Stephanie Watches Game of Thrones: 5×06 “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”


I’ve never had to cover my eyes while watching. I’ve never felt too uncomfortable watching. Until last night’s episode. They crossed the line. I know they are known for doing outrageous things that go against the book, killing off people still alive, etc. That’s fine. But when you subject an innocent character to torture that she never needed to experience, I can’t even fathom what the writers are thinking.

Sansa Stark has been stuck with awful people since King Robert Baratheon made his journey to Winterfell. She’d been tortured by Joffrey, manipulated by Cersei, Littlefinger, and the Tyrells, stuck in a marriage and a place that killed half of her family. And when she finally gets out? She is put in an even worse situation. Sure, she’s home in Winterfell. But now she’s married to someone I’ve always thought of as worse than Joffrey. Ramsay Bolton, who tortures and flays people for fun. Who sends girls who displease him off into the woods to hunt and then names his dogs after whoever they killed.

Despite all that Sansa has been through on the show, she always fights back, she always bounces back. She’s endured more than anyone. But in that final scene of the episode, she endured more than she ever needed to.

The writers of the show decided that Sansa should be wed to Ramsay Bolton, which I was already furious about. And since he is such a cruel jackass, they decided that he, of all people in the world, needed to take her virtue. Joffrey didn’t even do that, despite his many chances. Tyrion didn’t do that because, even though he can be kind of a dick, he understood that Sansa was still a child. But Sansa’s virtue, the only thing that was still hers, was taken from her in the most violent manner possible.

And what’s worse is that the show made it more about Theon’s pain and Ramsay’s power. I love Theon, I’ve been on his side since the beginning. But that scene should not have been about him. It should have been about Sansa, losing the final piece of all that she holds dear to her. Sure, that whole scene illustrated how awful and cruel Ramsay truly is–because it seemed like the show was forgetting with giving him so much damn screen time last week–but was it necessary? No. In the book, something similar happens to Jeyne Poole. Ramsay commands Reek/Theon to pleasure Jeyne (who Ramsay thinks is Arya Stark) to get her ready for him. That is also obviously awful and gross. And that was more about Theon since Jeyne/Ramsay are not POV characters.

But this should have been about Sansa. Sansa’s struggles came to a head. And I feel ill knowing that this was her fate on the show when in the books she is in a village, eating lemon cakes, has some lady friends, and just danced with a very attractive knight. She’s better off as Alayne. The show should have left her that way.

I know that Show!Sansa will come out of this as strong as ever. And if they have to change anymore, then I would love for her to torture and murder Ramsay and take back her home. Sansa deserves to win the game of thrones and be one of the last people standing. I want the men of the world to stop controlling her. It’s time for her to take a stand and fight back with more than just accepting her fate. She’s learned to play the game and played it well, but she needs to fight back and do more than simply survive. She needs to kill. And she needs to kill Ramsay. That is the only thing I can accept at this point.

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  • Reply omarid513

    “She’s better off as Alayne. The show should have left her that way.” Given how Ramsay’s sub-plot ended last season, and how Sansa still has that connection to Winterfell, I doubt the writers would have let go an opportunity to swap Jeyne out with Sansa since Jeyne’s…well, dead and all. Putting a Stark at Winterfell, I think, makes it much more personable and makes us care about what she’s going through, whereas had this been some random, no-name character, it would just be another example of Ramsay’s cruelty…which we’ve already seen from what he does to Theon, whether on the show or in the book. And I highly doubt Ramsay would meet his end soon. I get the strong reactions people are having, yet I can’t say I fully get it since this is the same show that showed us a king, his bride, and mother be murdered at a wedding, a man have his head smashed in by a giant, and a boy choke on poison as we saw his face go as purple as a grape while he died. Having Ramsay show Sansa cruelty makes the stakes higher for her. I dunno, I feel that the show somehow managed to dial BACK on Ramsay’s cruelty compared to his book counterpart.

    May 18, 2015 at 12:02 PM
  • Reply dreamstobecome

    She needs to END Ramsay. The only thing that would make that episode ending ok with me is that the first thing that happens next episode is the scene is still happening and she GUTS HIM. With Theon’s help. As in, “Hold the body, Theon, I need to gouge his eyes out.”

    May 18, 2015 at 3:09 PM
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