Stephanie Watches Agent Carter: 2×02 “A View in the Dark”


Peggy goes to the Stark resident to see Jarvis working out in a ridiculous, “primitive” outfit. “Good lord, man!” He eggs Peggy on for sparring until she finally flips him over. Then, he flips her right back over and Ana steps outside to see her husband straddling Peggy. But she barely blinks an eye.  “Did he catch you with his patented Tortoise of Fury?” Again, I’m glad they aren’t trying to create animosity or jealousy between Peggy and Ana. Let them be BFFs!

Back at the office, Peggy has met Sousa’s girlfriend Violet and the two are getting along famously. Sousa is totally super cool with that, given his extremely relaxed expression. Ha. She invites Peggy to dinner with them and Sousa is super duper cool with that, too, yep!

Chadwick, head honcho of Isodyne, enters a restaurant with a certain logo above the door. Blink and you’ll miss it. (I did the first time!) For those of you that watch Agents of SHIELD, you may see a resemblance…. Okay, it’s one of the super old HYDRA logos that FitzSimmons discovered. (Also seen on Dottie’s stick pin. And all the other stick pins.)

He goes to a secret meeting room full of older, evil lookin’ guys (including Ray Wise aka Leland Palmer on Twin Peaks!). These HYDRA dudes want to cancel the Isodyne program that killed the woman. They even sent a hitman to steal the body when it was on its way to the SSR. Chadwick reports the news to his wife, Whitney Frost, and she comes up with her own plan to steal the “zero matter” before HYDRA can get to it.

Peggy and Sousa get a search warrant for Isodyne, but there’s a convenient “containment leak” so they can’t go in. They run into Wilkes and he puts them off but scribbles a note for Peggy about meeting him somewhere in secret. He’s conducting his own investigation inside Isodyne. Which is nice because I thought he might be evil, given the ominous way he was staring at the zero matter at the end of the last episode.

For this secret meeting, Peggy needs another swanky dress from Ana. “Chief Sousa has other plans… He’s the only one that matters. Tha-that would be useful, that is to say.”

Peggy’s got it bad for Sousa still and is feeling a bit put out after an engagement ring tumbled out of his jacket. So, she’s planning to enjoy her evening out with Wilkes, even if it’s for business.

Jarvis loans Peggy one of Howard’s car:

This button here is in case you find yourself in need of refreshment.”
“Howard Stark becomes more ridiculous the longer I know him.”
“…And this is what Mr. Stark affectionately refers to as his ‘sock on the doorknob’.”


Peggy wants to get straight to business at the lounge, but Wilkes kinda just wants to be on a date with Peggy. But he also needs to ensure he can trust her with the sensitive information before he risks his career and life. So, Peggy relaxes a bit, orders herself a whiskey, and gets chatty. She even allows him to dance with her! Although his line of ‘I have to dance every time this song comes on‘ was pretty desperate. Lucky for him, Peggy is a bit enamoured. Unfortunately for both of them, they’ve been watched the entire time.

Wilkes takes her to an observatory and shows her a film that he nabbed from Isodyne of an atomic test. The anomaly shows everything around the blast being sucked into it like a black hole. No sign of the men or the vehicles since they were sucked inside, and the only thing left behind was the zero matter. Wilkes’ job was to build the containment unit to keep the zero matter in one spot and thinks it could be something extraterrestrial. Peggy wants to steal it from Isodyne to keep it safe, but they’re soon under attack by HYDRA hitmen.

I could watch an entire show of Jarvis and Bernard the flamingo wrestling, but Ana is alerted when Peggy flips the “sock on the doorknob” switch to tell them she’s in trouble. Peggy and Wilkes steal a car and escape the men for the time being, but the car overheats, so they must continue on foot. They run to a diner, where the owner is extraordinarily offended that a WHITE woman is with a BLACK man. *GASP* Peggy doesn’t have time for this racist BS and is ready to give the guy a beatdown. Wilkes, sadly used to this sort of treatment, just appeases the man by buying an eclair so she can get change for the phone, which doesn’t even work.

Next time we do things my way. A great jab to the eye will change his attitude tremendously.”
“It’s not like he’s a rare specimen. Are you gonna punch all of LA?”
“Maybe. I could do with a hobby.”

A car comes by, so to protect themselves, she shoves Wilkes into the phone booth. And then some nice smooches happen. Awww, yiss. Get it, gurl. “I have an idea… we’re going to steal that car!” “Uh, yep, that’s definitely what I was thinkin’.” Poor Wilkes. The job never ceases for Peggy!

With Peggy missing and only bullet shells found at her last location, Sousa has a Kylo Ren-style tantrum. Yeah, he’s totally not in love with her anymore. Nope! He and Jarvis head to Isodyne to rescue her, but Peggy and Wilkes have already made it there. Peggy fights off a bunch of dudes with clipboards and a crowbar while Wilkes goes to retrieve the zero matter. Whitney Frost has other plans, however. Wilkes and Whitney fight, the containment unit shatters and the zero matter explodes.

There’s no sign of Wilkes. But Peggy is fine, but very much in shock. “There’s still so much to process.” But Sousa and Jarvis are just relieved to see her.

Sousa’s super duper nice girlfriend is waiting for him when he gets home. She seems way too nice, so I’m a bit suspicious. It would be nice for someone to not be a secret HYDRA agent, but who knows. Anything is possible!

Ana is wise and a good BFF to Peggy during this difficult time. Especially bringing her whiskey instead of tea for comfort.

Strange that it should hit me so hard… I’d only known him a few days.”
“Edwin had only known me a few weeks before he had forged papers, gone AWOL, stolen a plane, and helped me escape the Third Reich. Doesn’t take long to realize you met someone special.”

The episode ends with Whitney, alive and…. not very well. She appears to have been contaminated by the zero matter during the explosion.

So, what is the zero matter? Since HYDRA is involved, I think it’s very much connected to the portals on Agents of SHIELD. And my friend with much Marvel knowledge says that it’s all connected to Doctor Strange. Zero matter is better known in the Marvel world as darkforce. And supposedly the showrunners have been planting the seeds for this long ago in SHIELD.

What are your theories?

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