Stephanie Watches Orphan Black: 5.08 “Guillotines Decide”

Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy)

Where to even begin? I suppose I’ll start where we left off — Rachel’s cut out her Neolution eye with the broken stem of her martini glass in the most badass, horrifying scene ever. But she’s bleeding out with few allies left. Who shows up to aid her? Ferdinand. She’s treated, her eye is sewn up, and she’s put to bed. How did Ferdinand know to show up right on time? Well, as we find out, he’s been Siobhan’s informant the whole time.

Sarah, however, is still in the dark and her suspicions are on the rise. But Felix and Adele have returned from their trek to Switzerland to follow Neolution’s money trail with the perfect distraction: Felix’s art show! As we’ve seen since the beginning, Felix has an affinity for painting his sestras, so now he finally gets the chance to showcase them for a famous art dealer.  Siobhan thinks it’s a great idea for everyone to take a break and enjoy themselves for awhile since Neolution is in disarray.

But Siobhan really just wants her suspicious daughter to stop fussing and trying to figure out her plans. As Siobhan heads out to get some flowers for Felix’s show, Sarah chases after her demanding to know more. Sarah says “mum” all frustrated but it comes out like “MAAAM,” and it’s very cute. Sarah is, of course, correct as Siobhan goes to meet with Delphine, Ferdinand, and Rachel for next steps in their plan to take down Neolution.

Both Siobhan and Delphine are loathed to have been working with MK’s murderer, but it was the only way to get to the bottom of the puzzle — and Ferdinand turned out to be the key to getting close to Rachel. Siobhan and Delphine have collected a ton of evidence, but they need Rachel for all the really deep secrets. Since she was CEO of DYAD and now is very invested in taking down PT specifically for all his creepy spying and lying, Siobhan wants to take a gamble on her ties to her nature versus her nurture.

Neo’s big plan is for the 1% to get some genetically altered babies using Kira’s LIN28A mutation, while Coady’s piece of the puzzle will be to sterilize women throughout the world – thus creating a world of genetic perfection in PT & Coady’s minds. Not cool.


Siobhan wants to expose Neolution to the world while Ferdinand has other plans. He wants to exploit the remaining Neo board members and get them to pay off him and Rachel for what they know. With the money, they could have a dynasty and become even more powerful… Rachel suggests she and Ferdinand run off together, take the sizable nest egg she’s accrued, and live their lives in peace far away from everything. After everything this world has taken from her, she really wants to give it all up. She says this in earnest, tears sparkling her eyes.Ferdinand is too greedy, however. And that is the beginning of his downfall.  I believe she really wanted to run off into the sunset with Ferdinand and forget about everything else. She believes he’s the only person that ever truly loved her. And he’s the last one left to fail her.

Meanwhile, Gracie returned to find Helena for Mark and Coady. She even lies to Helena, claiming Mark is dead and she has nowhere else left to go. After Helena showing her kindness, Gracie changes her mind about giving Helena up. But Coady suspects she was lying and sends Neo Bitch Cop after her. I was not a fan of Gracie after her shenanigans in season 3 but damn, girl didn’t deserve to be put down execution style in front of Helena. So, now Helena is en route to Coady. More on that next episode…

Felix’s art show does not disappoint. He’s decked out his home with all his sestra portraits. Hellwizard is spinning, Donnie is bartending, and the important gallery owners are in attendance. When there seems to be a lull, Alison gets a great idea: use the sestras for a clone swap to represent all the portraits in living form.

Alison is the first up: Hestia, goddess of hearth and home. She speaks to the gallery owners about how she lives in Bailey Downs with her husband. “No alcohol for me! I have to drive the soccer bus!” This line delivery cracks me up every time.

When Cosima switches out with her, Felix announces her as Metis, goddess of wisdom and deep thought. She isn’t sure what to do with all eyes on her, so she dances on a portrait of Rachel on the floor. Delphine is also there to join the fun and do tequila shots with Felix and Donnie. She even buys Felix’s portrait of Cosima.

Sarah arrives on a rampage after Adele “spilled some beans” about S working with Ferdinand. But there’s little time to dwell as Felix introduces her to the crowd: Athena, goddess of war. She throws up some punk ‘fuck you’s to the audience. She’s the most resistant at first and we get a cute “Play along or I’ll kill you” from Felix. Very brotherly.

When Siobhan finally appears with flowers for Felix, Sarah bombards her. S explains that she had to keep Sarah in the dark because she knew she couldn’t stomach working with Ferdinand but S did what she had to do. Now they have Rachel’s cooperation and everything is falling into place. This puts Sarah at ease knowing all that S did for her and her sisters and knowing that it’s almost over. Art is even at the show, and he and Sarah share a tender moment as they look at Felix’s Beth portrait. (While I watched this episode the first time, I texted my friend: “Ohhh no, I can’t handle Beth feels on top of all this other shit that’s going on!” Hahaha.)

Felix greets his audience, pulling Sarah on stage as his original muse. Siobhan films them with her phone like a proper proud mum. Until Felix pulls her on stage. And Sarah pulls Adele. And then I was just a sobbing mess as Felix gave his speech.


My sister and I are orphans, you see, and we could’ve ended up anywhere. We could’ve ended up in any family. And if we had, we would’ve ended up being entirely different people. But my mom, Siobhan, this woman — she chose us as her own. We are who we are because she carried two little London urchins on her wings to Canada. Watching her raise my sister, watching my sister raise her own daughter, finding my biological sister, it’s quite mad. It’s taught me that we are all mysterious works of chance. Of choice. Of nature versus nurture. So, to my galaxy of women — thank you for the nurture.”

While all this lovely stuff is happening, Ferdinand is meeting with the board only to discover that Rachel and Siobhan double crossed him. Not only that, Cosima and Delphine have submitted all the information to the impacted countries as well as to S’s journalist friends. Cosima breaks down after they hit submit, which was likely a huge feeling of relief that all the horrible, hard work they’d done for a year was finally coming to a close. (Yeah, folks, it’s only been… like a year since Sarah watched Beth step off that train platform.)

Now, Ferdinand has no information to use against them. Rachel had hoped the board would kill him but Ferdinand shoots the armed guards instead. He goes back to her, threatens her, says some horrible daddy-issues related shit, and tries to choke the life out of her. “I told you what I wanted, you chose not to listen.” God, Ferdinand, you’re such an idiot. You could have ridden off with Rachel into the sunset but ever since MK stole your money in season 4, you’ve become a weak POS because you think it emasculated you. Money does not equal power and it certainly doesn’t make Rachel love you any more or any less.

He, thankfully, does not kill Rachel and goes off to find Siobhan. Rachel calls S to warn her that he might be after her. Siobhan sees that Sarah is smiling, Felix has a new man in his life, and everyone she cares about is happy, so she goes to deal with this situation.

Siobhan thought it might come to this, so she prepared. She prepared to be the final contact with Ferdinand in case the board failed to kill him. When she arrives home, Ferdinand has ransacked the living room looking for Rachel’s information but found nothing. They have a standoff, as they’ve had many times in the past. But this time, I wish Siobhan would have just shot him right then and there. There was no reasoning with a man who blamed Siobahn for swaying Rachel away from him. “She just wasn’t that into you,” S says.

Unfortunately, Ferdinand has taken one of her hidden guns and shoots her before she has a chance to get one of her hidden guns. He gets her in the heart, and she collapses into a chair. She asks for the picture of Sarah and Felix on the mantle since she’s likely going to die. While Ferdinand is distracted, she sneakily pulls the gun out from under the chair’s cushion and shoots Ferdinand in the throat. “That’s enough lip out of you.”

Siobhan says some more sassy things while she watches Ferdinand gurgle and die in front of her. She picks up the picture of Sarah and Felix and looks at it lovingly as she fades away.




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