Stephanie Watches Agent Carter: 2×01 “The Lady in the Lake”


Agent Peggy Carter is back and just as fabulous and badass as ever before. She’s rockin’ some sweet pantsuits, sunglasses and is just a goddess. I could gush forever because even though I met Hayley Atwell and my face said things to her face, I’m not 100 percent convinced she is a real human. Too gorgeous to be real! ANYWAY.

We begin with Dottie cosplaying Peggy and attempting to rob a bank, but the SSR was already on it! She and Peggy resume their battle that Dottie had escaped during last season’s finale. And finally, Peggy caught her. But while attempting to interrogate her, Agent CMM (Chad Michael Murray) gets a call from Chief Sousa (!!!), who has moved out to Los Angeles to head up the LA branch of the SSR, that he needs some help on his current case. So, CCM sends Peggy out there, making her all blushy when he lies to say that Sousa personally requested her assistance. So, Dottie is left in the semi-incapable hands of CCM. Obviously, this doesn’t go over too well and the FBI eventually takes custody of Dottie.

Jarvis is as adorkable as ever as he retrieves Peggy from the airport. In many words detailing his work for Howard Stark, such as picking up a flamingo (Bernard Stark) for his exotic animal menagerie, it is clear that he missed Peggy dearly.  And their adventures. We finally get to meet the mysterious Ana. And she and Jarvis are disgustingly cute as they get a little too smoochy in front of Peggy. But the best part about Ana is that she instantly wanted to be Peggy’s best friend. There was no weird jealousy between them, or some sort of accusatory “so you’re the woman who’s always taking my man from me” or something, just instant friendship! I love it. But, according to Jarvis, “She’s an embarrassing creature.”

Reuniting with Sousa, however, proved rather awkward. He hasn’t been returning her calls. And things are clearly strained, but there’s quiiiiiite a lot of tension. Regardless, they had to get down to business, which is that a dead, frozen woman has been discovered in a lake. The details of her death appear as though she was murdered by a local serial killer, but Peggy thinks the frozen part could be a separate thing entirely.

Once the lab results are in, they head to Isodyne, a jet propulsion lab, to investigate further. Using some sneaky quick-thinking and Sousa’s charm, Peggy sneaks into the restricted area. A charming man, who we later learn is named Wilkes, leads her into a lab room and encourages her to taste the concoction that just came out of his Frankenstein-esque lab setup. She’s skeptical, but drinks it, anyway. (Uhhh, I definitely would have made him drink it first.) It’s just wine. “I’m more of a whiskey gal myself.” But the guy does give her a little bit of info about the head honcho of Isodyne and his connection to the dead woman that leads her to the race track!

I couldn’t maneuver him into the enclosure. He’s the devil in pink.”

Ana gifts Peggy a lovely dress, complete with a gun-holding garter that she made just for her. <3 Peggy tries to get some info out of Isodyne’s head honcho, Calvin Chadwick, at the race while Jarvis attempts to distract his movie star wife, Whitney Frost. “Aside from ‘Danger,’ my middle name is ‘Charm.'” Peggy hints about Chadwick’s affair with the dead woman, assuming that he somehow killed her because of the affair. But he brushes Peggy off rather easily.

When the medical examiner who did the autopsy on the frozen woman’s body is also found frozen and then shatters, it’s clear that they’re dealing with something bigger. Isodyne now seems very culpable. Plus, the detective that was working the case with Sousa, who had the serial killer details, begins to wig out as the frozen infection has somehow spread to him. Turns out, he had been paid good money to make the woman’s death look like a murder by stabbing her already frozen body several times, which is how the infection spread to him. And also how the medical examiner contracted it as well. It’s always about blood!

Before he can tell Peggy who paid him off, one of the cops shoots him. And, of course, because ~trust no one~ he was paid by Chadwick and his wife to shoot the detective before he could talk.

After the long day, all Peggy wants to do is get a drink with Sousa. He declines, and while creepin’ out the window, Peggy spots him mackin’ on some chickie. How dare! But then Jarvis pulls up and is super ridiculous and makes everything better. As he does.

But the show ends with lab guy Wilkes (who tried to get Peggy’s number earlier in the episode to no avail but was also pretty cute and flirty) standing in front of a goopy thing that looks very similar to that portal nonsense we’ve been dealing with on SHIELD. Hmmm.

Overall, it was so refreshing to get back to this show. I love the soft glow of the way it’s filmed and the music and the details and just everything about it. I could gush forever and ever about how wonderful it is that this show exists. And how wonderful Hayley Atwell is and how wonderful of a character Peggy Carter is. WONDERFULNESS!

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