Stephanie Watches Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 3×17 “The Team”


Daisy and Lincoln call Yoyo and Joey into helping them (poor Joey was on a hot date, about to bring a guy back to his place) save everyone from the HYDRA base. For the first time, Daisy is leading her team of Secret Warrior. Woo!

For one reason or another, each of us has been given a gift. Let’s put them to good use.”

Everyone on the SHIELD team is doing their best to fight back against the HYDRA soldiers and Medusa-eyes Inhuman dude, while the Secret Warriors take the base, splitting up and using their powers to take out the HYDRA soldiers. Lincoln secures Malick, Daisy secures the ship, and Joey kills Medusa-eyes Inhuman. Eek!

Hive is the opposite of worried that they all got away. “Now we have one on the inside.” Uhhh, you just mean Malick, right? RIGHT?

At least Mack and Yoyo reunite. His Spanish is getting better, while she’s been learning more English. It’s pretty adorable. (Although I still kind of ship Daisy/Mack — aka anyone but Lincoln.) He’s telling Yoyo that SHIELD does its best not to kill and that most of the weapons only knock people out. Except these specific things that kill people, let’s linger on those because there’s no way they’ll come back in the episode.

Coulson interrogates Malick, and he’s ready to Hulk out on him for killing Rosalind, but Malick’s pretty defeated and broken. He’s lost his daughter and his HYDRA god that he spent all his life trying to find turned out to be terrible, evil, etc. Malick puts the idea in Coulson’s head that Hive can infect the Inhumans. That four of them were near him in the base and any of them could be infected by his brainwashing abilities. Coulson starts to question the Inhumans, and Hive gets what he wants: mistrust sowed among the SHIELD team and the Inhumans, who are supposed to be part of SHIELD. 

Meanwhile, FitzSimmons perform an autopsy on the dead Inhuman and discover his body temperate is 98.6*, which means he’s “dead-ish.” After cutting open his skull, they find weird little worms inside his brain, which means that Malick was telling the truth. Hive infected the Inhuman to serve him. Also, gross.

I believed I could resurrect a god, but instead, I freed the devil.”

Suddenly, the power goes out just as Coulson decides to ice the Inhumans for their own safety. FitzSimmons are wandering around and walk by Malick’s room to see the door ajar. Malick is on the floor and then something explodes. The Inhumans grow suspicious about what’s happening, and Coulson finally comes clean. But it doesn’t help. They lock themselves in a room and fight it out. So, not only is Hive turning SHIELD against the Inhumans, he’s turning Inhumans against each other. No one handles it very well, and they’re all being really stupid. Coulson also made it way more dramatic than it had to be.

In conclusion: don’t keep secrets from your teammates!

Daisy leads everyone through a way out of the base, but ends up in the isolation booths. She made the call to take them there to keep them all safe. And Lincoln becomes the lead suspect since he encountered Ward back at Transia and somehow knew how to get to the guy from Afterlife with the fancy Hive ball. And that item just so happened to be removed from its location within the base before the power went out. Mr. Anger Issues doesn’t take the accusation well and the others have to knock him out. So, it’s definitely him, right? RIGHT?

Daisy is sad that Hive has torn her team apart. Coulson gives her a nice little pep talk. “I know you want revenge but we have to be beter. We have to do what’s best for the team… I have to keep you in quarantine. I have to disband your team, Daisy. I’m sorry.” Okay, not so much a pep talk, but at least a talk about understanding what she might be going through.

Everything seems to have been wrapped up all neat and tidy. FitzSimmons plan to work on a cure for Lincoln and maybe try to find a way to prevent further infection among the other Inhumans. Fitz and Simmons have a nice heart-to-heart, complete with some nice MAKE OUTS!!! Awwww yasssss. (Enjoying it while it lasts, dammit!)

Who needs space? Because I’ve got something magnificent right here.”


Finally, the truth comes out about what really happened at the HYDRA base.


Okay, I know it’s not Ward, but… I’ll take Skyeward where I can get it. LEAVE ME ALONE.

I’m happier than I’ve ever been. You get it. You felt an emptiness your entire life and tried to fill it, but it never works. But I found the answer. And it’s beautiful. It’s a bond.”

Finally, we see Malick’s vision come true. It wasn’t Hive that kills him, it’s Daisy finally using her powers to kill someone. And it’s brutal. She then sets the bomb to destroy her evidence.

She then steals the Hive ball and several terrigen crystals, making her way to the hangar as she quakes everything around her to prevent anyone from stopping her. She steals a quinjet and heads back to Hive. Coulson shouting her name and having building pieces collapse all over him was so sad.

“We find Skye next, I believe I know where she’s headed.” Sorry, it hurts me deeply that Hive calls her Skye because he has Ward’s leftover memories from before he really knew her as Daisy. Ugh. WHY. I’m going to feel very conflicted the next four episodes, I’m sure. On the bright side, maybe Hive will make her kill Lincoln? If I can’t have real Skyeware, maybe I can have that.

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