Stephanie Watches Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 3×04 “Devils You Know”

MARVEL'S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. - "Devils You Know" - Having reluctantly agreed to share information with Rosalind and the ATCU, Coulson and the team go in search for the Inhuman who is killing off other Inhumans, and May feels that Hunter's mission to take down Ward is getting too personal, on "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Kelsey McNeal)

Lashing Out

Lash is back and he’s targeting Inhumans again. A cute Inhuman couple gets murdered and the multiplicity Inhuman (the one from last season that was trying to kill Coulson and co. on the boat) experiences one of her bodies being destroyed by his power. Daisy, Mack, AND the ATCU all go after Lash to no avail. Daisy is once again annoyed that Coulson is trusting Rosalind so implicitly, but he says you gotta play ball if they want to get their information.

Coulson: I think the conspiracy nut in you had a few too many lattes this morning.
Daisy: I did have a latte and it was a double, but if I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were defending the ATCU. Or the dragon lady…

Daisy finds a virus through an email that was sent to several Inhumans, so they track down an IT guy named Frye, who has also developed Inhuman abilities. He acts as sort of a “divining rod” for Inhumans (a.k.a. he gets a monster migraine when he’s near one, so a very put-out Daisy has to leave the room for the interrogation), which is why Lash has been using him to find them and take them out.

Daisy and Mack join the ATCU to check out their base, but Lash attacks on the highway. He knocks out Mack, kills Frye, but chooses not to kill Daisy for some reason. In the shadows, she sees Lash transform into more of a human form. So, if Lash is a human that can transform into this creature, who is Lash?


Science Babies

A psychoanalysis from Andrew brings very little knowledge on Jemma’s feelings about being trapped on the alien planet. She’s very forceful about how she definitely does not have PTSD. Okay…sure, Jemma. She mentions vaguely that after a while she gave up hope of ever being found. But there had to be something motivating her to keep her alive.

But she continues her research in secret, still determined to return to the planet. Fitz accidentally discovers it while doing other research, but Jemma hides it from him and runs away. He’s obviously taken a look and sees she’s planning scematics on building another portal.

Upon confronting her about it, she tells him she has to go back. But we still don’t know why. Ughhhh! I wonder if there are more people trapped there, such as the explorer we saw from episode 2 who drew the short straw. Or if there’s research or information she needs to get to. There has to be something significant. But I guess we will find out next week. So far away…


Ward Hunter-ing

Hunter is still working his way up the HYDRA chain, having provided quite the artillery for HYDRA’s new base. But he has no details on when or where he’s going, so he’s not much help for May.

May heads to the SHIELD base to give Coulson an update. Everyone is surprised to see her. Well, Coulson and Andrew are, anyway. But she’s not sticking around, even though Coulson very clearly needs her. He expresses as much, anyway assuming she won’t stay because they’re wokring so closely with Andrew these days. She doesn’t care about that, but she is still feeling a bit hurt from what happened on her vacation with Andrew, as in it wasn’t her fault that things ended badly. (For once!) Apparently Andrew left her without a trace, no phone call, message, nothing. And then showed up back to SHIELD to help with the Inhumans without even trying to reach out to her.

Andrew tries to talk to her about it all, but May ain’t having it. She doesn’t want to hear the tired ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ mumbo jumbo, but Andrew wants to explain everything to her tomorrow after his class. She agrees.

Meanwhile, Hunter, stuffed in a trunk that smells like bananas, is driven to the new HYDRA HQ. Ward’s second-in-command is all, ‘hey why don’t you meet the director yourself.’ And this is when I started holding my head, going ‘OH SHIT!!!’ Hunter’s voice practically gives him away before he even turns around and he grabs a gun, just shooting the crap out of everyone. Just before he’s about to eat it, May arrives in the knick of time. As is her way.

May: How many?
Hunter: 11 including Ward.
May: I’ve taken out 5.
Hunter: Slow day.

Upon hearing May’s threats, Ward actually looked pretty scared. Which is good, he’s learned. Don’t mess with Melinda May. But he expected something like this might happen and has Mini von Strucker and some other HYDRA dudes targeting Andrew. If they don’t back down, his guys will kill Andrew. Hunter can’t let this one chance to finally kill Ward go, despite May’s desperation for him to back down. Even with how hard she wants to kill Ward, she can’t sacrifice Andrew. But Hunter is thinking only about Bobbi and rushes forward, guns a-blazing. And the topper on this is that he DOESN’T EVEN KILL WARD. He just shoots him in the shoulder. So, Andrew may have been killed for absolutely nothing. Ward escapes and May gives Hunter the deathiest death glare in the universe. You’re in major trouble now, Hunter.

Andrew’s fate seems obvious. We see feet surrounded by a pool of blood, as Mini von Strucker runs out of the building looking majorly wigged out as it explodes behind him. This begs the question, did Andrew actually die?

Ming-Na Wen cannot confirm or deny this, so let’s all remain hopeful that he survived because May deserves to be happy. But this begs an even bigger question, could Andrew be Lash?

I was initially very opposed to this idea, assuming Lash was just Rosalind’s Jason Stathum looking lapdog. But that just seemed way too lame of a twist for SHIELD. They would just show him transforming if that was the case. No, Lash is someone we must already know and care about.

We know that Andrew and May went on vacation together right before the terrigen breakout. And that Andrew suddenly left May without a word. Could he have triggered his own transformation and thus, left May in the lurch because he didn’t know how to deal with it? Maybe. He has access to Inhumans with his position in SHIELD. He seemed annoyed to see multiplicity girl in SHIELD captivity. Was he annoyed that he didn’t actually succeed in killing her? Or just that SHIELD has another Inhuman he didn’t know about? Did he kill Frye because he’d potentially seen his true identity and could give him away with Daisy and Mack around? Did he transform in the convenience store, take out the HYDRA guys, and that‘s why Mini von Strucker looked so freaked out as he was running away? Lash also let Daisy go. Someone without ties to SHIELD that was targeting Inhumans likely would have killed every Inhuman in sight. But she’s escaped Lash three times now. Hmmm.

Other things:

  • Daisy: Do you want me to take point?
    Mack: …I’m goin’…
  • Daisy in her badass Quake outfit! GAUNTLETS FTW.
  • Mack: It’s gotta be long gone, something big can’t slip away without–damn, I had to say something, didn’t I?
  • Poor Bobbi is like the third wheel in the awkward FitzSimmons universe. She needs to get out of the lab soon.
  • Also, Bobbi is super offended that no one told her about Hunter’s mission. You’ll be healing soon. In the meantime, keep being my fitspiration.
  • Ward: Sorry, cueball, that’s level 7… I’m messin’ with you.
  • Someone finally addressed Daisy as “Miss Johnson”
  • Coulson: Be careful, it’s got laser finger!
  • Rosalind: Do you really have a laser finger?
    Coulson: Sorry, it’s classified.
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