Stephanie Watches Marvel’s Agent Carter: 1×07 “Snafu”


Things got really–pardon the pun–explosive on last’s night Agent Carter. With only one episode left of the hopefully first of many seasons, things really took off.

Peggy Carter was captured by the SSR at the end of the previous episode, as they assume she is working with Stark and Leviathan and is some sort of evil double-agent. And while yes, she is a double-agent of sorts, she had to be. When she finally fesses up (after learning that Howard Stark’s confession Jarvis cooked up was completely fabricated), they actually seem to believe her. Gasp! But they just don’t get how she could have possibly been doing this under their noses all along. So Peggy points out, in one of the best lines all season:

I conducted my own investigation because no one listens to me. I got away with it because no one looks at me. Because unless I have your reports, coffee, or your lunch, I’m invisible.

I cheered for that because it really is the takeaway from this entire series. They spent months doubting her worth as an agent, but finally they see she is truly capable. Sousa knew it all along, CMM saw it in Russia.

Unfortunately, they still have the Russian doctor and Dottie to deal with. He puts his whammy on Chief Dooley (hey, I finally remembered his name…a little too late), who locks Peggy and Jarvis away, then gets him to help steal one of Stark’s inventions.


I loved the Peggy/Jarvis scene of them attempting to escape from their interrogation room. “I’ve just thought of someting. We are still attached to a table.” They are a perfect comedy duo and I need more of it.

Thankfully, Agent Chad Michael Murray discovers them (after they’ve broken the interrogation room mirror), but Peggy knows that something must be wrong with Chief Dooley. The Russian guy has strapped Dooley in to some sort of heat armor. One of Stark’s prototypes, of course, which has no release and if they try to help him out, they may all explode. Great. So, in a heroic last moment, Dooley sacrifices himself and jumps out of a window, exploding in mid-air. Super cool, but super sad.

And what were Dooley’s last words? “‘Atta, girl.” He finally believes in Peggy and realizes how important, how strong, how capable she is. He wants her to finish this fight for him. And oh, she will.

But she will have her hands full, considering what Leviathan has to unleash.

Other things:

  • “Mr. Stark never answered. I left countless messages. Nothing. So then I panicked, and panicked again.”
    “Oh, for the love of God, man!”
    “As I said, panic was involved.”
  • Sousa bravely taking on a Black Widow, despite his handicap.
  • Sousa believing Peggy.
  • Agent Chad Michael Murray believing Peggy.
  • Dooley believing Peggy.
  • Dooley was holding Steve’s blood so precariously over the floor. I was just shouting, PUT IT BACK, JEEZUS.
  • How creepy was that last shot in the theater? So good.
  • Hey, Howard, didja ever think about NOT inventing these horrible things? Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Don’t forget, keep watching reruns on ABC and Hulu! We need a second season!

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