Stephanie Goes to ValorCon 2016


This past weekend, I checked out ValorCon, a convention in Chicago geared towards the gaming community: tabletop gaming, video and computer gaming, and live action gaming. It was located inside the giant Macy’s building on State Street, which was a very strange venue for a convention, but the convention made good use of its space.

One floor was dedicated to video/computer gaming with kids gathered around screens to watch people face off in Super Smash Bros. and Overwatch tournaments. On another floor, people sparred with foam swords and shields, while others tried virtual reality. And, of course, there were many tables dedicated to various tabletop games, along with many vendors and exhibitors showing off their little-known products.

I was looking forward to checking this convention out in general, but even more excited when a few of my fellow geek ladies of Chicago suggested doing a panel together. We’ve been kicking around the idea of joining our blogging/art/etc. forces together to really support each other and support the geek community in Chicago. And we wanted to get this message out to the people most important in Chicago: the geeks. We thought, ‘What better way to do this than getting real feedback at a convention?’

So, myself, Monica of Geeks A Gogo, Mary-Kate of The Fantasy Realm of Chicago, and Scout, a blogger for Geeks A Gogo, hosted a panel under our collective name of The Geek Femspective: What’s Missing in Your Geek Community?

Honestly, we weren’t sure what to expect from our discussion or from our audience. But I want to extend a huge thanks to those who stopped by and more importantly, to those who actually participated in our discussion. We were all very nervous, but I think getting this kind of live feedback from real people in the community who truly care about it was invaluable. We will hopefully try to incorporate the thoughts, suggestions, and ideas into future events we want to plan. It was great speaking with you guys who care so passionately about the Chicago geek community!

And, of course, thanks to ValorCon for giving us a platform to have such an important discussion. We hope to have a video of the panel up soon!

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