Stephanie Watches Agent Carter: 2×05 “The Atomic Job”


Wilkes wakes Peggy up to show her that the zero matter seems to be drawn to him and vice versa. So much so that it sucks itself through the glass and into Wilkes. He becomes corporeal for a few moments and suddenly knows the location for the woman who was killed by the zero matter in the first episode, Jane Scott. They head to a cold storage facility owned by the Chadwicks.

Aren’t you coming?”
“Me? In the vent?”
“Isn’t that why you wore your recreation tie?”

But before Peggy and Jarvis can get to the body, Calvin and Whitney beat them to it. And Whitney ends up sucking in all the zero matter left in Jane Scott’s  body. And suddenly she needs an atomic bomb. And Peggy and Jarvis need to stop her by stealing an atomic bomb first.

Chadwick is very much not into this idea, gradually thinking his wife more and more insane by the moment. “People thought Galileo was insane…” Okay, Whitney, good argument. Atomic bombs are a great idea! And, of course, both groups plan to break into the same facility at the same time. This will end well.

Meanwhile, Sousa finally proposes to his nurse lady Violet. We get a little bit of background, that they met while he was doing some physical therapy and bonded. She accepts, of course, and all is happy for them. Until Peggy gets to the office and hears the news. She takes a rather awkward pause to congratulate him. It’s okay, Pegs, we’re all a bit hurt by this news.

To steal the key needed to get into the facility, Peggy disguises herself as a ditzy American girl to search Ray Wise’s office. And then we get a hilarious montage of Ray Wise remembering who Peggy actually is after the two minutes has passed, her using a memory wiper on him until he goes back to lunch, him hitting on her again, over and over until she realizes the key is in his belt buckle. And thus, must undo his pants to retrieve the key.

You’re saving the world, you’re saving the world, you are saving the world…”

Whitney taps into her own contact, which happens to be Ken Marino!!! I love him (VMars, Party Down, WHAS, etc.). Anyway, he’s clearly a crazy mob boss that wants a lot for helping his old girlfriend Whitney. And to prove how serious he is, he beats the ever-living crap out of one of his bodyguards. Yikes. I wonder if we’ll see him again later this season. He has cray-cray potential. (And he’s a big name, so it’s likely.)

Because they need more manpower on the mission to break into the facility, Peggy wants to enlist Rose. When Sousa refuses, Peggy says, “Funny, I see Chief Sousa, but I’m hearing Jack Thompson.” Sick burn. Rose has had all the same training as anyone else in the SSR, she just happens to be relegated to a secretarial role. After seeing her easily beat someone up, Sousa agrees to let Rose come along. And then they enlist the sad, awkward scientist’s help so they can use his equipment again.

And then the greatest, dorkiest slow-mo walk occurs to some great ’40s music. I love it so! All I could think was Spike from Buffy saying, “This is the crack team that foils my every plan? I am deeply shamed.” Jk, I love you guys.


After knocking out the security guards, the team gets into the facility — and with more guards already knocked out, they realize Whitney has a bit of a head start. But they find the room with the atomic bombs still inside, so Whitney is still on the hunt. Rose takes care of the stragglers, quite well actually. Peggy’s smile as she runs off to go beat people up was so full of pride. Adorable.

Jarvis heads inside the atomic bomb room and scientist guy accidentally locks him inside while trying to re-lock all the other doors. Although Sousa is supposed to be the bomb disarmer, he now has to talk poor Jarvis through the procedure before Whitney gets to them.

It’s just like taking a soufle out of the oven. Probably.”

To give them more time, Peggy goes off to delay and/or stop Whitney. The two fight it out, but when Whitney gets a hold of her arm, she begins the process of sucking the life from Peggy with zero matter. Eeeeeek! Peggy gets a good head butt in but ends up hanging onto a rather high ledy.

Rather than let Whitney touch her again, she lets go, and gets Cordelia’d with a rebar through the torso. Ouch! At least the Agent Carter writers didn’t fake us out with a transition to a funeral and then Buffy going, “So, Cordelia’s gonna be okay?”

Peggy’s also going to be okay thanks to the work of Violet. Aaaand Jarvis disarmed the bombs. So, good job, Jarvis. Simply Jarvelous! Not all is well in Sousa/Violet’s world though. She spots how concerned he was for Peggy and realizes that she’s the reason he moved to Los Angeles. He was running away from Peggy and he’s clearly still in love with her. Duh, we all know! (I’m still not convinced that Violet’s not secretly evil… The jilted fiance seems too simple. But who knows.)

Please do not do that again.”
“Get impaled? Yes, Chief.”

While resting up in bed, Wilkes pays Peggy a visit. But while they’re having a heart-to-heart and enjoying some music, he suddenly disappears…

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