Stephanie Sees Garfunkel & Oates at the City Winery


Garfunkel & Oates are two of my favorite comedians — but with the bonus of singing hilarious catchy songs. Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci play the ukelele, guitar, and even do some sick raps mainly about navigating the world of dating and relationships, with some fun stuff about weed and smug pregnant women sprinkled in. With songs like “I Would Never (Have Sex with You),” “Gay Boyfriend,” and “This Party Took a Turn for the Douche,” how can you not love them?

And every now and then there’s a really uplifting song that can get you through a rough time — “Silver Linings” and “Loser” are really good for that. They even had a very short-lived comedy series on IFC that was fantastic but canceled too quickly, like every good show in the world. It’s on Netflix if you’re curious and well worth the watch, even if it’s only eight episodes.

But G&O continue to tour and even get nominated for Emmy awards. “Frozen Lullaby” (a song about freezing your eggs until you’re rich enough to have a baby) was nominated for a 2016 Emmy for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics, against the likes of Lady Gaga, Empire, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Now, Riki works on a very silly show called Another Period with Natasha Legerro, and Kate happens to be on it every now and then. (Riki is also BFF with Joss Whedon and they sing Hamilton together on Snapchat sometimes, so that’s real cool too.)


Anyhoo, these fabulous and adorable ladies came to Chicago for two shows on Sunday, August 28 at the City Winery. I was lucky enough to only be four chairs away from the stage for the second show, which was kind of insane. The guy that owns City Winery warmed the night up with some of his standup comedy, then introduced Riki and Kate. Yay! They asked the crowd if anyone was high, and one guy’s hand very slowly rose into the air. And then they went right into “Weed Card.” I feel like I was perhaps one of the only people singing along, but that’s cool. They also asked if anyone in the audience was pregnant and told one lucky woman, “This one’s for you,” before singing “Pregnant Women Are Smug.” Riki added a quick and awkward “Congratulations…” after it was over.

They also sang “I Don’t Know Who You Are,” “Fadeaway,” “The Loophole,” “Frozen Lullaby,” and rapped “Handjob, Blandjob, I Don’t Understand Job.” After “The College Try,” which is a song about Riki’s bisexual experimentation days and how terrifying lady parts are with lots of really horrifying/hilarious descriptions of female anatomy, Kate said that’s her dad’s favorite song. HA. Horrifying! During “The BJ Song,” the song broke off to show what each of them thinks of to distract themselves while giving a BJ. Kate’s was a song about cute dogs wagging their tales, while Riki’s was “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails and some rap songs. I was dying of laughter. So good.

And finally, they ended the show with one of my favorites: “29/31”. I’ll include it at the bottom. This was a super fun concert that I wish was endless. I would sit and listen to them play all of their zillions of hilarious songs. I also purchased an autographed bottle of wine, which I will have to find a very special occasion to crack open and drink. For now, it is gloriously displayed with all my other nerdy shit in my living room.

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