Stephanie Reads Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #3


So much excitement happened in one small issue!

We began in River’s mind, which is never a comforting place to be. But through it, we discover that there are more people like her. More children that are trapped by the Alliance as they play with their brains. River needs to save them.

But Jubal Early has come to retrieve his bounty. Unfortunately for him, he never expected that someone would want to exact her revenge upon him! Ha! In the form of a well-deserved wrench to the head!

I hate that scene in “Objects in Space” because Kaylee is just so helpless and scared. I can’t help but cry right along with her. But after surviving a Reaver-pocalypse and living on the run from the Alliance with the man she loves, it’s no surprise she grew some very hefty balls. She doesn’t want anyone to ruin what she’s worked so hard to save, even if she has to overcome such a troubling incident in her life.

I also love all the small details we’re getting between Mal and Inara. As soon as he is captured by Early, Inara’s whereabouts are the first thing he questions. And then later, we see them snuggling together in the cockpit, as they try to come up with a plan. And Inara wants for nothing more than for Mal to be himself with her, as she has clearly unveiled herself to him. (But I wonder if her sickness will ever come up?)

Zoe has been taken to a high-security Alliance prison, one her cellmate claims no one will ever escape. But Zoe has confidence in her crew. She must. What else does she have?

Mal knows that in order to save Zoe, he needs to listen to River. He needs to rescue the other kids like her. And to do that, he needs to enlist the help of an old friend. But perhaps “friend” is too strong a word?

Read it and you’ll see! We’re halfway through and I don’t know how all of this could possibly be wrapped up in three more issues, but let’s go!

Next issue is out April 30, which seems like a LIFETIME away!

Pick up Issue #3 here!


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