Stephanie Goes to C2E2 Heroes & Villains Events

The great thing about living locally to a con is you have the added benefit of going to all of their pre-con events! And C2E2 is really great about offering a ton of them, which always includes lots of great swag and 3-day badge prizes. Recently, they had one in January “C2E2 Heroes” and one this past week “C2E2 Villains.”

For cosplayers who are getting that itch to dress up (I got it bad, man!), it’s a great chance to bust out the costumes for a night of free drinks, drawing competitions, and, of course, costume competitions.

Unfortunately for me, these events are on weeknights, so I don’t really feel like dressing up after work. Instead I opt for some geek chic clothing. For the first event, I wore my N7 Mass Effect hoodie and decided I was Commander Shepard (since, you know, Shep can look like anyone!). And for this recent one, I wore my Tardigan from HerUniverse, which is one of the cutest nerdy things I own (and judging by how many people I asked me where I got it, I’d say it’s a popular item! And from the looks of it, it’s not even available on the site anymore, sorry!).

Going to these events with some really artfully talented people like my homegirl Ali is also very exciting. She won the first drawing competition AND the bonus round for the second competition. And prizes happened to be 3-Day passes and mega swag! Wooo! Congrats to her!

Check out some of the silly photos from the event, most of which are Ali’s creative drawings!

Teenage Wonderwoman building a snowman with her pet pug (of course).

Young Cruella Deville teaming up with the Dognapper from Lady & the Tramp to steal puppies for her coats! Oh no!

Majestic figure skating team Hades with his minions.


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