Stephanie Goes to CONvergence 2014


I think a CONvergence recap is long overdue!

CONvergence is a small(ish) convention, at least in comparison to Wizard World cons and C2E2. It happens at the Double Tree in Minneapolis every year around the 4th of July. And the purpose of the con? To party! At least that’s the purpose for my friends and I. I’ve never been much of a panel person. I generally attend conventions for cosplay, photoshoots, celeb meeting, and general fun with friends.

CONvergence is a much more intimate convention. The layout of the main area is two floors of cabana rooms that, once it strikes 8 PM, turn into themed party rooms ranging from the Star Wars Cantina, House of Toast (where you can get literally anything on a piece of toast), Supernatural, Portal, Ghostbusters, Star Trek, Harry Potter, and a ton more. Every room is decked out in honor of its theme and the best thing about CONvergence? All the drinks and food are completely FREE. (Tips are encouraged, of course!) Not to mention the epic Con Suite, which offers free snacks, rice, soup, and more all weekend!

Many people complain about the high price of conventions, but for all the free things you get for four days, there is no better deal than CONvergence.

I cosplayed Buffy on Friday, finally busting out my scythe for the first time. I need to do a legit photoshoot in this outfit! And on Saturday, I dressed as Helena from Orphan Black. I partied a little too hard on Friday night, so I looked appropriately cracked out, even without Dawn’s awesome make-up assistance. A few people asked me if I was going to cosplay that day while dressed as Helena–guys, I don’t really look that crazy normally!

The running joke for me at the convention is that a lot of people have told me for years that I look like Billie Piper aka Rose from Doctor Who. But it seems to happen constantly at CON. I definitely appreciate this compliment since Rose is super awesome and pretty. But I am asked if I’m cosplaying Rose, even while wearing a Buffy shirt and holding a stake/scythe, so it becomes sort of a hilarious game. And I most definitely got asked if I was Rose when cosplaying Helena. I cannot escape! Haha. I had intended to solve this problem by actually cosplaying Rose, but I didn’t have time to finish her 50th Anniversary outfit. Next year, hopefully.

All in all, the con was lots of fun. It was great to see my Minnesotan friends, drink with new friends, and just enjoy silly times. Apparently on Friday, I was just a crazy ball of energy, so I think I used way too much of that to handle Saturday. CON without drinking can be a little boring–though I still had fun. I’ve learned my lesson to pace myself a little better next year and especially for Dragon*Con. 😉

On to the photos!




Dawn in her Westeros map dress!

GRRM with two of his deceased characters. Ha!

GRRM with two of his deceased characters. Ha!

Party hard, Bobby B!

Party hard, Bobby B!





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