Stephanie Watches Game of Thrones: 5×07 “The Gift”



Ramsay continues his torture of Sansa. She tries to get Theon to help her by putting the candle in the highest tower for her, but he goes straight to Ramsay with this plan. As much as Sansa feels betrayed, Theon is merely protecting himself. If he was caught helping Sansa against Ramsay, he would be tortured to the umpteenth degree. And after all that suffering, who can blame him for not wanting more, even after witnessing Sansa’s torture day after day. They’re both stuck in this terrible situation. Why can’t they team up and take down Ramsay already!? Ugh.

But no, Ramsay flays an ally Sansa had in Winterfell and takes her to look at the woman’s body. Probably not as terrible as seeing her father’s head on a spike, but she’s probably just growing more and more desensitized after everything she’s been through.

The Wall

Poor ol’ Aemon Targaeryen died and that was super sad. He should have died on a boat, but WHATEVER, SHOW. When are Sam and Gilly gonna get along with their journey!?

And then Sam and Gilly finally boinked, yay! After he (and Ghost) defended her honor from some scary Night’s Watch guys.

King’s Landing

I knew I should have been worried when I saw Cersei smiling and being happy as she visited the imprisoned Margaery. Okay, I was smiling along with her because it was nice seeing snarky Marg taken down a few pegs. Seeing her gorgeous gowns exchanged for rags, her shiny updo for tangles. Cersei attempts a “peace offering,” which is obviously just her basking in the glow of what she thinks is finally a successful plan.

Cersei goes to gloat about Margaery being imprisoned to the High Sparrow. And when she’s about to leave, he just keeps on talking. My warning bells started ringing. The High Sparrow mentioned that one of his own “unburdened” himself with his past sins. And when Lancel Lannister comes out, we all knew exactly what that unburdening was.

Cersei goes to leave but is stopped and seized, shouting, “I am the Queen!” She’s thrown into a cell, likely beside Margaery, in rags.

I know many viewers are likely celebrating this, but keep this in mind: Cersei was not arrested for her crimes against the Seven Kingdoms or for her part in any past murders or manipulations; she was arrested for having sex outside of her marriage. Her only crime, according to the church, is being promiscuous.

Across the Narrow Sea

Danaerys has been taken to one of the trial fighting pits. And it just so happens that both Jorah and Tyrion have been sold to fight in these pits before they get to fight in the big pit in Meereen. Once Jorah sees that Dany is out there, he goes out and kills all the other combatants. He takes off his helmet to reveal his identity to Dany, begging for her forgiveness. When Tyrion sees that Jorah is about to be brushed off, he escapes his chains (with the assistance of a big guy with an axe–maybe Strong Belwas? Ha, I can only dream) and rushes out to greet the Mother of Dragons.

He proclaims that Jorah has brought him as a gift for her. “I am the gift!”


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