hot vet guy. Seriously, why introduce someone cute and flirty if you’re not going to go through with it? I’m beating a dead horse, I know. Oh well.

 Sure, I’d love to have grandkids one day. But what I really wanted was for you to have it all.

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