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Elizabeth: “Do you ever get used to it? …The killing?”
Booker: “Faster than you can imagine.”

Once again, I’m late to the game, but Bioshock Infinite has been in the news the last few days with the announcement of Irrational Games sadly closing after they release Burial at Sea Episode 2 in March.

I had been planning to purchase the game for a long time, but my bro Tino bought me a PS Plus account for my birthday and Bioshock Infinite just so happened to be FREE for January! Yay!

And the moment I started playing…I couldn’t stop because I just wanted to know more. It’s safe to say that even after beating it and Burial at Sea Episode 1, I can’t get it out of my head. I’m happily OBSESSED!

Columbia is one of the most gorgeous video game environments I’ve ever seen. Not to mention one of the creepiest, despite the fact that the beginning of the game is all in bright sunshine full of festival-goers. I think that’s what made it creepier. I just knew that something *had* to be wrong here. I loved the extreme detail that went into the skyline, the shops, the random people.

I’m used to the 3rd person viewpoint style of games, so it took me a while to get accustomed to the first person. I start moving my own head around when I’m trying to look at things instead of the controller. But I guess that means I’m really sucked in! And once I got used to it, even fighting that way got a bit easier. My aim tends to be terrible in FPS, but I think I did pretty damn well. I especially loved using the skyhook to kill people. And the first time that happened at the fair after I tried to throw the ball at the racist announcer and suddenly–SKY HOOK INTO POLICEMAN’S FACE!!! I screamed. It was so very gory, I loved it.

(I will continue to laugh as I imagine Booker shoving various things like wine bottles, cigarettes, and trash sandwiches into his mouth.)

My weapon of choice tended to be the good ol’ machine gun and shotgun. And I was really bad at remembering to use my Vigors in the beginning. I think I just love shooting things and skyhooking bad guys too much. (Yikes–what does that say about me?)

The Patriots, while being one of the coolest and creepiest bad guys, were also my worst nightmare. Every time I heard Elizabeth shout “Patriot!” I would groan. I also really despised the Boy of Silence enemies towards the end of the game. The way they screeched when they saw you–arrrgh! Nightmares. That was such a hard part of the game since it was basically No Ammo Land and Elizabeth wasn’t with you.

“Booker, catch!”

For me, the characters really made this game. Perhaps that’s an obvious observation, but I really loved and grew attached to Elizabeth, Booker, and the Luteces. When I first started playing, I couldn’t help but call Booker “Joel” since Troy Baker also voiced Joel from Last of Us.

The Luteces have to be the most fun addition to the game. I loved their exchanges with each other and with Booker. I especially loved the part when Booker and Elizabeth are riding a gondola and the Luteces keep appearing on the platforms around them doing various things like dancing, picnicking, etc. Such a strange, but lovely addition to the story. And also, quite necessary given their larger meaning.

“There’s no point in asking because he doesn’t row.”
“He doesn’t ROW?”
“No, he DOESN’T row.”
“Ah, I see what you mean.”

Aside from when you first meet Elizabeth, my favorite scene is when she and Booker are in Shantytown. When you go in the basement of the bar, there’s a guitar. Booker starts to play it and Elizabeth sings “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” and gives a little boy an orange. It’s just such a nice break from the harsh reality of the story.

I loved the little snippets of story you gathered from a random talk on an elevator or through some room sleuthing. Despite how much time I took investigating every nook and cranny, I think I only acquired a little over half of the available Voxaphones, so I had to piece a lot of things together myself.

“Bring us the girl; wipe away the debt.”

Now that I’m watching my boyfriend play through it for the first time, I’m catching so many very obvious hints for the ending. It all becomes so clear when everything is revealed. The ending is truly a shocker that left my emotionally spent and even more obsessive as I continue to divulge meaning from every little word spoken in the game.

“Booker, are you afraid of God?”

If you have yet to experience this game, go out and get it right now. Fun gameplay, gorgeous graphics, amazing characters, and one of the best, most intense, mind-blowing storylines I’ve experienced in a long time. I think this ties with Last of Us for my favorite 2013 games.

Fun Fact: Courtnee Draper played Potential Slayer Annabelle on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Oh yeah, you’re damn right I can connect just about anything to BTVS.

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