Stephanie Watches Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 4×02 “Meet the New Boss”

MARVEL'S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. - "Meet the New Boss" - Daisy goes to battle Ghost Rider at a terrible cost, and Coulson faces the new Director, and his bold agenda surprises them all, on "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Jennifer Clasen)

As the title of this episode suggests, we meet the new director of SHIELD: Jeffrey Mace. At first, he reminded me of that congressman on Parks & Rec that was very robotic and said generic positive things before he stared into space. But turns out, there was much more than meets the eye to the new director. For one, he’s great at public relations as he shows the United Nations people around the SHIELD base as SHIELD prepares to tell the world it’s back and better than ever. And the biggest surprise? He’s an Inhuman. And in the interim of episodes, his true Marvel identity has been revealed. Click here for that spoiler.

It seems he less of an antagonist and more of a thorn in everyone’s side. Our team — and particularly Coulson — is accustomed to doing things in their own way, so the new director will likely be a hindrance to that.

As the director gives the tour, May is feeling the effects of the strange ghost lady from the last episode. She keeps seeing more and more of her friends as dead and decaying and has trouble holding onto reality. Towards the end of the tour, she completely loses it and starts attacking her fellow agents. She takes them all down. But then the new director reveals his Inhuman ability by using his super-strength to restrain May. He promises Coulson he’ll take of her, but worries that he’s too close to the situation so he won’t be able to make any tough calls about her should the need arise. So, our precious Philinda is split up.

Meanwhile, Daisy is still on Ghost Rider’s trail. She can’t let it go. She cons her way into him looking at her van (going so far as to using her power to stall it further) to get closer to him. She even lets him in on what she knows about his personal life. But once the shop closes, they fight and he restrains her. (How is he going to explain that car in the shop being totally destroyed!?) GR tries to find a reason to justify killing her, but that’s exactly what she wants. He then discovers her research on the facility where the ghost lady came from, and the two work together. 


It just so happens that their investigation coincides with Mack and Fitz’s. Mack and Fitz show up just as more ghost people are preparing to destroy the facility with them still inside. One of them locks Mack away, while Fitz has trouble stopping the detonation countdown. GR shows up to destroy one of the ghost people, and Daisy soon follows. She stops the countdown and frees Mack.

GR disappears, and Mack and Fitz take Daisy to the quinjet to give her some medical attention. Mack tenderly wraps her injured arm and tries to convince her to come back with them. They’re stronger together. But without saying anything, Mack realizes that Yoyo has been stealing medicine for her all along, so she can heal faster. He just so desperately wants Daisy to come back to them, but she can’t. She’s too afraid she’ll get her friends killed. She can’t explain this to them, of course. But Fitz sees it differently.

Because she’s turned her back on us, Mack. Because something terrible happened, and she didn’t want our help getting through it… We’ve all been through terrible things – all of us! And we’ve never turned our back.”

This whole scene destroyed me, and it’s one of those reasons I love this show. The core team’s bond is so strong and really tugs on the heartstrings. They’re stronger together than apart, and something is going to have to prove that to Daisy. And perhaps even bring GR into the fold. But for now, she chooses not to rejoin SHIELD and continue her investigations apart from them.

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