Stephanie Plays Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2


Look, guys! I’m timely for once with a video game! But yes, I completed Burial at Sea Episode 2 and….wow, what can I say?

Having just completed Bioshock (because I am a lame-o who waits forever to play things), Burial at Sea was such a perfect way to tie both Bioshock and Infinite together in a raggedy, bloody, depressing bow. And it seems as though the circle will never be unbroken, as everything came together in such a complete one. Nope, I’m not crying. Just something in my eye…

In this story you play as Elizabeth (yay!), where you are armed with a skyhook, crossbows, and a few guns with very limited ammo available. The point of this gameplay is stealth. All the plasmids you get are to help you be as stealthy as possible. And as an added bonus to your skills, you get to actually lockpick the locks! This is pretty easy since you just have to hit the button at the right time to either unlock it or get a noisemaker bow for your crossbow. But if you hit the red one, an alarm goes off and all hell breaks loose. Weee! Also, like Little Sisters, you get to crawl through vents to evade your splicer and Big Daddy enemies.

The Big Daddy patrolling the main floor you navigate through much of the game is impossible to kill as Liz. So, those footsteps get a little terrifying every time you hear them. Your options are stealth or Possession to have him help you kill the splicers.

This brings me to the story, which will be as spoiler-free as possible. After the terrible events of the end of episode 1, it is strange to wake up in Paris on a bright sunny day, where everyone knows your name. With everyone saying “Bonjour!” I couldn’t help but think of the opening to Beauty and the Beast. Heh. Not to mention a freakin’ birds lands on your finger at one point. Elizabeth is clearly Belle in a different tear.

But nothing this perfect can last forever (and frankly, I found it to be as creepy as when Booker first arrives in Columbia). So, you wake up in the place where you left the events and are greeted by none other than Atlas! With Booker helping you in your mind, you make a deal with Atlas. You’ll help him in exchange for the girl Sally. Obviously a great plan since we know Atlas is such a kind, great dude! Hur hur.

Throughout the game, while sneaking around, we learn more about the Luteces, Suchong, Andrew Ryan, Songbird, Daisy, Atlas, Big Daddies, Little Sisters, and more.

For those of you worried about the dreariness of Rapture making you go crazy (it gets a bit intense for me and I miss the sunshine!), fear not! Because we even get to take a trip through Columbia. And if you’re paying attention, you’ll cross your own path from Infinite.

As I said in my previous reviews of Bioshock, the details are what make this game for me. It took me a bit longer to get through everything because I was just staring up in awe at all the posters and reading everything I could see. (Ryan the Lion, the porn shop, the Big Daddy movie poster.) I have a huge affinity for propaganda style things and I have a feeling much of the Bioshock and Infinite propaganda will soon be decorating my walls.


Another little detail I loved is that Elizabeth’s red nail polish was chipped (not in Paris though!). It was such a small thing, but it made me ridiculously happy. Because there’s no way you can navigate through Rapture and Columbia killing things without chipping a bit of polish. Right, ladies?

And, well, after your trip to Columbia, just sit back and enjoy the insanity of the last hour of that game. Have a pillow handy to hug. Maybe have a beer or wine to help you through it because you’re going to get your mindblown. Enjoy!

Ken Levine, would you kindly not rip my heart out and stomp on it? 

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  • Reply Hortonio

    A little late in finishing burial at sea part 2, but wow! Forget games…Bioshock’s swan song ending is on par with the best of Hollywood. I also found myself spending a ton of time admiring the artwork, architecture, and general beauty of Rapture and Columbia. Such attention to detail makes me happy. I appreciate your comments. There were several critical reviews I feel completely missed the point. The closing of this saga gave me the chills. I am just in awe of this creative team. Would love to get my hands on a Ryan the Lion poster if you are lucky enough to find one. Cheers! 🙂

    August 25, 2014 at 8:36 PM
    • Reply Stephanie

      Yes! I know that some people were disappointed and felt like it was trying too hard to bridge the games together, but I loved it. I’m glad you enjoyed it as well. I would love to replay it, but it’s just such an emotional rollercoaster! I did manage to get a Rapture poster with the bunny mask that not hangs in my living room. A Ryan the Lion would also be awesome. Check out etsy, Redbubble, or Society6, I bet you’d have some luck finding Ryan the Lion there!

      August 26, 2014 at 9:36 AM
      • Reply Hortonio

        I was literally on the edge of my seat finishing it. The closing scene of Rapture with Fontaine and his gang was spectacular. Playing as Elizabeth gave a really awesome perspective…kinda wish she was the lead and not Booker! Between Mass Effect, Red Dead Redemption and Bioshock, these endings are just unreal. It really is emotional! Thanks for the tips, I will definitely check them out.

        August 26, 2014 at 6:50 PM

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