Stephanie Watches Game of Thrones: 5×05 “Kill the Boy”

Sansa accurately depicting all viewers during Bolton-heavy scenes.

Oh good, an episode dominated by the Boltons, Westeros’s most loved family! All I ever wanted was more time with Ramsay, so I could see the beautiful relationship between him and his girlfriend, see him taunt and torture Theon some more, and watch my poor Sansa deal with living with them. Oh joy!

I like Roose and all (mainly because his voice is kind of enchanting…), but ugh, I really don’t need more time with Ramsay. But hey maybe Stannis will come and slaughter him for me!

Speaking of Stannis, he and his family and everyone in his army are off to take Winterfell, while Jon has made a deal with Tormund to go rescue the wildlings from beyond the Wall. Winter is coming (in case you forgot!), which means armies and armies of whitewalkers will be coming too.

Across the Narrow Sea in Mereen, Daenerys is gradually turning in to the Mad King. Granted, her top advisor was killed in an alley by the Sons of the Harpy, so she’s pretty pissed off. And so is everyone who read the books, but yeah. I mean, it’s fine…not like Ser Barristan is still alive, even in the 6th book. Sure, whatever, top swordsman in the world, killed by some lame-os on the street. Yeah, cool. But I’m not bitter.

Anyway, Dany rounds up the leaders of the most powerful families and takes them to see her dragon bbs. She shoves one of them out and in front of the dragons, they roast him alive, and tear him in half (reminded me of that scene in The Lost World Jurassic Park with the two T-Rexes), which was really bloody and awesome. But………. I really don’t think that’s very in character for Dany. I get that she wants to show her power to these people and take revenge for what happened to Barristan, but she also has her dragons locked away because they were eating people! I don’t see her encouraging that behavior, but perhaps I’m wrong. She just seems a little crazier than usual.

After giving it a lot of thought and not wanting to risk any more of her people, Dany decides to reopen the fighting pits for free people and also to marry a high-ranking member of a powerful family. So, she tells Hizdahr she will marry him. It’s always a good idea to marry someone you threatened to feed to your dragons and was also probably ordering the Sons to kill all of your army. He will surely not be bitter.

Jorah and Tyrion are still on their way to Dany. While passing through Valyria, they are attacked by Stone Men–those who have been terribly afflicted by greyscale. Tyrion falls overboard and is pulled down by the stone dudes. BUT Jorah rescues him! Only to have been afflicted with greyscale! Poor dude can’t catch a break.

Other things:

  • We got to learn a little about maester training from Sam and how he always wanted to be one. Hopefully, that will be the first step in Sam’s journey.
  • Sansa got a new dress for dinner and it was very reminiscent of Catelyn’s Winterfell garb, which I appreciated.
  • Maester Aemon is still the cutest lil old man. It makes me sad that he wants to help Dany but he is so far away.
  • Shireen and Davos are also the cutest.
  • Grey Worm and Missandei …now that they’ve kissed…uhhh…Hmm.  He is kind of “ill-equipped” for a relationship.
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  • Reply dreamstobecome

    MissanGrey is the BEST ship.

    May 11, 2015 at 11:07 AM
    • Reply Stephanie

      Haha, I like that name for it!

      May 11, 2015 at 4:50 PM
  • Reply iamjabesss

    Nice job with the main graphic / caption. 🙂

    May 12, 2015 at 1:40 AM
    • Reply Stephanie

      Haha, thanks!

      May 12, 2015 at 3:13 PM

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