Stephanie Watches Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 4×03 “Uprising”


This action-packed episode brought us some truly epic fight sequences. Yoyo is at a party with her friends when a blackout occurs, taking out all the power in Miami. It was nice to see Yoyo being more human, less soldier. SHIELD is always strongest when it’s showing us that side of our favorite characters. Anyhoo, she tries to get a hold of Mack, but not even her cellphone works so it’s more than just a simple power outage.

Back at home base, SHIELD discovers that a group claiming to be Inhumans and part of a resistance against the Sokovia Accords has taken responsibility for the blackout. And if more Inhumans are not brought out into the open, then more major cities will suffer blackouts. When Fitz, Coulson, and Mack arrive in Miami to find Yoyo, however, another blackout occurs, killing their SUV and all of their devices. Including Coulson’s hand. Fitz discovers that an EMP caused the blackout — and it keeps repeating over and over again so no one in the area can reboot — and realizes that they might need to use some good ol’ fashioned science to combat it.

Meanwhile, May still thinks everyone has corpse faces, so her condition is worsening. And fast! The other afflicted person died suddenly, so Simmons realizes she has little time to save her. She enlists Radcliffe for help, but the blackout nearly thwarts their plan to save her life. They decided to temporarily kill her so her brain could reconfigure itself since fear is overtaking her to the point of death. But just as Simmons is about to use the life-saving paddles, everything goes dark. Not wanting to reveal his new toy, but wanting to save May’s life, Radcliffe gets AIDA’s power cell (or battery, if you will) and they use that to restart May’s heart. May is cranky, but fine now. Thank goodness. (Super rude to cut off that scene and make us wait, BY THE WAY.)


In Los Angeles, Daisy and Ghost Rider are having some quality bonding time. He reveals that his uncle caused an explosion that supposedly created the creepy ghost people that afflicted May. GR is trying to atone for his uncle’s sins, which is why he made a deal with the devil. But he keeps saving people and nothing seems to make his “gift” go away. He keeps on living, trying to find some way to atone for good. Sidebar: Daisy also made a joke about vengeance demons (“I like to vet my vengeance demons before I hop in a car with them.”), which I’m going to pretend was a Buffy reference, even if it’s not.

The two of them save GR’s brother Gabe from some people capitalizing on the blackouts. While GR is out getting medical supplies for Daisy’s busted arm, Gabe realizes she’s Quake and asks her to leave his good, good brother alone. She complies and disappears before he gets back.

Back in Miami, Yoyo is trying to keep her cool with her friends while a bunch of dickbags with guns come inside demanding to know the identity of an Inhuman they’d tracked there. Some sad, poor magician gets outed as the Inhuman, but Yoyo does her thing: stealing all the guns in a flash. Her friend notices the gun in her hand and wigs out.

So many people looking for an excuse to hate.”

Just as the dickbags threaten to take her out, Mack, Coulson, and Fitz come in to help the fight with Yoyo joining in. They discover the Watchdogs are actually behind everything, using Inhumans as scapegoats. Really, this was all about finding Inhumans and taking them out while everyone else is distracted by the blackout. Using more old-fashioned science and getting everyone involved, Fitz discovers the EMP’s point of origin. Yoyo steals more guns, and another super awesome fight ensues. The quality of filming for these two fights nearly rivaled my favorite Daisy one-shot fight from a couple seasons ago. Power is soon restored to the various cities, but Senator Rota Nadeer was able to get the Watchdogs to kill at least 17 Inhumans during all of that madness. (I think that was the number, forgive me if I’m remembering incorrectly.) And to complicate matters more, it looks like her brother (maybe?) is becoming an Inhuman.

To assuage public fears of Inhumans, our fearless Inhuman Director of SHIELD finally announces to the public that SHIELD is back in business. And, of course, still none of the Avengers know that Phil Coulson is alive. WILL THEY EVER!? Maybe Tony and Steve could have mended their Civil War if Phil was like, hey guys, can we all just get along? Probably not, though. Those boys are stubborn.

A team divided is a team defeated. Right?

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