Stephanie Watches The Crazy Ones: 1×16 “Zach Mitzvah”

In order to gain the business of a hotel chain, Simon agrees to host a bar-mitzvah for the client’s son. In Zach’s previous life, he was a bar mitzvah MC, so he agrees to help out and do it again for the sake of Simon.

The office is transformed into a Chicago-themed (not the musical) glittering, upscale party. And everything is going swimmingly until the singer shows up: the only girl who ever broke Zach’s heart. After a few embarrassing encounters in which Zach tries to get her to tell him why they broke up (to which she explains that she simply didn’t love him), Zach gets over his love loss and saves the party by letting the kid perform the actual Chicago musical, resulting in some uber-cheesiness.

By making her kid happy, the client agrees to let Simon take her on as a client.

Meanwhile at the party, a cute guy starts flirting with Sydney. She returns the advances until she realizes he’s a waiter working at the party. She spends the rest of the evening trying to prove she’s not a snob and ends up making out with the guy…a lot.

I assume we will see more of him in episodes to come, especially with the return of Josh Groban’s character soon. But still…what happened to cute neighbor veterinarian guy!?

Also, in case you missed it, Sarah Michelle Gellar did a Reddit AMA. And it was perfect.

“…My makeup artist had made a special stake for me with a little bottle of holy water, and to this day I keep it by my bed.”

She also settled the age-old debate. Angel or Spike?

Angel. Always.

Good choice, Sarah.

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