Stephanie Watches Orphan Black: 5.01 “The Few Who Dare”


This is the heart of Neolution. Follow the crazy science.”

When we last left the sestras, things seemed to be in dire straights for most of them. In an attempt to rescue Cosima from Susan Duncan, Sarah was left bleeding on the freezing northerly island after a brutal encounter with Rachel. (Bashed in the head with her cane, bashed in the hand with her cane, beat with her cane, stabbed in the leg…) After trying to contact her mum, she discovers that both she and Kira are being held hostage by Rachel’s beau Ferdinand. Reunited with Delphine, Cosima was on death’s door, suffering from hypothermia after trying to escape Stabby Duncan with Charlotte. Alison and Donnie were hiding out in the woods with Helena after one of Evie’s goons tried to put a glitchy bot in Alison’s face. MK coughed up a bunch of blood, so we know her illness has manifested. Krystal is.. perfectly clueless but ready to fight. And finally, Rachel, after stabbing her mother and Sarah, is ready to meet the head of Neolution, P.T. Westmoreland to take her rightful place to progress the science.

…And here we go on the Final Trip.

With only 2% battery left on her phone, Sarah calls Felix to let him know that Ferdinand has S and Kira at the safehouse. But she doesn’t ask for a rescue, even though she’s in mass amounts of pain. She needs to find Cosima. That’s why she came, after all. But since Felix is with Ira, she gets some information about the village, figuring Cosima must be there. She does some doctoring by applying a tampon to her gushing stab wound, nearly passing out from the pain. But visions of Kira keep her going throughout her journey on the island. First of all, Sarah, you need a portable charger. Second, why not use the matchbook to light the fire, rather than your daughter’s photo? I’ll blame that blow to the head.

Just when she’s got the fire lit, some feral human creature attacks her. She manages to fend it off for the moment but fashions herself a longer Mr. Pointy in the morning just in case — and because she can’t bloody walk! Propunk fans, let’s enjoy the fact that both Sarah and Rachel are walking with canes. Sarah spends the episode in pain, running and hiding from hunters and their dogs in the woods. (Another fun parallel with Helena, who is also running through the woods.) So, not only is she stabbed in the leg, but her hand is all jacked up, it’s freezing, she probably has a concussion from that blow to the head, and she’s (probably) on her period. Can someone please help her?

Cosima awakens in her fancy new yurt, distressed by the fact that her cure is missing. But in its place is a note from Delphine: “Whatever happens — Follow my lead.” A new character named Mud, who I already despise, appears to give her the lowdown on the village. It’s called Revival. And people come from all over the world come to the island to be healed. Cosima asks to contact her sisters, but she’s shut down right away. Red flag, Cosima!


She finds Charlotte, who seems to be doing all right, despite nearly dying in the cold woods, too. There is a great shot of both of them making the same expression as they look up at this obnoxious Mud person. “Just ignore her.” But they’re trying their damnedest to indoctrinate Charlotte, it seems. With creepy literature and keeping her with the other “Children of Revival.” Meanwhile, Delphine has been spending her time in the clinic dealing with sick people who have come to be cured. One girl from cancer, for example. But she’s hidden the cure in the back of the cabinet. The Messenger tells Delphine that Westmoreland needs to speak with her.

Afterward, she and Cosima are reunited in the yurt. Cosima is clearly hurt that she spent so much time thinking Delphine was dead, but Delphine was unable to contact her. And against all odds, she survived her wound. Cosima lifts her shirt and kisses the healed wound, which was really sweet and cute. But the Messenger urges Delphine to get a move on. She’s been reassigned to Sardinia for a new mission. So, once again, they will be pulled apart. But not before some excellent smooches. And not before Delphine gives her the key to the clinic where her cure is. Fear not, I know that won’t be the last we’ll see of Delphine.


While Cosima eats her sad, sad lunch, music plays over the loudspeakers. It’s reminiscent of so many things: The Lottery, Battle Royale, The Hunger Games, etc.. But all the villagers congregate at the bottom of the steps where Westmoreland usually comes to speak. Mud is very excited for Cosima to hear this. And even Sarah has made it to the village in time to see.

Rather than Westmoreland, a glamorous, smiling Rachel emerges, pulling down her fur hood with a gray wool cape draped very dramatically around her. She basks in the praise of the villagers as she makes her speech:


I am humbled to have pierced the veil and to address you on behalf of Mr. Westmoreland. Like you, I was selected. I know now his hand has guided my entire life. I know Susan Duncan, my mother, once stood here as I am, appointed to move the future forward. And she did. She created me. It is time to be brave, to sacrifice. The fruits of nearly 200 years of Neolution science are now within our grasp. And we, here, shall drink from the fountain first.”

It’s safe to say, this is a very different Rachel than we last saw. She’s happy, for one. She seems calm, cool, collected, rather than calculating with a fire building beneath the surface ready to erupt. And boy, did it erupt at the end of last season. If she’s been meeting with Westmoreland for the last day or more, what could have happened? Did she drink some special Kool-Aid? Did he brainwash her? What changed in her? What did he change in her?

Back in Toronto, Felix goes to check on the safehouse. But it’s empty, save for a corkscrew covered in blood and Kira’s laptop. I’m sad we missed a Siobhan vs. Ferdinand scuffle. I love when those two face off. But Art has come to check as well.

Oh my god, Arthur, I almost hit you with a pan.”
“Yeah, well, I almost shot you. So, we’re even.”

Felix, Scott, Hellwizard, and Ira are trying to map out the island and figure out a way to save the wayward clones by contacting MK. When Felix goes back to the safehouse to get Kira’s laptop, a man named Mr. Frontenac contacts him. He urges Felix not to be afraid because Rachel has a special interest in his family. That bodes well.

Art, however, has been assigned a new partner. I immediately said, I don’t trust this chick. And hey, that proved to be right. Another fudging Neolution mole. She’s after Helena and the Hendrixes. (Haha, like Harry and the Henderson’s. They’re even in the woods. Good joke, me.) But Art gives up nothing.

Despite his loyalty, it seems like Helena and the Hendrixes have already been found in Beaverton National Park. “Poop on a stoop!” Alison gets kidnapped first, and Donnie proves his uselessness once again as he runs away to find Helena instead of helping her. *facepalm* Art’s new “partner” hits Art and points a gun at his head in an attempt to get Alison to reveal where Helena would go. But she has no idea, so they let her and Art go. Anyone that hurts my boo Art goes on my shit list.

Useless Donnie is trying to get out of the woods but as another guy with a gun pins him down, we hear the good ol’ Helena screech music and know he’s doomed. She attacks the guy, taking him down. But she rolls over… right into a pointed stick. (I just made another awful parallel with Sarah making a spear and Helena getting punctured with a pointy stick. Sometimes I make myself sad.) Donnie is rightfully alarmed, and Helena is very concerned for her babies. “Stick in baby.”

At Revival, Cosima sneaks into the clinic and finds her cure. She’s trying to figure out how to inject it into herself just as Sarah finally finds her. Cosima tries to patch her up and asks her to inject her. Sarah refuses. She just wants Cosima to get Charlotte, get the cure, and come with her because she found a boat.


Think about it, Sarah. Whatever this place is, it’s the answer.”
“I don’t give a shit. I came all this way. Rachel tried to kill me. Cosima, you’re gonna come home with me.”
“No, you need to go back and take care of Siobhan and Kira. And I need to stay here for us. We’ll never be free if we leave now.”

But at this point, Sarah is just so done with this shite. She went out of her way and nearly died to save Cosima both by Rachel’s hand and from the feral woods creature (a failed experiment, I assume), but Cosima’s all, Nah, I’m good. I know it’s not that simple, but for Sarah it really is. She’s clearly exhausted, in mass amounts of pain, and just wanted to rescue her sister. So, now she’ll go back, leaving Cosima in even greater danger than before. But she pulls herself away and leaves.

Alone in the lab with the Messenger pounding on the door, Cosima knows she needs to cure herself quickly before they take it away from her. She prepares the serum, trying to psyche herself up to inject the very large needle into her uterus, sinking to the floor because she can’t do it. And then the door opens. Rachel steps in. “Not the easiest procedure to perform on oneself, is it?”

Even though Cosima just heard Sarah tell her that Rachel tried to kill her and witnessed Rachel stabbing Susan, she realizes she has no other hope for help in this situation. Like it or not, Rachel is her sister. And seems strangely willing and glad to help her. Cosima gives her the syringe and gets on the examination table. She’s scared, not sure if she can trust Rachel after all she’s done. But she lifts her shirt and Rachel positions the needle at her uterus. Cosima is at her mercy.


There’s no need to be afraid anymore. He wants you to be part of this. You and I are going to cure us all.”
“Just hit me, Rachel.”

And just like that, Rachel injects the cure into Cosima.

Let me repeat that: Rachel cured Cosima.

Cosima is cured.

But this victory is short-lived because Sarah is attempting her escape. Before she can climb onto the boat, the hunters get her with a dart in the neck. Rachel emerges once again, standing over her as Sarah slowly fades out.

It’s a new day, Sarah.

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