Stephanie Sees My Favorite Murder LIVE at the Chicago Podcast Festival


If you love true crime, comedy, and hearing the word “fuck” a lot, you’ll love the podcast My Favorite Murder hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. I’ve been obsessed with this podcast for the last several months. I described much of my love for it in my Spoopy Podcast recommendation post a couple months, so I won’t get into WHY you should listen to it — because you really should if you haven’t already.

This was my first time seeing a podcast live, and the first time for the Chicago Podcast Festival. The 105-year-old Athenaeum Theatre hosted the three-day event with many popular podcasts, including Bullseye with Jesse Thorn, Hello from the Magic Tavern, The Room Where It’s Happening, Filmspotting, and — of course — My Favorite Murder.

I went with my murderino ladies, Missy and Caitlin, and we were lucky enough to be in the fifth row. We all wore our Stay Sexy, Don’t Get Murdered and You’re in a Cult, Call Your Dad shirts and spent the majority of the day watching true crime documentaries and yelling at I Survived stories to prepare.

Karen & Georgia finally emerged and were as hilarious and adorable as ever. It’s always concerning that something like a podcast might not translate to a live format, but it was as though we were chilling with them in their living room. Only thing missing was Elvis the cat. And Karen was having an eternal battle with the shitty stool.


Georgia discussed what I like to call the Sweet Honesty kidnapping and murder (or the Forth Worth Three kidnapping, whatever floats your boat), and Karen pandered to us Chicagoans by talking all about John Wayne Gacy.

At this point, John was killing someone every two to three weeks –”

WHAT? I can’t even remember to vacuum every two to three weeks!”

I probably butchered that quote (ha! get it!? murder pun…) but it’s pretty close. If you want to know more about these gruesome murders, LISTEN TO THE EPISODE!!! You can hear my laughter — mingled with everyone else’s.

Pro-tip for anyone going to a live podcast show: This is just like going to see a film or play. Would you talk during that? Nah, you wouldn’t. So, please, please, please do not spend the entire show adding your own commentary and talking to your friends or the three girls sitting in front of you might want to murder you, and then Karen & Georgia will have something new to talk about on the show. THANKS.

Anyway, after the show, Karen & Georgia decided to meet all the fans, which was insanely cool of them. Who takes the time to do that!? Cool fuckin’ ladies, that’s who. When the three of us went up, Karen goes, “Whoa! You guys look like a girl gang.” And Georgia chimed in, “Murderino girl gang!” And then we all word vomited at them and took that lovely picture you see at the top of this post.

Thank you, Karen and Georgia, for a cool ass live podcast episode and for taking the time to meet your Chicago murderinos. It’s awesome that I can listen to something and be like, I was there, bitches!

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