Stephanie Reads Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 10 Issue #14


To get to the bottom of who is controlling Spike and making him kill humans or killing humans and making Spike think he did it, they decide to do a magical mind walk. Reminded me of both when Buffy was catatonic and Willow went into her mind and when Faith strolled through Angel’s mind to help him fight off Angelus.

Because both Giles and Willow need to stay grounded to work their mojo, they decide to send Buffy into Spike’s mind.

This worries the new couply couple considering what Spike was pre-soul and pre-chip. But Buffy tries to keep in mind that Spike is not a monster anymore.

But what does she find when she enters his mind? Blood and horrors? Rainbows and sunshine? Demons and monsters? Cute kittens and puppies? (Actually, yes, to the kittens.)

Pick up the latest issue on Dark Horse or at your local comic book store to find out what happens!

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