Stephanie Watches Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 3×18 “The Singularity”


The gang is reeling from the revelation that Daisy has been Hive-minded. Everyone is taking it personally, especially Mack. But they realize Daisy didn’t want to harm anyone, she just wanted to make sure no one followed her after she ran off with the terrigen crystals and Hive ball. But they’re hot on her trail.

This alien creature messed with the wrong team.”

Daisy and HiveWard are bonding. I’m trying to enjoy it because it’s like aww finally I get some Skyeward in my life after all the boring Daisy/Lincoln stuff, but it’s just so creepy with the whole addictive parasite/host relationship. So, if I pretend it’s Ward and just enjoy Skye putting her head on his shoulder, I’m good. Just give me this, guys. “There will be no more war or pain. Especially now that we’re together.” Aww. (Ughhhh.)

Now, Coulson and co. want to get a hold of all the other known Inhumans before HiveWard can infect them. They have Alicia’s location (the chick who can split herself into four different parts), and Lincoln wants to assist in her rescue since he’s known her since Afterlife. Coulson is all like, ‘Sure, except you have to wear this vest that May will immediately blow up if you get infected by Hive.’ I just think it’s hilarious that Coulson is all about rescuing and curing Daisy if they find her, but Lincoln? Nah, why bother? Just kill him. Coulson is all of us.

I’ll do your dirty work, Phil. But don’t you dare pretend your hands are clean.”

Meanwhile, Daisy and HiveWard pay a visit to the Australian guy James. Because they’re building an Inhuman army, they give James what he’s always wanted and make him an Inhuman, who shoots fire from his hands. HiveWard uses his influence to control him, which also allows him to control his fire power immediately. That’s not too shabby of a result, honestly. Better than struggling for months to control your power.

By the time Lincoln, May, and Coulson get to Alicia, however, she’s already been infected. She fights everyone and HiveWard — from afar — forces her to kill one of her doubles before SHIELD can find out where Daisy or he is. Which is super effed up because Alicia can feel every ounce of pain her doubles experience. After the fight, Coulson benches Lincoln to keep him safe because that’s what Daisy would want. 

Daisy’s always longed for a family, a connection. I thought I could give that to her with SHIELD.”
“Phil, you’re not her father.”
“No, but she’s the closest thing I have to a daughter.”

Ughhhhh, my heart. DadCoulson strikes again. He and May go investigate James’s house, but they’re too late and the house is rigged to blow. A very Captain America-esque shield comes out of his enhanced hand to protects him and May.

I thought it’d be cool if the director of SHIELD had a shield.”


FitzSimmons discover a scientist called Radcliffe, who is known for using science to alter and enhance people to become more than human. (Neolution from Orphan Black, anyone?) He may have a cure for the parasite infecting Daisy’s brain. So, FitzSimmons and Mack head to Bucharest to go to the Neolution club. (Sorry not sorry, but this is totally the same. PS: Go watch Orphan Black because it’s the best thing on TV right now besides Marvel stuff.) FitzSimmons get all dressed up to infiltrate the club and attract Radcliffe with their own human enhancement experiments. And they look super hot/cute! Just look at that jacket Simmons has on!

While waiting for their meeting with Radcliffe, FitzSimmons have another little heart-to-heart about their makeout session from the previous episode. Also, let’s note the hilarity of going offline so they can have a private convo without Mack listening in. Apparently it’s something Bobbi and Hunter did to him all the time. Poor Mack.

Just to be clear, are you comparing us sleeping together to crossing the event horizon That’s quite lovely when you think about it like that. And also terrifying.”
“Exactly, so we should stop thinking altogether–”
“And just do.”

Finally, you two! They finally get their meeting with Radcliffe, but his assistant wants them to test their eye technology (aka the Deathlok eye) on a live specimen. Thankfully, Simmons can tell that the eye she’s supposed to perform surgery on is already altered and stabs it with the needle. Turns out, it was Radcliffe sitting there all along.

If Radcliffe is our only way to cure Tremors, you know where I stand.”

But they’re just a bit too late to get Radcliffe on their side and back to base because HiveWard, Daisy, and James are hot on their trail to crash the Neolution party. Daisy holds back Fitz by choking him with her power with tears in her eyes while Will speaks to Simmons through HiveWard.

“Stop trying to save me. I know what I’m saying. I know what I feel. I finally have a family, Fitz, you don’t need to pity me anymore… We don’t want to hurt you, any of you. But we will. This is your last warning. Next time, I snap your neck.”

This hurts me greatly because you can tell part of her is still in there and cares for her SHIELD family. But Daisy runs away and Simmons shoots HiveWard many times and runs off. And he lets her. “Just because you stole Will’s memories doesn’t give you the right to be him. Will is dead.” This was good for Simmons to realize because it seems like she finally came to grips with Will’s death. Which means she and Fitz can finally move forward. Yay!

As sort of an afterthought, Malick’s intel finally comes through, and Talbot takes down HYDRA’s entire infrastructure throughout the world. Hooray, I guess? But also cut off one head… and another takes its place: Hive and all his Inhumans, along with Radcliffe, take over a little town so they can create more Inhumans. With science!

And then….Fitz and Simmons…. FINALLY!


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