Stephanie Watches Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 3×15 “Spacetime”


We begin the episode with a homeless man just trying to make it in the city. And he makes the mistake of touching another guy, who suddenly seizures and calls out for Daisy. SHIELD and co. pinpoint the man’s location and find him freaking out because he’s seen how this scenario ends. The man who touched him gave him a vision of the future.

Daisy, this is where I die.”

And sure enough, HYDRA shows up with their guns a-blazin’ and the guy gets shot. But they’re not here to kill him. No, they snatch up the Inhuman with their net. Daisy tries to grab him to save him, but sees her own vision of the future: She’s been shot by Coulson, FitzSimmons holding hands in the snow, Lincoln’s face covered in blood, the Inhuman homeless man dying. So, naturally, after seeing this, Daisy wants to stop it.

Fitz says there’s no way to change things because of the 4th dimension/space-time. That the point of time in the future is just fixed and that Daisy can’t change the future, even if she knows what happens. “You’re making my brain hurt,” says May. Yeah, basically.

Everyone is confused, but what they do know is that HYDRA has the Inhuman so they still need to retrieve him. So, Coulson’s solution is to just keep Daisy off the mission and send May instead. But, as Fitz says, OBVIOUSLY something is going to happen that will prevent May from going. I figured Andrew was going to pop back in or the servers would get a signal of his location just in time to prevent May from going on the mission instead of Daisy. They spent far too much time talking about him the last couple episodes, so it was pretty clear.

While Fitz is a non-believer, Lincoln says Inhuman powers are designed to fill a gap that’s missing in the world, so this man’s power must be meant for something important. Plus, Daisy was able to stop her mom from doing the crazy stuff thanks to Raina’s visions. (Aw Raina, I miss her.)

I can’t cause earthquakes, but I’m faster than you.”
“Foresight. I know what’s coming.”
“Then, get off your ass and show me.”

To help May stop the baddies, everyone on the team bans together to get her through the guards a few seconds faster so that she’s not too late saving the Inhuman. It was super cool that Daisy could choreograph the fight perfectly in their training room. And Simmons trying to be an evil guard was adorable. Andddddd, of course, as soon as May beats the time, guess who shows up: Andrew! He’s come to say goodbye because he feels like Lash is taking over and he’s about to turn for the last time. Oh no!

So, it’s time for Daisy to get into her Quake suit and head out to save the Inhuman! And Couslon accidentally calls her Skye again. ;_;


HiveWard is feeling better and has a fancy new coat. Can we talk about how cheesy that dining room is that they were chatting with? Giant HYDRA logo on the wall, color-coded waitresses serving them. HYDRA is so lame. Anyway, Malick thinks HiveWard owes him for getting him off the planet. HiveWard says Malick clearly wants power but has never experienced real power. So, they all go to Transia Corporation and ask the CEO to sign over the company to Malick because he wants all their fancy tech. The same tech that was in Coulson’s fake hand. When the CEO refuses, HiveWard has the Inhuman touch him to see everyone dying by HiveWard’s creepy power. So he very quickly changes him mind, but HiveWard kills everyone anyway. “You’re confused. I said I would show you what will happen.”

Hiveward has Malick put on some techy suit that was casually lying in the boardroom that will give him super strength. Then, he kills the CEO with his bare hands. FUN!

I am meant to save this man. I can feel it. Let me go.”

On a video feed at the Playground, they’re all kinda sure they saw Ward on the security cameras. Everyone panics, but Fitz is pretty sure it’s not actually Ward, having seen what Simmons’ boo acted like on the planet. So, they all go after Daisy to help her.

Daisy kicks SO much ass in another badass one-take fight. Her vision of Coulson shooting her comes true — as he shoots her reflection in the one-way mirror to kill the guy on the other side that was about to kill her.

Wait, what are you gonna do?”
“Find Grant Ward. Yeah, day got weirder.”

Daisy doesn’t even have time to process this as she heads up to the roof. Lincoln tries to go after Ward, but gets a fire extinguisher to the face — thus the blood all over. (Also, lol. BONK.) But Coulson tells him to stand down because they don’t know what the heck Ward is.

When Daisy gets to the roof to save the Inhuman, Malick is ready for her and beats the shit out of her. Like, really badly. Like, jfc, dude. D:

Back at the base, May gives Andrew the Creel blood to see if it will save him. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. The two have a heartfelt moment, hands pressed to glass, as he transforms into Lash one more time. Poor May.

Everyone is suffering. It’s terrible. Daisy tries to use her powers, but hits a power line instead, making the billboard catch fire. The Inhuman finally intervenes and touches Malick, showing him his own future. Malick strangles the Inhuman, and Daisy hits Malick with her power and the Inhuman goes flying. Malick is clearly very rattled and escapes on his helicopter.

Ashes fall from the sky — not snow like everyone thought — and FitzSimmons hold hands. Daisy comforts the Inhuman man as he dies, promising to look after his daughter. But she touches him one last time, getting another glimpse into their future — she sees the ship outside of Earth with blood drops floating, the cross necklace, the arm of a SHIELD agent, and the explosion.

I was sure I was meant to save you. But you were meant to save me.”

Rough episode on our feels at the end there, but so good. Jeez. And hey, at least Malick is scared for his life now.

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