Stephanie Watches Orphan Black: 5.02 “Clutch of Greed”


Is Sarah Manning finally ready to behave?”

Hell no! Sarah wakes up in DYAD scrubs, back in her prison cell at DYAD from many seasons ago. She’s ready to fight Rachel after everything that happened on the island. But with a video from Art and Alison at the Hendrix house and Cosima at Revival, they encourage her to take the truce. Cosima pushes the idea further when she reports that Rachel administered her cure and that her new treatment trial is underway. But Sarah is still not fully convinced.

Rachel wants to study Kira at DYAD with Sarah’s full permission. Kira would come to DYAD regularly for low-impact, noninvasive testing, then go home with Sarah. There would be no imprisoning. Kira would still belong to Sarah. Rachel and Mrs. S have even registered Kira back at school. It sounds too good to be true, right?

We want a change. An end to this war… Mr. Westmoreland put me in charge. Everything is different now. He’s real. And God willing Cosima’s cure works, it’s in all our best interests.”

Well, after witnessing Susan bleeding to death and getting the shite beat out of her, Sarah doesn’t trust Rachel for a second. And it seems neither does Siobhan or Felix. Ferdinand drops them off at home and promises everything will go according to plan if Rachel is the one to pick Kira up from school at the end of the day for her first round of testing. But S and Felix are jumping into action with Sarah to figure out a plan to get Kira out of this.

Felix: “Who do you think invented sneaking out of this house?
Sarah: “I did!”
S: [laughs] “You did, actually.”

Let’s enjoy this pleasant moment because happy times are fleeting in this terrifying world now. Sarah takes Kira to school and notices how intensely she’s being watched by Neos. Let’s appreciate her adorable outfit (that you bet your ass I’ll be rocking ASAP), even if she’s limping around on crutches. Back at home, Sarah’s chasing her pain pills with whiskey, which none of us can fault her for at this point. Felix Skypes from his loft — with MK!


Unfortunately, little Mika is very sick. She’s at season 2 Cosima level right now a.k.a. very bad. But now there’s the potential for a cure, so maybe not all hope is lost. MK is going to help Sarah get Kira out of dodge and then they’re going to get her to Cosima on the island.

MK, you’re with us now. And there’s nobody who can help you more than us as to Cosima.”

If Sarah goes through with this, she and Kira can never come back. It’s the end of the line. “Let’s go kidnap my daughter.”


Helena is with Donnie in the hospital for “stick in baby.” When she arrived, they discovered one of the twins had a puncture wound in his chest.

The neonatal specialist comes to perform another ultrasound. The word “Neo” alarms Helena instantly. Donnie’s quick to calm her down. Not that kind of Neo, Helena. The nurse is very confused at this point. But with the ultrasound, they discover that the baby’s chest injury is already healed. So, Helena has miracle babies just like Kira!

Unfortunately, the doctor wants to potentially perform a C-section but Helena believes they are too young. So, the doctor settles on a cat scan and removing some of the amniotic fluid. Helena doesn’t want any Neos taking her babies DNA from the amniotic fluid. She tells Donnie she will be leaving before that happens.

On the pain of your juicy heart devoured by Baba Yaga, only Sarah can know where I hide.”

So, Helena hits the doctor and stabs the giant needle through her face. Eeek! And then she escapes, her cute little booty poking through the back of her gown. Donnie also uses this as his chance to escape the police questioning for why his wife had a tree branch stuck in her pregnant belly. Everyone needs to run off like Donnie. He escapes better than any of the clones.


At Revival, Cosima is looking after Charlotte, which is adorable. They’re eating lunch together and both get a portion of vitamins. Cosima suggests they don’t take those, just in case. The infamous PT Westmoreland asks to meet with Cosima, so we finally meet the mysterious creator. And he discusses the results of the cure she’s developed. It’s all trending positive! Yay!!!!!!! She really developed a cure.


He looks pretty good for 170. PT has the results of Cosima’s cure since Rachel administered it. And.. it’s all trending positive! Yay! She really and truly developed a cure. She can save all of her sisters now.

Because of this breakthrough, after Cosima cures her sisters and Charlotte, PT wants her to continue her work. But she has no interest in being a part of this weird-ass commune.

Sarah & MK & Rachel

Rachel is trying to experience some transcendental meditation with Ferdinand likely to deepen their connection or even enhance their sex life. PT Westmoreland has given her a purpose finally, and she wants to share this joy and purpose with Ferdinand. However, Ferdinand is not buying it, mainly because he won’t hit her like in their past sexual encounters. They were all about pain and suffering, but Rachel has risen above that. She doesn’t need to take her anger out on him anymore. She’s more than her anger now. She’s transcended herself with the help of PT.

Ferdinand’s pride is wounded, even to the point where he asks if she slept with PT. Come on, dude. Rachel even looks hurt when he gets up and suggests they get to work instead. They were already half naked. I’m sure Rachel wanted to have sex with him, just not quite as violent as the old days. But fine, Ferdinand, have your hissy fit about it. “You can be part of this change or you can be part of the past,” she tells him.

Rachel and Ferdinand wait for Kira to come out. “Is this what it’s like to be a parent? How banal.” This is a great line. Anyhoo, Ferdinand is still in a pissy mood since he didn’t get laid his way, so he goes to watch the other side of the building.

Sarah as Rachel comes to pick her up. Obviously, Kira knows who she is right away. It’s nice that she doesn’t need to fake the limp. Sarah gave Rachel her limp; Rachel gave Sarah her limp. Nice symbiosis. Rachel as… well, Rachel comes in soon after to pick her up but realizes she’s gone. Sarah is being chased by the Neo guy, so she does a nice switcheroo with S who looks super foxy in her glasses and pinned up hair. Sarah escapes in another car and decides to go retrieve MK since she was too tired to drive to the comic book shop. Unfortunately, Ferdinand was watching Sarah as Rachel get into the car and zooms after her. Sarah runs into Felix’s loft with Ferdinand not far behind.


I told you, Sarah. I’m too tired. I’ve been running my whole life.”
“I know. So’ve I. But we run on principle. It’s all we’ve got left.”

MK refuses to go with her. She chooses to stay and pretend to be Sarah as Rachel to buy her time to get away with Kira. They switch clothes in a very well done long camera shot with no cuts. (Bravo to the crew for pulling this off.) MK gives Sarah her keys as Ferdinand pounds on the door.

Thank you for trying, Sarah. I wish it could have been different for us.”

Sarah meets S, Felix, and Kira at the rendezvous. But Kira has a change of heart. She doesn’t want to go. She knows MK isn’t fine, and she wants to go to school.


Ferdinand busts into the loft. MK attacks him with a knife but he easily overpowers her. He realizes who she is and gets to live out two revenge fantasies in one because he’s having a hissy fit about Rachel’s new approach to life. He feels rejected — even though all she wants is for him to be a part of her new world — while he thinks she’s climbed to the top without any of his help. So, basically, his stupid, fragile man pride is wounded and he takes it out on poor Mika, who escaped Helsinki and stole over $3 million from him. So, he can complete one mission, take his revenge for the money, and get his anger out on Rachel without actually hurting Rachel. And he brutally stomps her death. It’s awful. Terrible. Upsetting.

Yes, it is very fucked up.

But Mika is with Beth and Nikki now. She’s at rest.

Kira doesn’t feel MK anymore. She wants to go with Rachel because she wants to know why she can feel the sisters. But this breaks Sarah’s heart. She’s spent so much effort trying to protect Kira, nearly dying several times in the process, all for her to run back to the enemy. And to think that Mika’s dead, too? It’s too much for Sarah to bear. Cue me bawling in a fetal position at this point as Sarah goes off to sob by the edge of the river.

This is the second time this season Sarah’s gone through hell to save someone, only for them to be like — Actually? Nah! Kira, if you were so friggen’ keen on Rachel’s plan, why didn’t you say so sooner!? Ugh!

Rachel reports to Ferdinand that Sarah has given herself up. She’s furious with Ferdinand for disobeying her orders not to hurt any of the clones. He claims everything he did was for her but she won’t hear it. “See Mr. Chevalier out to the street.” I’m sure that’s not the last we’ll see of him. Either Rachel, Helena, or even S will undoubtedly get their revenge on him. At least, we can all hope that. This clone world is brutal but there is some justice. I hope.

Rachel arrives at Siobhan’s house, and Sarah gives Kira to Rachel. I don’t think I’ve seen Rachel smile that much ever. Sarah is heartbroken as she watches Kira willingly get into a car with Rachel. And she’s still wearing Mika’s clothes. Felix also brought Ira so he could go with Rachel. It’s just all so upsetting.

S mourns in her own way with a drink and a gun. She hears a knock at the door and Delphine appears.

Sarah can’t know that I’m here. This has to stay between us. It’s safer if they don’t know we’re communicating.”
“I’m listening.”

I’m here for a Delphine/S teamup! And next week looks like a Hendrix-centered episode, which will hopefully be a helluva lot less painful than what this one put us through. Bloody hell.

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