Stephanie Watches Agent Carter: 2×03 “Better Angels”


Wanna play a sassy beer wench?’
“I’d rather be the cowboy.”

Everyone thinks Wilkes is a Communist, thanks to Isodyne’s evidence planting in his apartment. Peggy and Jarvis enlist the help of Howard to get to the bottom of the entire zero matter insanity and to hopefully clear Wilkes’ name. They show him the film Wilkes ganked and he recognizes the symbol on the pin: the Arena Club. (a.k.a. the old school HYDRA logo.) Howard isn’t a fan of the place since they don’t allow women. Heh.

Jack! What–”
“An appalling surprise.”

Jack altered Peggy’s report to include the fact that Wilkes is a Russian spy. But she refuses to sign off on it. Even if might make her a Communist suspect. Jack continues to be terrible and officially closes their case. As Peggy storms away, some things on her desk get all floaty. Hmm. Although is pretty set in his ways, Jack does eventually watch the zero matter film. Vernon from the FBI shows up and tries to convince Jack to give him the film. Eventually, he does because he trusts Vernon since he’s, you know, with the FBI and all.

At Howard’s place, he’s having an alcohol-fueled party at 10AM. He emerges in a robe and sunglasses, downing a Bloody Mary. Soon, the crew heads to the Arena Club and Barney from Parks & Rec (and my favorite character on that show, hahaha) shows Howard and Jarvis around. To create a distraction, Howard brings his menagerie of ladies to flood the place; Peggy is able to sneak in and get to work, planting listening devices throughout the back rooms. (Barney is beside himself over the entire thing, but the men at the club seems to be having a good time.)

Peggy makes her way to the secret HYDRA boardroom, just as they’re letting out. That includes Chadwick coming out. She sneaks inside and sees a newspaper dated for the following day regarding Chadwick’s election. Basically, these guys are dictating what happens in the world. When attempting to plant her device in the most important room of all, some sort of frequency shorts it out. And ends up shorting out all of her devices. Womp womp.

I’m sorry, I get really confused around books!”

Peggy reports her findings to Sousa and Jack, but Jack is not about it. He’s pissed that she doesn’t have any actual evidence of this election rigging. Peggy wants to keep digging and unfortunately, seems to need Jack’s permission to do it. But he keeps shooting her down and tells her to go back to NYC. “You’re doing what you always do, burying an ugly truth and hoping someone will pin a medal on you.” Sick burn, Pegs.

Peggy storms out once again and the floaty things come back. She and Sousa both spot it and head to Howard’s. She knows it’s a side effect of the zero matter, but she’s thankfully not in any real danger. Howard floats a variety of objects around her. Unfortunately, the expensive whiskey cannot withstand the floatyness. Howard tells her she’s not freezing, nor contaminated with zero matter. Instead, there’s a disruption in the gravitational field pattern around her.

Come on, it’s the strategic scientific reserve.”

Howard and Jarvis develop a solution to re-create a captured image that has been made invisible. Howard sprays the area around Peggy and makes the invisible Dr. Wilkes visible again! Voila! Unfortunately, he is not yet a physical being. But he’s alive! And he can help with the research. Wilkes also reports that Whitney Frost took the zero matter.

MARVEL'S AGENT CARTER - "Better Angels" - Peggy's search for the truth about Zero Matter puts her on a collision course with her superiors as Howard Stark barnstorms in, on "Marvel's Agent Carter," TUESDAY, JANUARY 26 (9:00-10:00 p.m. EST) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Kelsey McNeal) REGGIE AUSTIN, HAYLEY ATWELL

Peggy questions Whitney, but she dodges most of her questions. You can’t play a player, girlfriend. But good try. Whitney then puts on her best cry-acting and convinces Chadwick to put out a hit on Peggy. While doing some night-training in Howard’s backyard, Peggy is attacked by the hitman. She fights him off by jumping into the pool. Plus, Jarvis wasn’t far, so he lends her a hand in the takedown, but the guy gets away. Glad to see Jarvis is putting his new training skills to use! He also installs some new security measures so none of them will be caught unawares again.

I’ve no desire to spend the rest of time as a disembodied voice.”

HA. I am laughing, but also saddened by this line.

Peggy and Wilkes have a heart-to-heart. She convinces him to stick around so they can fix him for good, despite the fact that knowing him makes everyone a target. But since Peggy wants him to stay, he’s staying. She makes the cutest, embarrassed, blushy face as she leaves the room.

Meanwhile, Sousa investigates Whitney the old-fashioned way — through researching files. Turns out, Whitney is the true brains behind Isodyne and Whitney is just her stage name. She’s been hiding in plain sight all this time.

FBI Agent Vernon is friends with Chadwick and takes Jack to meet with him at the Arena Club, of which he is also a member. SIGH. Jack sees the newspaper highlighting the exact thing Peggy saw and the wheels start turning. Come on, Jack, you saw the film, now the paper. Put the pieces together, buddy.

Whitney accidentally murders her agent when he tries to get fresh with her and spots the big zero matter cut on her forehead. She touches it and then touches his arm, then he dissolves and is sucked into her body. Yeesh. The cut on her forehead starts growing larger… Whitney is crackin’ up! Literally! Hur hur.

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