Stephanie Goes to Geek Bar Chicago’s Game of Thrones Event


Geek Bar Chicago is an upcoming bar and grill in the Lincoln Park area with a theme of–you guessed it–geekness! They’ve been generating a lot of buzz in the Chicago geek community and gathering their forces to make a big splash when they finally do open (hopefully September?).

To mass their geek forces, they’ve been hosting some really fun special events to meet their future customers and have people taste-test some food and drinks that may become part of the menu. The most recent gathering was a Game of Thrones theme event: A Prologue of Ice & Fire at Kinmont Restaurant.

I was lucky enough to be one of the attendees and one of the very few cosplayers–donning my Cersei (sans crazy updo wig) with my friend Brad as King Robert. You know, the usual.


The drink menu tailored to all different cocktail palates from gin drinks for Sansa, a tequila-esque drink for Daenerys, a refreshing ginger drink for Arya, and even one drink that was served in a glass rinsed with pig’s blood to honor the late King Robert, who was skewered by a boar (spoilers?). I sampled them all; the only one I was not a fan of was Little Dove, the gin one, but that’s only because I am not a fan of gin. The others were delicious, especially Mother of Dragons. If you weren’t a fan of the cocktails, they had the Fire & Blood ale ready to serve as well thanks to partnering with Ommegang brewery.


Periodically throughout the night, they would bring out a new and exciting dish.

  • Tyrion’s Tacos: Alligator tail with fiery blackening seasoning, creamy blue cheese and avocado relish with fresh lime and red onions wrapped in a masa tortilla.
  • The Unsullied (my personal favorite): Veggie chili smothered mac and cheese fritters deep fried with fresh herbs. (Oh man, please give me more!)
  • King Robert’s Revenge: Pork belly rubbed with a sweet and savory black pudding with bread crumbs and fresh herbs (and pig’s blood!), fresh corn smoked and pureed with charred brussel sprouts and red miso.
  • The Hound’s Chicken and Waffles: Deep fried chicken with pureed berry syrup over waffles. (Also, very yum!)

Mac & Cheese Fritters—mmmm!

It was great to meet some fellow geeks and babble about Game of Thrones. Just as an innocent bystander, you can tell a lot of work went into planning this event, especially the food and drink menu. Yowza! The folks at Geek Bar Chicago take a ton of pride in their work and I can’t wait to see what they do once they are let loose in their own space.

Here’s to more fun events and the bar finally opening!


The chef discussing his dishes.


Punk Hound & Arya being badasses.


The Hound’s Chicken & Waffles


Glorious Bradford enjoying King Robert’s Revenge

Photos by: Jenna Braunstein

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